Suggestions for new WW2 kits…

  • I know the WW2 plastic market is pretty well covered but there are always a few gaps to be filled.

    While I do not currently own any of the Warlord Games WW2 miniatures I am led to believe that they are a bit dated and in need of some updated sculpts.

    The Panzer Lehr Kit did no appeal to me until I realized it also makes Panzer crews. Good for those times you need crew that have bailed or have to start a scenario outside their tank. However folks rarely need 20-30 crew so it was good marketing to mix crew with troops as WA did with the Panzer Lehr box.

    Perhaps something could be figured out for the crews of other nations?  Add in other non-infantry, ie pilots, doctors, cooks, supply clerks (who does not love Radar O’Reilley)? Or maybe tools, supplies and stowage? Good for decorating vehicle or making terrain for jumping off or rally points. 

    Unless I am mistaken no one makes plastic WW2 Chinese. That could sell well to the Chinese wargaming market, maybe.

    US Navy on shore duty, Sovet Naval Infantry and German Kriegsmarine infantry. It is all about the hats really. 

    I am sure there are more I have not thought of. Any other suggestions?



  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    I think a set of world war 2 figures in British uniform, just shirt and shorts would be the start of a good generic set of ground crew, soft skin vehicle crews and artillery crews for other nations, like Italian, German,  British Commonwealth and Free French.

     Numbers of stores of British uniforms were captured at Tobruk, and issued by the Germans and Italians due to supply shortages of their own, so would work for all nations involved in North Africa,aside from the U.S. The German and Italian issued tropical clothes were very similar in design to the British tropical uniforms also

    So, infantry in poses wearing shirts and shorts, rolled down socks,along  with separate heads in different headgear , pouches, sidearms and canteens  appropriate for  each nation.


    I don't think that crewmen and base personal are a real big gap unless WA is either doing a kit that needs crewmen (like the tankettes they gave hints for) or team up with someone like Rubicon or Tamiya, particularly since a lot of that either is already covered comfortably in metal or in the case of crewmen come in plastic with vehicle kits already out there.

    I think the biggest gaps are the Indochina/South East Asian Theater of the war followed by Polish, Hungarians, Female partisans and North East Asia since just from the way folks keep whining about them on the FB group and elsewhere (Beast of War had a long forum talk about all things China), WW2 Chinese would probably sell better in the States and England then you think.

    A good set of WW2 Gurkha might also be a want by many though I want the Afghan/Boxer/VSF wars Gurkha over them.    Personally for WW2 or even the earler Spanish Americian war I kinda of want some Moro.

  • If Wargames Atlantic included a sprue of infantry weapons,or just rifles, for Germany, Italy, the British Commonwealth and the French along with the generic WW2 British uniformed figure set mentioned above, then they'd be able to cover North Africa, the Asian theater of operations,and pre and post war French Foreign Legion. 

      They could be used for some of Middle East wars as well

  • Most things are covered in metal if you look hard enough. 

    Some folks prefer the easier conversion and kitbashing possibilities of plastic multi-part kits.

    Tamiya and Rubicon do not make plastic dismounted vehicle crew do they? In 1/5, 1/56 or 28mm combat poses? 

    I am not sure WA needs to only make models to compliment their own lines. For example the Panzer Lehr made as discounted Panzer crews.

    As for SE Asia, sure I can see a market there. I would not complain about a Moro set. I thought Gurkhas were covered already by Warlord Games but if not, yeah I can see that selling. WW2 Vietminh might have some crossover use as later period Vietminh and even Viet Cong. 

    I would like to see post-War Colonial French and their opponents for both Indochina and Algeria... but that is for another range I suppose. 

    Female partisans should be a priority. Just too useful for so many other projects.

    Poland makes sense considering the popularity of gaming the invasion prior to Poland’s fall.

  • I'd certainly love to see plastic Chinese, they're woefully underrepresented even in metal. Also, if we're beating Warlord at their own game, Soviets (especially in M43 uniforms) and Japanese would be good picks – both of those are old kits with, let's say, questionable detail.

  • I'll echo all the comments about plastic Chinese. If it was possible to put together a kit in the same style as the ww1/ww2 French kit, that offered options for Communist/Nationalist Chinese Infantry, I know I'd be buying in bulk.

  • I actually really like the panzer Lehr cause it gives alot more options for unique units and also SciFi kit bashing if that's your jam.


    The big thing that ide like to see for the WW2 line up is support weapons. Hmgs and mortars are really only sold in metal kits by all other companies and I'm not a fan of metal figs with plastic etc.



    Edit: also the reason no one makes plastic Asian armies is they are not popular. I think for now it's better that they fill the gaps.


    A plastic set of German pioneers would give us some amazing bits for kit bashing.

  • Notable gap:

    US Army Infantry in the Pacific.  There were 20 to 22 US Army divisions fighting in the Pacific versus 6 USMC divisions.   No plastic sets are available currently.  HBT uniforms, helmets without covers (chinstrap worn), HBT caps, Daisey Mae caps, more canteens.  

  • Notable gap:

    Romanians.  More Romanian troops on the Eastern front than the rest of the other German allies put together.  

  • Notable gap:

    ANY WW2 cavalry.  I would suggest Soviet/Cossack cavalry as the most versatile.  

    (A recent WGA spoiler looked like possibly WW2 Italian cavalry.  That would be amazing.  Please fix the helmets this time around.)

  • @JTam Pretty sure it was actually these guys since they showed off treads for a Carro Veloce CV-35italian tank crew


  • Brian Van De Walker -

    Good point. Forgot about the preview with treads.

    I guess the big gap in the market in plastic WW2 cavalry remains.

  • @JTam I think if they do cavalry they should start with the Polish and then maybe do Germans.

  • 1939 Polish troops as mentioned by others is a significant gap.

    I like the CCCP cavalry as they fielded far more cavalry troops than anyone else.  

    If they did German cavalry hopefully Cossack heads would be included to enable Cossacks in German service.  

    I'm not sure how the few posts above mentioned plastic shorts and shirtsleeves Infantry represents real gap in the market?  No less than two major manufacturers make Desert Commonwealth troops (with just about every head you can imagine) and DAK troops in plastic.  

  • WW2 plastic weapon sprues for all major powers are also already available.  

  • I'd want to see plastic Aussies or New Zealanders. I have the Warlord one but they are metal and all look the same. 

  • @JTam

    I don't feel it's a  gap,in my post above,about British in service shirts and shorts, but a response to the initial post on this thread where Grumpy Gnome posted about crew members for World War 2 . 

  • Chinese and Romanian infantry kits would be awesome. Please copy the Italian kit and make sure every WW2 infantry box has a medium machine gun. A light mortar should also be included 

  • @Mark Hoffman 

    Ah, understood.  

  • @Don Williams 

    The medium machinegun in the Italian set was interesting.  The only problem with putting a medium machinegun and mortar on the sprue is that one might end up with 5 mortars and medium machineguns in box.  Most folks (all?) don't need 10 heavy weapons for 30 some Infantrymen.  There's a thread going on in this section currently where some are expressing dismay with the 5 officers on the WW1/WW2 French box. 

    Maybe a better option would be separate heavy weapons box with 2 or 3 of a sprue with a mortar, medium machinegun, and a flamethrower and/or light antitank gun.  

    One Wargames Atlantic Infantry box and one heavy weapons box would be a complete army for many game systems.  

    So for example there could be a box of Italian WW2 heavy weapons to support the Infantry box.  And while I'm dreaming a WW2 Italian cavalry box.  Truly a cohesive games army in 3 boxes.



  • @JTam

    Tend to agree on the shorts, The only guys in battle shorts I kind of I want to see at this point are Bush Wars style  mercs complete with Dutch kepi and assault rifles. That said, I guess what they really want is different nation's guns being held by short sleeve sporting arms and having  compatible bodies makes sense (gun and two handed weapon holds can be a pain to put/convert on different manufacturer bodies).


  • @Grumpy Gnome

    I know ITALERI does multipart crewmen for some of their 1/56 kits and its easy enough to arm them up for fighting if you have the right parts if they are not already included (granted not all of them and not always enough for a full dismounted vehicle crew outside vehicle but its enough for gaming purposes if you must have plastic), and given the truck kit I have from Rubicon I am fairly sure it’s the same way with them.

    And if I recall correctly Tamiya has things like a WW2 soviet tank crew sold separately in various poses for their 1/48 scale stuff and given how the WW2 rifles, Panzer Faust and driver that came with my Tamiya 1/48 kettenkran scale with my 28mm stuff, they probably all look fine next 28mm stuff.

    While the panzer Lehr are an interesting kit, I am not really sure we can even say it is a gap filler instead of just a competing set when it comes to the crewmen angle and I really don't think armed vehicle crew men is the way to go for a WW2 line (maybe if we were talking combination of armed personnel like sailors, etc.)



  • I have not been able to find 1/56 28mm Tank Crew from any nation sold separately by Italeri.

  • @Grumpy Gnome

    Never said/meant Italeri did and I apologize since I wasn’t clear😓.

    What I meant was some of the tank kits and very clearly the flak cannon kit Italeri sells already come with some crewmen in the kit. Not a lot with the tank kits, at most one complete body, but it’s likely enough for RPG characters conversions, and if you buy the right kits in bulk or trade/ask around you can probably do a survivor tank crew (with asking around you will likely find several folks with several extra unused 1/56 tanker bodies from tank kits wasting away in their bit boxes).

    I am pretty sure Rubicon is the same way though to be frank a separate sprue of tank crewmen is more something they would cover if there is a real demand for it.

  • @JTam Finland needs a lot of Heavy Machine guns.

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    That is an option but quite arduous to be fair.  Another challenging option of course would be to due some conversion work with greenstuff. Sure, it is possible but I am trying to save time not create new jobs for my backlog.


  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    Ah, there is a significant gap in plastic:  Finns.  


  • Not really WW2 but probably closest category for ~19XX:

    Action Archeologists Advanture single spruce - it would fit to big chunk of the historical and fantasy WA range.

  • Spanish Civil War nationalists with rolled up sleeves and garrison covers (envelope hat). 

  • @Rondaros A'terac 

    Actually an Action Pulp Adventurer sprue would be useful and work great with the Partisan set.

    @Grumpy Gnome

    Pretty sure its not as arduous as you think, in kit tanker bodies are one of those things people tend not use in mass for their vehicles.  While this isn't a WW2 example, I actually have a bunch GW IG tanker and crewmen bodies that I got in ebay lots mostly with vehicles parts, and I bet it is the same way with the WW2 crowds, in fact the few times I actually find people selling WW2 vehicles parts I often notice crewmen bodies mixed in.  Meaning beyond getting them (which likely amounts asking around FB groups and elsewhere) they shouldn’t be harder to deal with then any simple kitbash project, though you would likely be paying the same amount or more as metals.     

  • I'm not a WWII gamer, but as an outsider, it sounds to me like Finns, Romanians, Polish, and Chinese definitely sound like some niche armies that probably don't get a lot of attention out there.

    I don't know very much about the ANZAC uniforms, but that request for shorts uniforms might be an opportunity to cover the seemingly popular (or at least vocal) ANZAC requests.  I think the shorts request thing from otherwise depends on how niche that would be:  I don't know for sure, but I suspect it's mostly specific to the North Africa and Pacific campaigns.

    Regarding the market for Asian armies and whether they sell well, I can't help wondering if that's a chicken-and-egg thing:  is it struggling from a lack of demand, or a lack of supply?  To be honest, I'd never really thought of the Asian gaming market at all, until I got surprised by the popularity of video gaming in e.g. Korea, and then again later when I was surprised by the popularity of pen-and-paper and computer RPGs in Japan.  Video and pen-and-paper RPGs don't necessarily translate to a tabletop wargaming market, and even if it does it doesn't necessarily translate to a specific interest in the Asian/Pacific theater of WWII, but there might be a surprise market for tabletop gaming of some sort in China, Korea, Japan, or India that I wouldn't expect. 

    For my own part, I'd love to see more multi-purpose Partisan-style sets that can find their way into either historical or "pulp" sci-fi/adventure/horror/fantasy gaming.  Such a kit that includes bits that could build adventure achaeologists as easily as partisans in similar outfits would be fantastic, and I too look forward to a female partisan set, if that's what Wargames Atlantic has planned for Parisans II - of course, they could just as easily be planning a set of Partisans from another part of the world, too - say, Russia or Poland, for example, or even a set of different male French resistance fighters for greater variety, or even Partisan fighters from other wars. 

    All of which would be quite welcome, to me:  the Partisan set is great, and I don't think gamers have even begun to take advantage of all the possibilities from the first set yet!  (I came into the kit for the civilian bodies, fedoras, bowlers, flat-caps, and bare heads, but stayed for all the other "bonus" bits I didn't notice at first:  the wealth of SMGs plus the soft hats like the berets and "envelope" style hats look like they'd fit right in with historical military armies.  I don't really do historical military gaming, but I did save these hats in my sci-fi bits-bin for use in sci-fi military modeling:  berets for space-commandos or Cannon Fodder officers, for example!)

    For my purposes, then, I think I'd be interested the most in some more WWI/WWII/interwar Partisan/civilian sets with kitbasher-friendly multi-purpose bits in them, and perhaps in some period security forces as well - things like Vichy Milice, brown-shirts, civil defense, Gestapo, generic police forces... these won't make much sense to larger-scale war-gamers, but for smaller-scale skirmish games of commando raids, conflicts with Partisans, and the like, as well as pulp-style gaming ("cops and robbers", gangsters vs. revenue agents, police vs. rioters, police vs. Martian invaders, spies vs. spies....)  Something tells me that things like police uniforms or Gestapo men in those creepy hats and long coats would probably make their way into more than a few unusual contexts for both historical and other games:  paramilitary organizations, villains in space-dictator armies, monsters in fantasy RPGs ("The Shadow Man"), etc.

    Or it might just be me.  Hopefully the Partisans are successful enough for Wargames Atlantic to make more odd subjects like that, because it's one of my favorite Wargames Atlantic sets!  :)



  • One gap when it comes to plastics is definitely early war British/BEF, I would also imagine it would be quite popular and commercially viable.

    Would also be great for games like A Very British Civil war and some of the Pulp games

  • Definitely BEF, and Finns as a start.

    Chinese would also be a good addition, but throw some arms carrying swords in there as well.

  • @Iain Turnbull 

    Yeah "Big Sword Unit" soldiers with Dao swords would be awesome and would work great for industrial fantasy gaming.


  • @Iain Turnbull 

    The Big Sword guys are an iconic Chinese troop type for sure.

    But you also need the troops with Broomhandle Mausers and C96 chest/belly rigs:

    Or you know, you can do both at the same time:


  • Strange coincidence:  Went to a party tonight and host asked me if I wanted to see his new firearm.  I of course say OK, and he busts out a beautiful Mauser Broomhandle.  I'm "Damn Bro, you are a man of taste and distinction."

  • Slightly out of Era but I think 1950s American infantry would be a big seller. Mantic really missed an opportunity there when they did modern infantry with their Mars attacks range. Think Elvis think checkpoint Charlie!

    A range that NOBODY else does! Suitable for historical gamers and those wanting to game all those 1950s science fiction films.

  • @Michael McEwan 

    It would be entertaining to see WGA give the Bolt Action Korea supplement better model support than Warlord.  

  • @JTam I figured they would come in the same box.😉

    @Michael McEwan @JTam from what I have heard from manufacturers and others is that you can use late world war 2 USA troops pretty much out of the box for Korea (not saying its true just what I what I have been told), and I think there would be bigger money in 1950's+ great coated Russian armed with AKs for games.

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    Reference late war WW2 US troops miniatures being OK for the Korean War:

    For the first year of the Korean War or so that's largely true.  But there's surprisingly few models to choose from.  I will elaborate.

    The American troops in the early fighting in Korea wore HBTs in the hotter months.  There are no plastics and surprisingly few metal miniatures depicting US Army troops in HBTs.  A WGA "US Army Infantry in the Pacific" set would partially solve that.

    American troops in the early fighting in Korea in the colder months were wearing the WW2 M43 uniform.  Here's the surprise though.... there is no late war US Army (conventional) Infantry plastics.  Wargames  Factory did some back in the day, but even then the strange choice of shoes and leggings made them more representative of mid/late war troops.  It would be nice to have some pile cap heads as well.  (Pile cap was iconic for the Korean War but nonexistent for US troops in WW2).

    As the Korean war progressed the late WW2 double buckle boots were replace by what we could consider more conventional lace up boots.  The M43 was replaced by the M51 which added pockets to the side of the pants.  

    The above means that strangely your best bet for representing US Army Infantry in 1952 to 1953 in plastic is probably the Warlord US Airborne set.  (They wear the M43 uniform with rigger added side pockets on their M43 pants.)  Jump boots aren't a bad match for the Korean War lace up boots.  Avoid the chin cup chinstraps and paratrooper M1 carbines.

  • Oh, and don't use any WW2 packs (the haversacks or musette bags).

  • @Michael McEwan 

    So that was a lot of blah, blah, blah.  But I think a box of US Army Infantry in M51 uniforms could be interesting for your late Korean War / classic sci-fi needs.

  • @Michael McEwan 

    Considering the poor sculpts they did for the 80’-90’s US infantry for Mars Attacks and not supporting the product very long...  perhaps just as well that they missed the trick with 50’s US infantry. I did not follow the Kickstarter at the time but I think there was a stretchgoal they did not reach for “Vintage US troops” (1950’s US Marines maybe?).

    @JTam  Good advice there mate.


    I think there is a market for 1950’s US Infantry for Korea and early Vietnam but it is likely a small niche. Oh and for fighting giant ants.

  • @JTam what do you mean blah blah blah?

  • @Michael McEwan 

    I meant I did a lot of talking (blah blah, blah) to get to the point.

  • Nice adds for BEF 1940 would be Vickers MkVI and Matilda I Tanks in 28mm.

  • @Richard Bonham @Iain Turnbull @Steffen Seitter 

    I think it might be possible for one box of Commonwealth Infantry to cover the whole war.  Commonwealth uniforms and equipment changed remarkable little throughout the war.

    Differences between BEF and mid/late war British Infantry that I am tracking:

    Shovel instead of entrenching tool.  Helmet  covers.  Gas mask carrier on chest.  Gas cape on top of small pack.  Enfield NO 1 MK IIIs.

    So one could include extra heads with helmet covers.  (If the heads from the WW1 British kit were on a seperate sprue one could reuse that). Have seperate gas cape and gas mask carrier bits to glue on the minis small packs and chests.  Have both the shovels and entrenching tools be seperate bits that one can glue on as they wish.  (Seems like the entrenching tool was worn less and less as the war worn on and full size picks and shovels carried instead).  Finally one would need both Enfield NO 1 MKIIIs and  NO 4 MK Is in the kit.  (Having both rifles really increases the flexibility of the kit to cover all theaters.  NO 1s for BEF, North Africa, and Italy.  NO 4s for Northwest Europe.)

  • So glue on this for BEF:

    This for mid to late:


    Or strap on a full size shovel or pick:





  • Not just covers though mate. From D-Day British issued MK III “turtle” helmets, replacing the iconic Brodie lids. MK III helmet


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