Sneak Peek: What's Behind the Curtain?

  • @Geoff Maybury @John Wilson 

    This new set does look really good:

    Looks like it's definitely time for a Bug Hunt.  Should be a very successful kit.  Has broad appeal for 40K, Aliens, and near future gaming.

    I too was underwhelmed with the Space Brits kit.  I wish they would stop adding knee pads to everything.  But mostly I think it's the wacky proportions.  The slender waists versus the broad, broad shoulders make them look like a kids toy.  

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    Check out the Choose Our Future Releases Poll.

    WGA lays out almost all the cards on the table:

    Pretty certain WGA is going to have huge hit with the Grognard Raptor Cavalry.  Obviously excited about the Trojan Chariot too.  Lots to be excited about though.....

  • Ooh, I didn't see the poll last night!  (G-Men and Mobsters got my vote!)

    Interestingly, there's a few options on the poll that aren't actually in the Release Schedule (yet) - G-Men/Mobsters, Kobolds, Raptors (without Grognards), and a couple others were notable in absence!  Wargs aren't on either the poll or the Release Schdule.  I wonder what else Wargames Atlantic have hidden from the Release Schedule and poll alike??  (Not that I'm complaining - I love the surprises!)

    I really appreciate the Halfling Cavalry on ponies - I really really really REALLY prefer that to halflings on dogs, pigs, and some of the other "cute" but (to me0 unconvincing ideas all the other guys are using.  The ponies look like they would fit in much better with a traditional Tolkienesque fantasy setting, even if they are a bit "boring" and staid, and ponies just feel and look right to me.  Ponies seem like they would feel right for dwarf cavalry, too.

    I do like the idea of fantasy raptors, though - I'd use those in a heartbeat for WGA's Tolkienesque goblins (I think I prefer this to spiders, actually), and for Barsoom-style retro sci-fi cavalry of any sort (we need some weird bug-eyed aliens with infantry and optional cavalry bits, goblin-style!)  Raptor cavalry for sci-fi and fantasy sounds like a fun idea!

    I like both the Bulldogs and Ooh Rah sets - I for one dig the VSF idea, I'm also completely behind the Aliens/Starship-Troopers/cyberpunk trooper thing. 

    And the great thing about the Ooh Rah set is that it's fairly non-specific:  nominally "American", but they could be painted up and designated for pretty much any near-future space-soldiers (even for countries that don't even exist (yet), or for generic Cyberpunk style Corporate Security and other mercenaries - which is what i always figured the Aliens space marines were anyway!)  They look as British, Australian, Russian, Brazilian, Nigerian, Indian, Martian or Belter as they do American, to me - you can definitely write your own 20-minutes-into-the-future background for where they come from, how they were recruited into their space trooper platoon, and what flag they fight under and why :)


    Illustration:  And anyway, only the shape of the helmet and the sci-fi guns really distinguish them much from British soldiers in modern fatigues and combat armor!



  • I am really loving the Ooh-Rah set. 👍

    Lots of interesting titles scheduled for release. I have no idea when I am going to paint all these. I have been fascinated by the Sepoy Mutiny since I was a school kid. 

    Mrs. GG loves Treefolk. We both love Raptors. 

  • The Treefolk sound like a barrel of fun - like the halflings, it sounds like exactly the sort of offbeat fantasy wargaming kit that almost nobody else is doing (I think Mantic has a set, but I wasn't very impressed with it, and Reaper has a single bones figure of the sort that probably won't appear for a couple years until the Kickstarter fulfills, in addition to a titanic one that no longer seems to be in print....)

    Something tells me I'll like Wargames Atlantic's kit a little better than the Mantic kit (and is it me, or does Mantic seem kind of expensive compared to comparable products from WGA?)


  • I think one of WGA’s strengths is their pricing. They trim costs by skipping things like instruction leaflets, shield transfers and bases which is a bit tough on new folks but really helps veteran gamers save money.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Looking forward to those raptors, both the riden cavalry, and the wild. Note feed your raptor, least it feeds on you, late cavalry byline.

  • @Yronimos Whateley Mantic upped their prices recently, I was lucky enough to buy several of the old GCPS boxes (that came with 5 sprues, metal commander, 2 mortars and 2 HMGs) at a discount as they switched over to their new lower content, more expensive boxes.


  • I voted for Warring States Chinese infantry, Valkir, and the kobolds. The raptors if done even remotely realistically seem more like a General Accoutrements thing to me unless they have riders since they where technically real beasties (and yeah there are wargames for that), and show up in a wide range of fiction from absuredist Fantasy to bleeding edge Hard SF in one form or another (not to mention pulp, VSF,weird war,etc.).     

  • Another Ooh Rah sneak-peek!  And...


    This week, we apparently have a sneak-peek of a modern or near-future marine on the right, with... a mystery on the left?

    Looks organic, maybe alien or fantasy?  Could be a bit of raptor?  Maybe something new - after all, Wargames Atlantic's mood is...

    "Looking for some Arcturians!"


  • @Yronimos Whateley Given all the bug related polls they had this week on the FB group its Bugs. we don't even need to think about this hard.


  • Yeah its a bug.


  • Hey everyone - I don't have a Facebook account, would anyone mind dropping any of the Facebook teasers here?  It would be greatly appreciated!  This is the first I've heard of the bugs! 

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    I think it was a bunch of polls about bug size and such, as well as a post about "what do you want in bugs?"  Something along those lines.  I don't think there was a pictures teased.  I don't get on Facebook all the time though.

  • @JTam  There where none really beyond this and its clearly a 2D concept sketch of a bug being compared to an Ooh-Rah render, it was possibly done last week.

  • @Hudson Adams 

    Thank you for providing this forum... I refuse to use Facebook and would hate to miss out on this information.

    It would be neat if WGA looked into the various castes of bugs used in Stargrave. Perhaps work in partnership with Joe McCullough, North Star Miniatures & Osprey publishing.

  • Fair enough!  I had no idea there was even a concept sketch out there, so I pretty much took it for granted until now that WGA's giant spiders - with the biomechanical bits - would be the proxies for bugs.  It'll be interesting to see where WGA might go with alien bugs, if they choose to go there!

    And I agree completely, @Grumpy Gnome - glad we have the WGA forum to work with, I've started to miss old-fashioned forums, I'm a bit too "Boomer" for the limits of modern social media like Facebook or Twitter :)

  • Don't forget there is also the weekly email based newsletter. That has the sneak peeks as well.

    Did find it a little amusing to hear Facebook described as "Modern", though 😂 

  • "Back in my day, we had to Telnet and IRC uphill in the snow - both ways! - to get to our social media, and we LIKED it that way!" 

    And the kids stayed off my lawn while we did it....


    EDIT:  Wait, what am I talking about?  I'm old enough to remember when social media was being able to leave a note on someone's Bulletin Board System over a 2400bps modem, back in the days when you started downloading a heavily-pixilated 256-color naughty picture, and went to go make a sandwich while waiting for it to download.  If someone gave you a phone call while it was downloading, it would disconnect the modem and you and all your friends who didn't have computers would complain about having to try again.  There was a period of years where e-mail and something called Usenet were the latest social media thing.  Later, AOL would trick you into installing their ISP client from a "free" floppy disk, so that you could stay up way too late on live chatrooms while burning through a "free trial" - I don't remember the trick to it now, but if you or your friends were clever, you could uninstall the software, re-install it, and get another free trial - wash, rinse, repeat indefinitely - until the long-distance phone bill came in and your parents went balistic.  Those were the days!  At this point, PHP forums are "modern" social media to me, and don't even get me started on MySpace :D 

  • @Yronimos Whateley We are basically.... Neanderthals. 

  • No email this week, apparently. So no teaser.


  • @Grumpy Gnome Eh. I like bannanas, and meee need more Hair. 

  • @John Wilson Oh boy these are just the ticket eh guys.

  • @Geoff Maybury They are going to be so damn useful for a wide variety of settings that need modern to near future military or militarized police.


  • @John Wilson Hows about starting the ball rolling for a great little 4x4 for these beauties, and the Oh - Rahs. If a total missfit company, can do the Jackrabbit 4x4. just think what WA could do, and a jeep style 4x4 would be perfect.

  • @Geoff Maybury I've suggested a sci-fi jeep a number of times, I suggested something like the bare frame style design that was in Infinite Warfare video game.



  • "Bugs, Mr. Rico, $35 worth of 'em!" Looks like the giant spiders are about to get some back-up!

  • @Benjamin Hayward  From a conversation on the facebook legion page, It seems the top may be smaller bugs (like the small spiders on the spiders sprue), bottom may be egg sacks and we have melee and bio weapon options to the side. Its was confirmed that the main bugs head and bodies don't appear on this teaser....



  • @John Wilson sounds about right.  I'm all for things like the webbed victims in the spider kit, and the egg sacks here; PERFECT for objectives!

  • VERY PLEASED  looks as if they really listened, and made choises based on our comments, but with a very real look to the bugs. Since they are to be the ultimate addvesary to most "ALIEN RACES"  including Man, they should look and be forminable. I`d "HATE" to see them watered down, they aren`t an Alien race with clothes or weapons, they`re primal. "Killing Machines" that can infest your ship and then travel on to all worlds. An all consuming endless tide that sweeps any living life force away. "BUGS".

  • I adore those me ideas for possible Stargrave games! Can't decide between fantasy and sci-fi....leaning toward sci-fi now because of all the really exciting Death Fields stuff coming out. Got a Cannon Fodder box and some of the upgrade sprues on sale...Can't wait until the boxes of CF women come out to get my Cannon Fodder "Ladies' Night" army going!

    But this week makes me want to embrace the fantasy too...

    These are most definitely the Landsknecht Ogres. They look gorgeous and perfect for the "fantasy + black powder" thing I want to explore. I want one on my Frostgrave squad! 😍

  • @lauregami Yeah those Ogres... I am debating 3 vs 5 boxes

  • @William Redford you could just add 3 and 5 together and get 35 boxes


    I'll snag a box, for sure.  I'd really like to play Five Leagues with black powder added in; I doubt it would be hard to add.

    Maybe something like: muskets have infinite range, but have an "effective range," where any shot taken beyond that is done with a negative modifier the farther the target is.  Plus, you have to reload them.

    Can't wait to see these guys in the "flesh!"

  • @Benjamin Hayward I would never live to enjoy them... My wife shares some qualities with armored ogres... mostly in fury...

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    IRC... mIRC? ... I used to roam wargamer channels there, especially those on Undernet. But I was quite an addict to mailing lists and their typewritten carbon-copied semestrial compediums... 😆


  • Sneak Peak for 12 AUG 22:

    Well, this is exciting.  Is WGA getting into the terrain game?

    Not sure if GW being about to do an entire season of Kill Team set on Space Hulks makes the timing auspicious or counterproductive.  

  • @JTam I noticed that backdrop too, and it would be very nice to have a more sci-fi generic set of terrain... I can think of some certain "Bug-Huntin' Marines" which might benefit from that... and the Ooh Rah's are shaping up nicely for that role 😎

  • I think it is a close up shot of a new Marine weapon design but I expect to be wrong.

  • @Grumpy Gnome I've put that theory forward on the facebook group, my thinking is the armless marine was put in there to be sneaky rather than it being in scale to the object.  Most seem to believe its a vehicle, dropship, scenery etc.


  • @Grumpy Gnome @John Wilson 

    I don't think surface detail that fine is possible on a 28mm weapon.  Unless it's a big old (I dare say terrain) sized artillery piece.  

  • @JTam  Surface detail on finished 28mm pieces may not be that detailed but blown up computer renders can be. 😉


    Still, I am prepared to be wrong. I just do not see it being a vehicle or terrain. So I am wondering if it is going to be something completely out of left field.

  • Bases maybe? If you're going to do tech textured bases, you might draft something like that before you cut various sized  circles out of it...

  • Sneak Peak for 16 SEP 22:

    Perhaps L to R: Deathfields heavy weapon, the top of the power armor/light mech kit, Grenadier (Spanish???), Magic Mike performing on Halloween.  

    The last one could be fantasy or sci fi....  His armored loincloth could be held up by cables or ropes....  Still I'm getting an Alien Deathfields vibe.  Or it could well be a dual purpose fantasy/sci fi kit.

  • @JTam I agree with you, the image on the right could be a fantasy troll maybe, or a dual purpose kit. The napoleonic one is definitely a Spanish Grenadier, the death fields heavy weapon is pretty clear, but the other one I have no idea. The head support / back of the head of the power armour? 

  • I think all of those clearly show halfling cavalry. 

  • That last one looks scifi to me based more on the wristband than anything else but hey why not do stuff that goes across genres where possible.

  • @Vitor Soares 

    I feel like this part of the sneak peak is a....

    part of the part over her head....


    I hope the Spanish kit has flexibility like the British Riflemen kit...  and isn't just march attack poses.  

    Although I've already collected the minis I need for a Spanish Silver Bayonet warband....

    @William Redford 


    @Brendan Flynn 

    Yes, probably more sci fi than fantasy.... but not definitely so (which may well be on purpose.)


  • Deathfields “Predator” up in a tree? If so, too much to hope for a version in translucent plastic? 

  • @Grumpy Gnome still free to dream 😊

    @JTam that was the part I was referring to.

    @William Redford, my thoughts exactly 😊

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