• Any news? I thuoght they said they would come this december

  • It was an April Fools Joke!

  • i'll be honest i was'nt sure if they were an apiril fools joke or not

  • Given The Silver Bayonet's empetus, the Camp Followers should become a priority!

  • @Bernard Renooij @Matt Robertson 

    It was a joke and if the want/need for Silver Bayonet heroines in multipart plastic is that bad, I think a multipart Female partisan box or sprue for the era would with games like Silver Bayonet in mind might actually be wiser move for WA and more of need for skirmish gaming in general then single poses diorama figures in activities like cooking, laundry, gather firewood, etc. which is what a set of camp followers would be given scope things.

    I mean what you guys are all asking for is basically a scale historical diorama kit  depicting in detail the somewhat boring logistical side of war at the time that was camp life when what you all really want and actually need for SB is a Frostgrave type kit full of female adventurers in action poses for your alt history D&D games.

     Also since we are talking more realistic proportions of historical scale and the Napoleonic era clothing, camp followers would look really odd converted with men’s arms, particularly after all the arm chopping you would have to do is done. Having a sprue where the girls actually have their own weapons in their own hands is smarter, and yeah fun things like stakes, crucifixes and mystical artifacts can be added (if it’s done I don’t see a reason why not to add those).

    Plus, while I don’t think it will be a big box seller among the big battle and super button counter history gamers or useful for later or earlier era historical gaming like some people keep seeming to think (because women's fashions, even among the normal people, changed drastically over the decades guys😤), it would help spice up some guerrilla and partisan forces of the era if done right and it would have a market among fantasy gamers as you can use anything historical for fantasy gaming as that’s more a matter of taste than anything else.   

    You know what I am going to go make another topic thread for that so people stop asking for camp followers. It’s like asking for French Maids in modern Full Tactical Gear (Which is what I proposed as a set idea on another company's forum years ago as an April Fool’s joke). 

  • Camp followers are more than French Maids in tactical gear. 

    I think the customer responses to the Arpril joke has been clear that there is interest in being able to model female participants in the Napoleonic era. 

    Some folks like to add that layer to the world building of their gaming... and it is not always about a Vivandiere that picked up a musket.

  • @Grumpy Gnome

    No, just given the many comments I have read on the FB group at the time it was posted and here on this post, I am pretty sure 99% of those asking for "camp followers" really want it for that "Vivandiere that picked up a musket" or more likely that "steampunk/gothic horror heroine that picked up a musket” they think they can kitbash out of it.

    I am not trying to be mean here, but your actually the first, maybe second person out of the many comments I have read  to suggest that there is any interest in plastic camp followers  to use as actual camp followers in the war gaming community beyond a few metal sculpts.

    Everyone else I have read seemed to want something along the lines of Buffy the vampire slayer in a corset with flintlocks and thought the camp followers would be a good base for that somehow (even some of the critic that "thought camp followers where a good idea").🤣

    What’s more I think if we polled camp follower alongside female Napoleonic era partisans/adventuress, WW2 Female Partisans, and French Maids in modern Full Tactical Gear that the camp followers would probably come in dead last (you can always use the French maids for that SF game everyone plays, the camp followers are a diorama project kit sort of like California mission Amerindians in working poses would be).  

    Also if I recall right as a topic it would be something like 2 to 3 boxes worth of different sprues  to do them justice,  if you and other people really want them, it might be better talk to the folks that are doing 3D print STLs like McDougall Designs and find yourself a good 3D printer.

    Plus if you really must have camp followers in hard plastic, it might actually be easier to use a Female partisan box to convert up the 10 to 20 camp followers you want then trying to figure out which part goes with which in an actual set of camp followers. It’s certainly easier than trying to convert camp followers into Female partisans.


  • I can not speak for the desires of others, I do not know what goes on in their heads. Most folks are not vocal about what they want and those that are rarely say exactly what they want most in a public forum.

    All I can say is what I see folks use, what I hear a few ask for and what I think they may not yet realize what they may want. I do believe that I am not alone, even if I am only the first or second you have come across to actually want non-combatant plastic female figures that are not cheesecake models. Sharp Practice has plenty of examples of scenarios that can use such figures, from various periods and cultures.

    Female Spanish Guerillas certainly have fan base for Napoleonic gaming. But I think there is a niche bigger than that which WA can fill. 

    Many people have suggested 3d printing as the perfect solution for many things to me. I have not found that to be the case generally. It is never as cheap, easy or simple as it first sounds when I research it. Not yet anyway. Maybe one day, when folks have a printer as commonly as a microwave oven.

  • The last years we have deployed a more adventure/ scenario driven skirmish games instead of the big battles. For these games it would be well worth it to have non combattant campfollowers & livestock. They make great story driven objectives

  • @Bernard Renooij🤦

    You could achieve the same thing better both from a buyer and seller point veiw with a couple of well-made civilian partisans boxes with some at ease/work farm tool parts and have silver bayonet adventurers to boot.

    Guys making a "just campfollowers" 28mm plastic set for war gaming alone is an obvious bad idea for several reasons that are very clear on the manufacturing end,  otherwise WA would not have used it as a joke in the first place (how many story driven objectives do you need really?).

    In fact it is probably even more of a bad idea now since the metal manufacturers will likely cover that small niche subject in spades given that you have all made such a fuss about them online for  a good chunk of the year now, and don’t think that doesn’t happen.

  • @Brian Van De Walker It's already covered in metal. Wargames foundry has quite a few kits on it, if my memory serves me correctly.

  • If plastic kit makers only covered things not already covered in metal then there would be very few plastic kits made.

    I for one find plastic easier to work for kitbashed comversions.

    And yes, some folks think it is a joke and yet others are asking for the models to be made.

    Edit: Warlord Games makes livestock in plastic.

  • @Grumpy Gnome

    Its not that much easier when we are talking solid pose subjects which is what the April Fool joke proposal was "for" if we were to take it seriously given the description they gave on the FB post itself and frankly camp followers done just for use as camp followers should probably be done in solid poses (regardless of material) and not as multipart models as they are probably not going to be that useful for anything else costume (if there is a color plate book it might be more exoticly dressed than one suspects) and base body pose wise (lots of setting poses).

    Which is another reason why I think they should do a female civilian partisan sprue for the era with some parts for civilian life thrown in instead, it will be more convertible than camp follower set. That plus there is more of call for something like that for both big battle and skirmish gaming, and nobody is doing plastic sets for them either.

     Likewise @Estoc wait and keep looking around, from personal experience there will likely be 1 to 2 new lines camp followers in metal with modern CGI sculpting in the next year or two, possibly with several 3Dprint STL crowd fund campaigns as well. 

    Also I wasn't really focused on it, but you are both right about a livestock sprue or two since that actually makes sense (loads more sense than plastic camp followers), particularly since that could actually be cross era usable (ie it is a good terrain/marker sprue for a lot more than just one or two  nappy game scenarios). 


  • I am not a fan of solid, single pose plastic miniatures. The reason I like multi-pose multi-part plastics is the kitbashing conversion possibilities. 

    Female partisans of whatever era with some non-combat options on the sprue would be fine with me. Something like the Fireforge Folk Rabble, with perhaps a bit more diversity in the faces.... like the female Frostgrave Wizards set.

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