Raumjager Heavy Weapons

  • Tell us your ideas for a heavy weapons set for the Raumjager. Post of pics for inspiration. Help us get this one rolling! 

  • Could a connon loaded with axe heads work? I don't know it feels cool but is likely dumb. a kinda fun idea is a catapult filled with random scraps of equipment from unfinished battle. except these both sound kinda odd. The hard part is vikings didn't have ranged weapons so it's more likely to be just some generic sci-fy cannons and/or turrents. Maybe, with ship ornamentation attached

  • Perhaps something based on the flakvierling as a auto laser cannon, the Neblewerfer, a railgun 88 and a 20mm MG42

  • Well I assume its the holy trinity of anti tank (lascannon, missile launcher etc), anti infantry (machine gun etc and poor man's artillery (mortars).....time to troll through WW2 German especially fallschirmjager photos/info.


  • @david phillips Raumjager's are the Germans based on WW2 fallschirmjager.

  • So to cover the obvious, mortars would be a lot of fun. Maybe something like a quad mortar or some such, or one with a luger style clip of mortar shells.

    I feel an evolution of the panzershreik is the obvious way to go. Sleek and high tech, built in targeting system, not magazine fed. 

    If you want to do an anti-infantry weapon, I think some sort of rotary cannon with wheels and a blast shield would be a good shout. Maybe swappable with some sort of automatic grenade launcher.

    Also I really feel heavy flamethrowers would fit.

    Insofar as command peices, an energised sword and a pointing arm as well as officers caps are essential. 


  • Well for starters how about something based on the Leichtgescutz recoilless rifles, the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7.5_cm_Leichtgesch%C3%BCtz_40#/media/File:German_7.5cm_recoilless_gun2.jpg





    Machine gun would probably be something based of the MG42, maybe a larger version of the squad automatic weapon the infantry are using.

    Mortar could be....I would say the old Dreamforge Eisenkern mortar, but I'm hoping to see that one day through the Iron Core range.



  • Being the oldest WGA kit with the smallest sprue, I wish for a full update with a max size sprue with new poses, variant base weapons and heads, officer options, etc.

  • How about going back to Imperial Germany for a little inspiration and making the absurdly long and cumbersome Tankgwher?

    Could be on a bipod mount of a pintle? Basically just a comically oversized rifle made to bust armor would be cool.

  • I'd say a heavy laser rifle/rail gun in the style of an anti tank rifle like the PzB 39 - I belive they also had a ww1 AT rifle that was similar 


    Next how about a light AT gun but with optinal shaped charge/AT rocket option like the PAK 36

    And I think sci fi MG 42 is a must, maybe a Guass version

  • If we are talking anti tank rifles, I remember suggesting this a while ago on facebook https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solothurn_S-18/100

    Pretty much good to go and with a few cosmetic changes if you want it to be an energy weapon.

  • The sadly deceased Dust 47 Luftwaffe forces might have some inspirations.

    Updated Fliegerfausts (man portable ADA)?


  • Lascannons, heavy bolters, rocket launchers, etc. mounted to sci-fi kettenkrad chassis.

  • @Vane Dolenc 

    While unlikely, I would wish for a redo with the miniatures being closer to the concept art.  The concept is really cool.  The execution maybe a little less so.  The newer WGA miniatures look a lot better.  

  • You could go for something absurd, like a shoulder-mounted weapon shaped like a giant luger, or possibly this failed prototype aircraft repurposed into a personal glider, like the green goblin used to swan around on, or flying saucer drones

    Flying saucers

  • Something like the M-25 CDTS mini/smart grenade launcher - seems like light troops would want a multipurpose weapon system that could fire a variety of grenades.

    A bullpup anti-materiel rifle like the Barret XM-500 or the GM6 Lynx.
    SAS armed with £9k rifle so powerful it can blast helicopters out of the  sky with single shot
    Maybe a mini-missile launcher like the Chinese mockups:
    Chinese QN-202 Handheld Missile Launcher - Overt Defense

  • When I experimented with Raumjäger Heavy Weapons, one I started with was a 37mm PAK in 1:48 scale that I added another barrel on top of. And I am pretty ok with the result, so I think it would be worth at least to consider to also use one of the more iconic artillery pieces, scale it down and make it a bit more SciFi. Like the PAK, the 88 mm FLAK or the Flakvierling(as Berggeit mentioned). They are all recognizable german weapons, that I think could be used in some way.

    Raumjäger Heavy Weapons

    I also believe the Panzerfaust and the MG 08 and could be used in some way. I think I would prefer the MG 08 over MG 42, since it is alot bulkier and I think that lends itself better to the kind of SciFi I read Death Fields as.

    While I do love JTams Kettenrad idea, I believe it might be better in a Raumjäger Cavalry box.

  • Yes! Been keen to see the Raumjager get a heavy weapons kit!

    Have to second some of the suggestions already mentioned. A generic gun carriage in the style of a Panzerbusche 41 or Pak 38/40, with options for a laser (with a suitable battery/power pack), a cannon, maybe a quad mount in the style of a flakvierling, a hex-shaped rack of launcher tubes like the nebelwerfer. A granatewerfer, panzerschrek and a flamenwerfer allegories would all be welcome!

  • Dual panzerfausts mounted on a ground based launcher with targeting scope similar to a Milan ATGM team. 

  • The Raketenwerfer is pretty sci-fi already and fits the theme.

  • Actually now that people mention it I think an MG08 would be cooler looking then an MG 42

    I also like the idea of a multi short shoulder mounted rocket luancher

  • Humm, OK, going off the four les grognards set, I'd say Plasma cannon (similar to the squad one), a large MG 42, a mobile rocket battery something like a smaller V3 launcher, the final one something like a panzershrak but shoulder mounted.

  • Seems to me like the Raumjager do have a more modern-futuristic look to them than the standard WWII fare - I've not seen them close-up yet, but I believe they're even armed with rifles that look suspiciously similar to G36 type weapons, if my eyes and memory aren't deceiving me.

    With that in mind, that Raketenwerfer or especially that streamlined PAK anti-tank rifle look like they fit the bill rather nicely, especially if given a 28mm heroic sci-fi make-over.

    The Panzerfaust3 and MG5 look like they would be right at home with these guys:

    A sci-fi kettenkrad does sound like fun and could be packaged up with multiple small arms, but if a small vehicle kit were made, I think I might slightly prefer something loosely based on the Fennek armored car for general sci-fi use:


    Like @Chris Guy says, going off of the Grognards set for guidance, though, I think a sci-fi PAK type anti-tank gun, some sort of sci-fi plasma cannon, some sort of mortar, maybe a minigun of some sort, and some officers and a couple small arms (like a sci-fi Panzerfaust3) would fit perfectly and make a great start.  I like the sound of a missile launcher, too.

    I do think a kit with some different sorts of sci-fi weaponry might be more interesting to me, though - drones and robots, for example, such as Aliens style sentry guns, a tracked auto-gun, a flying drone, or the like:




  • Exactly so, @Craig Baker - that's what I'm talking about! :) That fits the Raumjager prfectly, from what I've seen of their uniforms and gear!

  • @Yronimos Whateley right on I think a modern Carl Gustav inspired recoilless rifle would be pretty badass as well.

  • Great choices!  And if that stuff were made as a Raumjager expansion, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one buying the kit just for the chance of using the bits with cannon Fodder, Colonial Marines, and other sci-fi projects beyond the Raumjagers.  They'd also look great in near-future and modern gaming.  (The Raumjager themselves also look great in a near-future or straightforward sci-fi setting, too!)

  • @david phillips What are you talking about? Are you confusing the Raumjäger with the Einherjar (Viking symbols)? Why would you load a cannon with axe heads in a sci-fi setting?

  • @Yronimos Whateley Some great suggestions. I agree with regards to basing stuff more on modern weapons rather than WW2 ones.

  • Here is my idea or two:

    Since the Raumjagers are based on WW2 Fallshirmjager so I would draw my inspirations from there. In Grognards HW box we have choice of 4 weapon types and two mounts. Heres the list of my propositions:


    -tripod: classic german Lafette tripod for mg34 and 42, can be set up higher or lower depending on available cover:

    The other one could be either based on kettenkrad or even better a plate base used for 20cm flak.

    Maybe with option to attach wheels to it, or make them fold down a little like on ZSU23-2 mount

    Or simplified version of old Sabre Platform model from 40k: smaller, without the walkway but with optional piece to make the mounting point higher for some weapons?

    Sabre Gun Platform - Warhammer 40k - Lexicanum


    - Autocannon- Flak 38 is an obvious choice but i would keep it single barreled one, like one pictured above. Would make the gunner sit beside the gun so the piece would not be too big.

    2cm Flak38 Late Version/Sd.Ah51 model do sklejania Hobby Boss 80148

    -Quad light autocannon/mg/ AA gun: something similar like this but mount 4x mg34 in 2x2 arrangement. Maybe if combined with "high" option on the tripod and extended peg so standing soldiers ca operate it, make it look like impromptu AA gun the original was.

    I would also make the guns separate so they could be used as standard MG`s for the infantry, maybe with optional bipod.

    -Mortar: Maybe a standard mortar with its own bipod and recoil plate or Panzerfaust/panzershreck.

    Fliegerfaust is also a nice choice. Fliegerfaust – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

    -Direct energy weapon:   Laser cannon based on Pak38 37mm gun. Just add muzzle like those on 

    Cannon fodder rifles and/or cover the rest of it in a perforated shroud like on MG34?


  • Sorry for that triple post, but if you make something that's a cross between the first picturw and the second, you're gonna be Everybody's hero. Make the suit seperate from the soldier so it is easier kitbashed. Most game armies have walkers, but they don't have " iron giant weapon suits".  The best heavy weapon to put in the kit: something for the simple soldier to wear that makes him a juggernaut. I'm sure if these little plastic troops could talk, they'd trade any other heavy weapon in the kit just for the living suit of metal. Lol

  • Nebelwerfer 105cm

  • @Travis Johnson I'd definitely be interested in an hard plastic exo-suit design, armoured or unarmoured. I've actually got a couple from the endure the stars boardgame and some from the Sedition Wars boardgame.


    (Pics from internet search).

  • bastille frequency guns were a missed oppurtunity on the grognards, but they might work on the raumjager. 


  • So I'll address the elephant in the room.  Any Raumjager heavy weapons sets that have weapons roughly equivalent to GW ones are going to sell inordinately better.  I just saw a PAK chassis lascannon equivalent on Shapeways going for 35 dollars.  At that point getting a WGA heavy weapons box with a PAK chassis laser cannon, automatic cannon, and some other heavy weapons becomes a no brainer.  The good news is that making roughly equivalent types that fit the Raumjager is relatively easy as all GW weapon types are also based on historical weapons.

    Based on the Grognard heavy weapons kit having 4 types of heavy weapons and taking the best of what others have presented a Raumjager kit could include:

    Laser Cannon on wheeled PAK chassis.

    Automatic Cannon on wheeled PAK or flak chassis.