Raumjager Heavy Weapons

  • I think a problem with suggesting anything for the Raumjagers, is the Eisenkern's might already be filling that role...such as the (coming) Valkir heavy troopers or any weapon based of the MG42 (which most of the Eisenkern weapons seem to be). Pretty much anything produced for the Raumjager is probably going to be useful for the Eisenkern and vice versa.

    Off the wall suggestion, bring back a version of the Eisenkern support weapon set (tri barrel mortar, anti tank gun and quad MG AA system) with either both Raumjager and Eisenkern crew, or a generic trooper with a choice of Raumjager and Eisenkern heads.

    Of course I've no knowledge of the partnership agreement that the Iron Core range is working under so mixing the two might not be possible.



  • @John Wilson dude.. where did u get these? I love em. Are they a product, a kitbash or both? 

  • @Travis Johnson The Exosuits?


    The first one is from the Endure the Stars boardgame, pretty cheap on Ebay if you buy the earlier edition of the game with lots of cyborg alien creatures.

    The second lower one is from the Sedition Wars boardgame, the smaller one (more of a exo-frame) is one of the heroes from the core game. The larger version is from the kickstarter.


  • @JTam True. The name of the game here is "counts as" the weapons are going to have to be useful in a particular game in order to be worth owning. There's a lot of cool ideas we can come up with, but if It can't proxy in said game it's gonna have a hard time being useful. 

  • @Travis Johnson 

    If there are 6 cool looking "proxiable" heavy weapons in a Raumjager heavy weapon box for 35 dollars all kinds of Guard players are going to pick it up.  

    I would contrast that with the Grognard heavy weapons.  Probably not getting purchased in great numbers by Guard players.  Some of the heavy weapons are unusable for 40K types, and the honestly, the weapons just don't look good.  If I had a Grognard army I would have to buy aftermarket or GW heavy weapons for them (and that's a shame).

    I know WGA is it's own brand and not interested in just being a proxy company.  That's a worthy goal but you can have your identity and still produce laser cannons, automatic cannons, mortars, and  shoulder fired rocket launchers.  Those are super established types.

  • Not every game system uses the "Heavy Weapons Team" so it would be awesome if you had the ability to have the models (or atleast some of them) standalone, such as a RPG Launcher or Heavy Flamethrower that can carry the weapon by themselves 👍

  • @david phillips You're thinking of Einherjar. Raumjager are based on WW2 German Paratroopers.


  • How about a Nebelwerfer? 

    Also the Goliath RC bomb might be useful for taking out dug in enemy?

  • @Hudson Adams The Germans produced some profoundly stupid looking weapons. I suggest you exploit that. For example:

    7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40 (https://www.quartermastersection.com/german/artillery/2131/75mmLG40)

    It' a recoiless rifle and those don't get a lot of attention in gaming.

    Panzerfaust are a must with some high tech greeblies for good measure.

    Here's the 2.8cm sPzB 41 that is just crying out to be turned into an autocannon (https://www.quartermastersection.com/german/artillery/547/28cmsPzB41)

    The Panzerfaust 3 is a modern weapon and looks pretty good: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panzerfaust_3

    So many options.

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