A suggestion for the WW1 HMGs

  • I know these were just posted but I wanted to suggest that these new MG sets come with some unqiue crew.

    I believe it would be nice to get some of the WW1 body armours as a option in this kit. It would make these kits more desirable to kit bashers and to those wanting to represent full defensive infantry.



    Hand shield:



    File:French cuirass of WWI.jpg




    WW1 German Helmet armor additions - Helmets and Headgear - Treasure Bunker  Forum

    Body armour and examples of defensive soldiers wearing it.



    Every nation in ww1 deployed some form of body armour in the hellisht tench warfare, I think it would be a nice addtion to a HMG kit to have some guys manning it who look well prepared for the bad roles I will make them endure.


  • Reminds me of the requests beign made for Italian Arditi in similar armor - might be a good way to cover some of that territory, if WA were able to include some armored WWI figures in these kits that aren't machinegun crewmen as well as some who are!  It might well be that not every army had an equivalent to the Arditi, but I'm sure that imaginative modelers can find a way to put them to use, as Death Fields soldiers if nothing else!

  • @Yronimos Whateley every major power expiremented with body armour. Only the western front saw mass use tho.

    UK Italy Austria Germany and France all used a form of body armour in ww1 

  • All the better for historical gamers, then!

    Coming from a pulp/sci-fi/fantasy perspective, I'm really liking the look of these guys just for that weird retro-futurism-meets-dark-ages schizo-tech aesthetic that armor has, which would fit right into the sort of sci-fi that old pulp and newspaper sci-fi serials and the film serials based on them reveled in.  Just add rocketships, heat rays, and laser-swords, and they'd be right at home....  And, of course, by the same schizo-tech token they'd be right at home in Death Fields, too.


  • @Yronimos Whateley Or as industrial fantasy knights and men-at-arms for games like Sludge. 

    When they had the miniature design contest my proposal was WW1 Germans in body armor, basically so I could kitbash them up for fantasy gaming, since their main torso would be pretty close to the "body in a generic plate cuirass armor with pants and of course generic pull on boots" that I suggested in another thread.(Being honest the pic below is not accurate)


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