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  • If it is alright with the mods I will use this thread to keep all my tabletop wargaming hobby blog updates. Not all of my posts will be directly related to Wargames Atlantic but my blog does talk a lot about Wargames Atlantic as I am a big fan of the Company and their products. 

    I have plenty of reviews for example.... but I really need to get more of my Wargames Atlantic miniatures painted!

    Later than usual but another update with lots of photos and news….


    I would love to hear your feedback!
    Various fantasy miniatures for Frostgrave


  • Excellent work.

  • Yes - great work!  I'm having fun identifying the figures:  I definitely recognize some of the Reaper Bones Dreadmere guys, those are some fantastic miniatures!

  • North Star Frostgrave metal as well as plastics, some 3d prints (the constructs in the back), Gripping Beast/Perry/whatever was in my bits box conversion, Blacklist Games Fantasy 1, Reaper Bones and an unidentified manufacturer on the Napoleonic figure. 

    My collection of miniatures includes a wide array of different manufacturers.  And I have a lot more to paint than I have already painted.... with Wargames Atlantic continuing to produce more kits I like faster than I can paint them.

  • My latest update for the curious…


    TLDR: Wishing you all a brilliant 2022!

  • I think Little GG really rocked that figure to be honest! It reminds me of a silver coin when it starts to take on that rainbow color tarnish they get with age.

  • He was very pleased to hear your compliment@Mike Higgins 

  • My latest blog post.. 


    Lots of video links and zombie discussion if that is of interest to you.

  • And my latest update post with some project progress as well as a bunch of brief tv show reviews.


    3 feb progress report

  • So it would seem my latest obsession has become Weird War 2, which is something of a surprise to me.

    Now I am trying to figure out how exactly I want to set up my potential mash-up of various influences for a Pulpy, Weird War, post-apoc dieselpunk/atompunk game setting.

    If you are curious about this project then this thread is for you.

    Here is a blog post going a bit deeper into my ideas.



    At this point I really wish we had added the Chronoscope Expansion to our Bones 5 Kickstarter pledge. 

    Anyone know where I can get that expansion at a reasonable price?

    Suggestions, feedback and advice are all welcome!

    Internet loot haul

  • @Grumpy Gnome Good heavens man how on earth do you and your good lady manage to model, do an amazing blog, game, watch telly, and live in the real world. We so envy you, with me its, go on the machine, or model can`t have both, and jobs must come before either. Any how love your items, here are our fur babes.

  • That`s Narla the youngest. Next Tia, shes seven.

  • Next the boss Dinky ,she rules the house and is a dadies girl follow ing me every were and sitting with me on the computer, and modeling. 

  • We`ve a rabbit out side in the pen called Lola and four fish in the pond  Yes they tke some time but family is important and when your kids fly the nest they stay forever. Semper Fi, eh my friend Have a drink for me Take care both, modellings not bad done some Sons of Anarchy to. Cheers Geoff

  • @Geoff Maybury I have the advantage of being “early retired” so to speak and am a full time Dad. So a good part of school time for Little GG is hobby time. 

    Nice pets you have there, quite the collection of critters! We only have three Greek Tortoises and they are remarkably little work. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome Cheers our Kid, thought you might like em, we are at our ages retired but at six years younger I`m Eileens toy boy. Modellings slow but still moving on, Centurion will son be ready for my favorite, Painting. I`ve a Willys MB and trailer plus some Telegraph poles brought as my free items from my enitial Rubicon purchase. Marines number 20, VC`s 9, Sons of Anarchy 5 and two Hogs. Didn`t relize how much I miss the chater with you guys particulary as the world is so grey right now. Any way thats a grand Cuthulu project  in the making above, I`ve the complete D-20 system Weird War 2 along with "Nam" and one day I`ll get around to it, the only enemy is "TIME" all the best Geoff/

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Time. Never enough of it! Keep on keeping on mate! 👍

  • My latest blog post is up… talking about my newest project, Twilight '49.


    As always, feedback welcome.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    I really enjoyed that update.  A great idea/setting.  Right up my alley really.

    I found this video on YouTube yesterday.  Fits the theme nicely:




  • A lot of places were blowing out there Dust47 stuff.  The basic rulebooks has all the fluff for the Dust47 "universe."  It sounds like you are already familiar with it.  The Allied Vs German Vs Sino-Chinese block makes for a good background with a lot of gaming possibilities.  Certainly the catalyst for the Allied, Soviet break (in Dust47) was something that Stalin always supposedly feared - the Allies making a separate peace with the Germans.

    Alternatively, one could do a timeline where the war just goes better for the Germans dragging it to 1949.  (Maybe the Allies didn't send massive shipments of supplies to the Soviets.  Maybe the US didn't send lend-lease to the British.  Maybe  the Japanese didn't bomb Pearl Harbor and America doesn't enter the war until 1944.  Maybe the Germans gave up 200 miles of gains post Stalingrad, created a shortened defensive line along natural obstacles, and skipped the Kursk offensive.)

    Or, how about this one.  In 1945 Operation Unthinkable becomes reality.  The Western Allies and a rearmed, revitalized German Army fight the Soviets into 1949.  The Russians have a manpower and armor advantage.  (The Sherman is superior to the T34/85, but the JS-3 and the proto T55 is frightening).  I think the Allies will gain air superiority.  At least until MIG-15s rear their heads.  (Probably even after that....   We have the greatest German aces on our side in this scenario).  (Newest research indicates we were probably trading Sabres for MIG15s at a one to one ratio when we were facing Russian pilots in Korea)  (The MIG15 was arguably better than the Sabre and definitely better than any other of the early jets of the time frame.) 



  • Sidenote: Many tend to think of T-55s as sh*tboxes.  And yes, in 1991 facing Abrams tanks they were death traps.  But in the immediate post WW2 era they were revolutionary.  King Tiger?  E100?  T-55 don't care.  M26 Pershing?  M46?  Laughs in T-55.


  • Fun fact.  The Panther's turret ring is slightly smaller than a Shermans.  Could a rearming Germany end up fitting Panther turrets with its superb gun on readily available and reliable Sherman chassis?

    Not quite as far fetched as it seems.  The Israelis fitted Shermans with AMX-13 turrets to increase firepower.  (Interestingly the AMX-13 had a high velocity 75mm gun very much "inspired" by the Panther's gun).


    The Sherman chassis (particularly the HVSS) variants probably could have dealt with the extra weight of the Panther turret fairly well.  The much heavier than normal "Jumbo" Shermans not suffering excessively from the added weight.

  • @JTam  Lots to love in your posts mate! Operation Unthinkable has legs.

    Where I am currently spinning my wheels is deciding just how apocalyptic the situation should be at this stage of my proposed setting.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    In the Operation Unthinkable scenario:

    Europe in 1945 post VE was pretty apocalyptic already.

    So many cities flattened - Dresden, Berlin, Karkov, etc.  Mass movements of displace persons, former POWs, and ex-slave labor trying to get home.  

    Then reignite the war with the Allies and Germans against the Soviets.  

    My understanding is we couldn't really mass produce atomic weapons until the 50s.  But I imagine we would have dropped dozens of bombs to try and stall Soviet Corps.  And/or used them on Moscow, Tankograd, etc.  (B-29s could have pulled this off.  It was a light years ahead weapons platform..... until the equally leap ahead MIG-15 proved more than its match in Korea).  The Soviets would have their own atomic bombs by 1949 largely due to superior intelligence/espionage and American traitors.  



  • Have you seen these plastic zombies?

    WW2 German Zombies

    I'm semi-amazed at how well a single small sprue (2 bodies, 3 heads, a few arms, and a hat) does at making a horde.

    I wish I could find these at a reasonable price State side.  Shipping from the UK is stupid expensive.

  • @JTam  

    I have been trying to get some of those Studio Miniatures zombies on the cheap via eBay for some time now. I seem to recall seeing a big lot for a good price on the US eBay list but it seems to be gone now.


    I did find this auction in the US. Not a terrible price.




    Postage has steadily been increasing over the last couple of years, even from the UK to Germany now thanks to Brexit. 



  • My latest blog post… something of a customer service review…




    Warlord games deal

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Lorenzo did a great job resolving two issues I had maybe four years apart.  He does a good job.  I should do a reverse Karen and talk to his manager about the excellent service.

  • The weird Patreon files deals/sites confuse and annoy me.

    None the less, these could be useful for your project.



  • One day I will eventually get into 3d printing... as if I need a bigger backlog of work to do!

  • My latest blog post, largely focused on Twilight 49 but a few other things discussed... including WGA WW2 Italians.


    As always, feedback welcome!

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Great post!

    This is great info/news:

    I'm particularly interested in if you can use the Warlord heads on the WGA bodies as I consider the WGA helmet heads to be unusable.  (Well unusable for WW2 Italian Infantry, maybe perfect for anyone wearing a PASGT clone.)

    I prefer the general proportions of the WGA models better.  (Warlord's miniatures are getting too thicc.)  I will say this one arm is probably worth getting a Warlord sprue for:




    The Object 279 is an incredible find.  Perfect for your setting.  Really neat that there is a diecast of it.

    The SEEP is cool too.  It was discussed a little here:


    I would mention that a female Soviet Officer and her henchmen could use it to try and stop a hat wearing American archeologist in your setting.....  But thinking about that movie always makes me want to puke a little.



  • One of the only real differences I quickly noticed between the two sprues were the metal helmeted heads. They look quite different on the sprue but I have not tried building any yet. 

    Edit: And as much as I love Indy, that movie is terrible. Really, really terrible!

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    It is because you love Indiana Jones, that the travesty of the 4th movie stings so much.

  • LOL.  Found this t-shirt today:

  • And now for my latest blog post...


    ... with lots of information on various different topics.

    As always, feedback and reader input most welcome!

  • @Grumpy Gnome really like your blog, and that obelysk came out really nice.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Another great entry Brother.  

    First of all - Happy Birthday!!  All The Best Brother.

    Reference your blog entry: 

    Your game room is inspirational.  

    Just awesome.  I could spend hours in that room, just looking at the books and kits and miniatures.  Maybe  Maybe you could post more pictures here?:


    You're gaming table looks amazing:


    Lucky!  Have you had any luck drafting Little GG into gaming?  I entertain some notions of playing with my Daughter when she gets older.  Right now she loves trucks, and airplanes, and helicopters which I take to be a good sign.... but she's three so who knows what will strike her fancy later.  



    Sadly, I think the cheap Hobgrots and similar might be a special occasion.  I was reading that GW had vastly overestimated demand for the new edition of Age of Sigmar and had consequently vastly over produced the Dominion box set.  (Probably over compensating for the last three box sets that were under produced and sold out in a day generating a lot of ill will.)  Hence the glut of discounted box sets getting parted out.  


    Thanks for the heads up on Yakamoz S-245.  I had some interest in it, but it sounds like a pass.  I completely get what you mean with:

    There's a lot of shows like that.... where you're like LOL, that would never happen/that's not how the military works/did you guys not have military advisor or did you just ignore him?

  • @JTam  

    Thanks Brother!

    Wait until our Dwarven Forge Wildlands pledge arrives (hopefully in only a couple of weeks now)... that really will take our table to the next level. 

    Little GG is still a bit too young, he is also three, but he has shown interest. He seems keen to run an army of robots, ghosts and giant spiders... perhaps because he knows his old man is something of an arachnophobe. We are still working on, “No, the arms do not move...”

    We recently had a brilliant time at Playmobileland... his behavior so far indicates he will likely be a gamer like his parents.

    Ah, you make a good point regarding the Hobgrots and the Dominion box. We may not be that lucky again. 

    Yakamoz S-245 so far is proving remarkably predictable and disappointing. Still, it makes me yearn for a good sub focused Post Apoc game setting. The first season of The Last Ship is decent enough if you have not seen it yet. The show goes down hill with each season but they obviously had good military advisors at least. Not grea but watchable. 

    I keep hoping for shows to capture the military the way Aliens did. Again not perfect but over my years in the military I kept running across people just like those various Colonial Marine characters over and over again. If only Captain Dale Dye had more influence in Hollywood! 

    But hey, maybe I am wrong... maybe the Turkish Navy really does operate as it does in Yakamoz S-245. I never worked with the Turkish military. 

  • @Vitor Soares Thanks mate! It is always great to hear when folks like the blog. It helps me justify the time I spend on it.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    I've never worked with the Turks.  But by all accounts they are professionals.  Certainly the allies found out the hard way in WW1.  

    If you get a chance check out "The Mountain II."

    (There is a Mountain I but I hear it's not very good and you do not have to watch it for The Mountain II to make sense.)

    It's about Turkish Special Forces mixing it up with ISIS.  It's full of cliches, there are several scenes that are homages (and/or are lifted from Saving Private Ryan) but the movie succeeds.  It's just a damn fine war film.

    You can rent it on Amazon:


    Or supposedly free on Tubi:


  • I don't know why Playmobile isn't more popular Stateside.  Playmobile Land sounds pretty cool.  

    If they still make it, you could get him the Colloseum set.  Then steal it later for you to play 28mm Gladiators ;)

  • They had a huge 399 Euro (reduced from 499) Playmobile TOS USS Enterprise, that was amazing, on display in the Playmobile Land Shop. I regret not taking a photo. 



  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    I remember reading an article about that kit.  If I chanced upon it, I would buy it.  I'm pretty sure if you leave it new, in box, you could flip it for a grand in 5 years.  (Of course the way things are going with inflation maybe you'd lose money instead of doubling it.)

  • I'll have to take a look at some of the movies you mentioned.

    The original Cowboy Bebop is fantastic; well worth it if you have the time.  I tried the live one, but...oof.  It did not work for me on any level.

    Outlaw Star is another good one that got overshadowed by Bebop back in the 90s.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 


    You know what show really impressed me?

    Battlestar Galactica.

    Fighters did fighter missions. 

    The scout/recon/ECW birds did missions and had tactics that made sense.  Very much SBDs in space.

    NCOs did NCO stuff.  Officers did Officer stuff.  Someone clearly understood the divisions.

    Heck, someone issued a 5 paragraph OPORD in an episode.


  • Hi guys, I loved Space above and beyond, the ones you mentioned, Falling Skies. Netflix`s, Spectral with Boston Dinamics  "big dogs",  Outside the wire, Gods of Men?. Also Grumpy from your blog, the series, Titans (all caught up), All dead here, Stranger Things (first Season), Sweat Home, I agree the Korean have alot of cultural deapth to them.Tam even I as acivilian can see the erors, comedy and shear  rubish of some none military practice films. The Asylum in some of there squad abushes opening fire in woods on both sides of the path,  with magic bullets guarenteed not to hit the adjcent squads. A real favorite of Dr Who and Torchwood for unit soldiers until the Brigadier arrived not so much then.  

  • @Grumpy Gnome Whats Yakamoz S245 ?

  • @Geoff Maybury Yakamoz S-245 is a tv series about a Turkish submarine during a solar related apocalypse.

    Yakamoz S-245has been disappointing me. I am about halfway through season one and it has been throughly predictable and annoying. Maybe the Turkish Navy works like that but yet again I feel like I am watching a story about the military told by civilians who do not understand military culture.

    Yakamoz S-245

    If you are unaware of this show, it is a Turkish spin off TV series from Into the Night, a Belgian TV series about a solar radiation involved apocalypse….

    Into the Night

    Which was flawed but watchable. It had some interesting concepts but failed to live up to its potential in my opinion. I can see it making a decent setting for a wargame with some minor modifications

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