Sneak Peek: What's Behind the Curtain?

  • Aah!  Aardvark trooper with bullpup!  It's so obvious now! ;)

  • @JTam "DDDDaaaaaarrrr ANTS"!!!!!.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Looks to be. Here's a Royalist patch:

    Royalist: Accessory Pack

  • @Mark Dewis Go to the  top of the class with a "Blue Peter Badge" or should that be a"Royist Flag" Quar.

  • So clearly there weren't any observant Quar fans around when we were discussing what the symbol might be... 😄

  • Don't know how to get proper res version of preview image, but seems like it's WW1 Brits from the low res version.

  • @Nanashi Anon 

    WW1 British seems right to me.  That's one gnarly trench club.  

  • And it was WW1 Brits


    New preview

    Space Monks?

    "Something very unexpected!"

    I'm stumpped on this one. They differ in height and have either bare feet or flat sandals. The only remote guess I can think of is "Psychic Space Monks with Laser Swords", and I'm sure that's wrong.

    Edit: I noticed there's two secret sets for World Ablaze on the schedule. One is the teased female partisans, bu I wonder what the other could be.

  • @Nanashi Anon look like monks or somthing to me.

  • Monks or cultists of some sort is my guess.

  • Likely to be multiuse cultists/monks. 

  • @Nanashi Anon "Something very unexpected" + robes =

  • Now that you've made the connection to the description, I can't disagree.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Wish they were Netflix "Warior Nuns" another to review when time permits mean while it good and getting better nice marshal arts. 

  • Was busy this weekend and nobody posted it. Seems like it's Heavy Weapons for Death Fields.

  • @Nanashi Anon  Iron Core Eisenkern Valkir flamethrower and grenade launcher, there are pictures of them from the dreamforge days before they went OP.


  • At least these robed figures are more flexible, without boots you can set them in various ages, after all it's more easy making shoes with GS than feet. given that most cults didn't allow shoes in their temples, with a simple head switch they could be either chaos cultists or thugee or Set 's worshippers (as in Conan!).

  • For general barefoot robed figures, I reccommend the Perry Ansar Warrior Sprue. They make VERY good Thuggee.

    Head swap in from Afghans, although there are a couple of turban heads on the sprue anyway.

    One of my all time favorite sprues. I've used the robed bodies for Japanese peasants, Thugs, Monks and Martian cultists, The fez heads for Askari, the bald heads for Sohei monks in armour, the tunic bodies as Zanzibar slavers and various bits for other African tribe projects. (The Beja sometimes turn up as Ruga Ruga). The sprue has Remington rifles, straight blade swords and decent light spears. 

    You can even make them up for their intended purpose as various Sudanese tribes 😉

  • Looks like World War (not sure which) Nurses. Couldn't tell you which, if any, nation they're supposed to be.

  • @Nanashi Anon 

    Leaning towards the First World War.

    1.  Headgear.

    2.  Looks like a Lewis gun on the left.   Firing from the shoulder?  Someone's been eating their Wheaties.  

    (Sure Lewis guns were used to some extent in WW2, but it's primarily a WW1 arm).

    3.  Looks like a WW1 Mauser.  Note the wave shaped rear sight ramp.

    4.  Stick grenade looks WW1 German.  Note what looks like a clip on the head.

    Neat set.  

    It's a potpourrie of weapons, but if I had to guess on Nationality I would go with British.  Far from my area of expertise though.


  • Another picture posted here:





  • Ahh but it apears as if is a Print again? I do hope that that shh secret set is power armour for the Ooh-Rahs, Harvesters, which look like after X-mas now!!!!!.😭

  • Well, any of the sculpts that will initailly be up as STL files might end up as plastic kits. We KNOW that the farm animals are earmarked to be, for example. though it appears they're still fiddling with the proportions there. And the Napoleonic Camp Followers that are also listed in the plastic pipeline will be in the December tranche.

    My money for the super secret set is another property that WGA are doing the production for, like Spacenam or Quar. They'd not be able to announce it until the IP owner is ready to do so. I'll guess it's Pirates.

  • I believe its been confirmed on a facebook post that they are WW1 nurses (nothing on nationality etc), personally if they were in plastic i'd probably pick up a box or two as Bene Gesserit's for my Dune project (that one day may come together from the various storage boxes I'm storing useful troops in) with an arms swap.


  • @Mark Dewis @John Wilson went on to the print firm to see prices and ask if scale problems are sorted. Farm animals are coming out at around "Britains 1/32 scale. and the cargo print only includes ONE pallet and is 1/48th scale and £16-11. Dam and double dam, and the afgan arms are not there. Geoff Zero!!!!!.

  • Hi, Comrade and Friend Geoff : "Trankil ! Lasai !" (basque : drop it, forget it). No one should feel obligated to go "digital"... and this focus is starting to get on my nerves.

    I will not go down this path. Why ? Because what I love in the Hobby (models, minifigs, dioramas) lies only in its real aspects : materials, uniforms, research, imagination, assembly, conversion, colours and painting... and the quality of the social bond, around a common passion.

    The dematerialization of the hobby bothers me. Really... Technology and computers isolate as much as they connect in our time : as a social worker, I have a certain point of view on this.

    I don't read mountain magazines : I go hiking, walking, climbing, swimming, whenever possible. I prefer a good ale (even English !) "now or never", than the promise to go and drink one "one of these days next". That's my choice, my way of life.

    And... computer-assisted drawing is definitively not art ! You certainly know the historic great word to resume the battle of Waterloo : "Merde !" (Cambronne).

    Of course, all my wishes to you, and to those you love, for this end of the year.

  • At the end of the day the digital stuff does not seem to be slowing down the plastic pipeline. And why would it, given that the sculptors can bang out variant poses pretty much at will, and produce new scuplts far faster than the layout, parts check and tooling process can cope with.

    Digital gives WGA a brand new income stream for very little effort, and maximises their sculpting assets. It also gives them an option to produce parts that simply would not be commercially viable otherwise.

    For those whom digital isn't viable, it's best just to ignore it. Or, order through reliable physical printing services (your local 3D print shop may or may not have A Clue, but the guys WGA have lined up to do it likely do). 

  • There's another picture posted here of the nurses:

    It's pretty low res, but it appears to me to be circled in red a Mosin Nagant rifle, in blue an Enfield, and in purple the Chauchat.  The Chauchat pretty firmly fixes the set in WW1 as only a masochist would carry around a Chauchat in WW2 (which would put a very different complexion on this set).



  • Armored goblins?

  • @Nanashi Anon 


    The WGA Goblins are already pretty well armoured.

    Orcs?  Roman Orcs ?!?

  • @JTam There's a higher res picture available if you click on it:

    The list of releases did say WW1 nurses. My guess is they're multinational and have weapons options from French, German and British. One of the pistols appears to be a Luger, and we have definite stick grenades and Lewis Gun.

  • @Nanashi Anon @JTam Armour is very ahistorical. If they're undead Romans, I'd be disappointed.

    My guess is Trolls, which I seem to recall were on the production list somewhere. Bigger models, not smaller ones, but with oversize hands ad feet.

    Edit: Yep. Trolls are on the plastic release list, currently listed as "resculpting".

  • @Nanashi Anon That's got to be the Trolls - the only stuff currently on the way for Classic Fantasy are Halfling Cavalry, Trolls and Treemen, and of those three these bodies are clearly Troll-like, in particular resembling the body shape of the Mountain Troll in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

    Roman-esque Trolls wearing Lorica Segmentata, Latin Name: Trollus Trollum? Now that's something new and original I can get behind and a perfect addition to any Ancients game with added fantasy!

    Makes sense when you think about it - the Roman army was a self-suffficient military machine that built and dismantled its own fortresses and roads, what better creature to help out with such labours than dim-witted but strong Trolls that can be easily ordered to do all the heavy work by the officers?

  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy Merry Christmas to you and your family, I agree with your comment completely and would have left them all together, but now they have this "English Print firm" going I thought, give it a try for what l want, the cargo pallets, farm animals, Afghan arms and robots. The only ones l could purchase were the robots. All the others, they can't get the scale right to 1/56, they are coming out at 1/48 and 1/32 and the Afghan arms have had to be removed altogether. Looks like there's teething problems. The robots look fantastic anyway and l'll make them my first build when they come. Once again have a fantastic Christmas my friend and a Happy Neew Year, cheers Geoff.

  • @Mark Dewis German pistols were very popular btw allied troops, expecially the Mausers or the Luger artillery models, so it isn't illogical give one to allied characters. The hats on the contrary puzzles me a little, they seems too big for nurses.

  • @Alessio De Carolis yeah, I've been trying and failing to find that syle of wimple, though there are a lot of different types.

    Nurses being armed is decidedly NOT normal (and the set is known to have unarmed options) so my guess it's more along the line of weapons picked up in the heat of battle, often from the enemy, and they've just thrown in one of each common weapon. 

    Pretty sure the set is intended to be international. I'm not seeing any real differences between French, British and German nurses in the photos.

  • @Mark Dewis @Caratacus 

    They sneak peaked trolls previously.  I don't recall them looking anything like this.  (Although revisions happen).  

    Not sure why we would think we are limited to Halfings, Trolls, and Treeman.  Most of the sneak peaks of late have been of the STL files.  And the STL files have delivered all kinds of surprises.  

  • It has to be admitted that the previously shown WIP Trolls do not much look like the new preview that I thought might be trolls.

    But given that that was shown August 2021 (!!!) they do seem to have disappeared without trace. MANY sets have been shown in early development through to actual delivered plastic sprues in boxes since that was put up.

  • @Mark Dewis To be honest I really hope the preview shown by @Nanashi Anon is a replacement to the one you've shown. Wargames Atlantic really need to be more creative in their Fantasy kits and the original designs are just cheap knockoffs of Middle-Earth Mordor/Isengard Trolls. I'd much rather see Trolls wearing mismatched Lorica Segmentata and battered Romanesque helmets, as monstrous allies for 28mm Romans.

  • I think they are something different from  already previewed Trolls (which seemed pretty popular with a number of folks precisely because their aesthetic fit in with current lines of Middle Earth minis... not all of which are GW....if I recall correctly).

    Perhaps they are Orcs?

  • Far more excited for this:

    Than this:

    The top creatures look great.

    They remind me / are somewhat how I pictured the Trolls from the Bazil Broketail series.  

  • @Grumpy Gnome To be honest they don't look like Orcs either, the veiny bodies and frog-like fingers and toes don't look particularly Orcy to me. I'd have thought that if WA wanted to make Orcs, they would again just copy what's already been done and make them either in the Angus McBride style like the Goblins (which are called Orcs in the Tolkien books anyway) or follow the aesthetics of the Peter Jackson films (for which we already have GW and Oathmark plastics).

    Perhaps they're something else entirely for fantasy? Something at least halfway new and original for once?

  • And Orcs they are:

    Works for me.

  • As I thought... although a bit surprised they are STL rather than a plastic kit teaser. Folks on Dakka Dakka are getting a bit restless over all the STL promotion without accompanying plastic kit news. I am not sure how that reflects the larger customer base though.

    Angus McBride has heavily influenced how a lot of folks picture Orcs.




  • I am not sure how that reflects the larger customer base though.

    Personally, I'm trying not to care. The painting backlog is big enough, only a few things are missing from the armies, and if it makes people happy I'm not gonna ruin that.

    As soon as I stop actively trying though, it bothers me. Resin sucks, 3d printing sucks, printed miniatures suck - and WGA was a beacon of hope showing that there can be new big-ish companies doing it properly.

  • @Blutze 

    Well put.

    @Grumpy Gnome 

    It certainly does seem like the STLs are sucking all the oxygen out of the room.  For example they dropped 3 STL packs today - cool.  But there wasn't a Friday sneak peak.  (Although that would probably be a STL sneak peak too).  

    I can understand why WGA doesn't want to get Blockbustered by changing technology.... But for now plastics are still king.

  • I'm glad to read you, my friends. The People are starting to moan : it's a good sign.

    The switch to all-digital is bugging me. It will happen without me. Without any regrets.

    This hobby, without physical minis, is worthless. Might as well fix up an old motorcycle... or go to the mushrooms.

  • I think WGA is still delivering great plastics... just that STLs are getting a lot of the current marketing effort and plastics are not. Plastic fans might appreciate some “works in progress” press releases, photos, videos of designers talking about their design planning. More videos like the ones of the artist working in the Classical Chinese sculpts. An update from him on how he is progressing. Explanations on why some sets advertised long are still in development. 

    I do not believe STLs are stealing production time from plastics but right now it does seem like STLs are getting the lion’s share communication time from WGA.

    Oh, Inwoukd add though that the current painting contest is a good contrast to the steam of STL news.

  • I lied.

    We did get a sneak peak in the end.

    Sneak Peak for 13 JAN 23:


  • Objectively, we have had pretty much the same amount of plastics news as usual - roughly one new kit a month, though they tend to cluster.

    November: sprue reveal for WW1 Brits, German Sentries and British Commandos going on sale announced. Quar.

    October: Landsnechkt Ogres on pre-order.

    September: OohRah on Preorder. Unarmoured Late Romans announced

    July: Spacenam announced. Cannon Fodder 2 preorder

    June: Ooh-rah announced

    April: WW1 Russian test paints. 

    March: Bulldogs, Goths, Bases, Horses and Boxers announced. Cannon Fodder 2 in tooling

    February: WW1 Russians and Early 20th C Japanese announced

    January: Shields, Bases, New Kingdom Egyptian sculpts, Goth test shot.

    So, honestly, no plastic news in December to me is much the same as when there was no plastic news in August. There was QUITE A LOT in November, which was after the digital reveal.






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