Suggestions for new Great War releases?

  • I have always been interested in the Eastern Front, so I'd love to see Austro-Hungarian,  Serb, and Russian troops. 

  • You're not alone:  I think that those three factions, along with the Ottoman Turks, have been some of the more popular requests for WWI factions.  Some discussions around kit-bashing Austro-Hungarians and Serbs have come up in other discussions, along with other "minor powers" involved in the war, but I think the consensus is that seeing all four of these factions successfully in print would be cool!  :)

  • @Don Williams I like the idea of more nations getting releases but I also want them to keep adding to the exsisting. Def be cool to see some more minor nationa if anything getting upgrade sprues for other nations boxes that allows for certain versions.

  • WW1 Cossack cavalry as seen below center:

    MIGHT work with alternate weapons and some heads for WW2 Cossack cavalry in Soviet and German service.

    It would be a cool dual (triple?) purpose kit like the WGA WW1/WW2 French Infantry kit.

  • Is free. Ottomans would be cool to see. I know someone used the German bodies with some 3D printed heads and it looked great.  But I don't have a printer, so a box set would be amazing.  

  • Teufel Hunden. Because reasons.

  • I've been nagging about this for quite some time, but Russian/Soviet Naval Infantry is something that I really would like to see in plastic. A company of Kronstadt sailors would be one of the main goals to build for me. That and a Makhnovist cavalry, so also some kind of cossacks...

  • @Brendan O'Connor 

    I think McDougall Designs has what you seek.

  • @Cole Lassell the British WW1 set is in the pipeline. What other additions to existing releases take priority?

  • @Don Williams No I mean things like HMG, cavalry and maybe some mortars and arty guns for the exsisting sets. 

    the way it seems is there focusing on the Inf boxes for all the nations then going back and adding the HMG's and cavalry. We also know that Russia is coming after the Brits.

  • @Sam Bellamy 

    Russian Naval Infantry might represent the opportunity for another dual purpose WW1/WW2 kit.  The Cracker Jack uniform and hat seems unchanged between WW1 and WW2.  The habit of festooning themselves with cloth MG belts to hold ammo seems prevalent in both wars. The differences between the models of Mosin rifles used in WW1 vs WW2 is extremely minimal and probably not noticeable in 28mm.  (I would use the hex receiver for the Mosins as all WW1 rifles had it, and some of the earlier WW2 rifles did).  You would need SVTs, subguns, and DP28s for WW2, but that's not more weapons than they added to the WW1/WW2 French box.

    I was unfamiliar with the Kronstadt Uprising, but from what images I could find they seem to be wearing the "reefer jacket/bushlat."  This jackets seems less common in WW2 photos but was definitely still worn.

    (Kronstadt below)

    (WW2 recreation below)

  • I have my eye on a 28mm Soviet Bronekater armored patrol boat from Warlord Games but I am not keen on the metal sculpts of their WW2 Soviet naval infantry.

    It should be possible to do a dual purpose WW1/WW2 kit for Soviet naval infantry similar to the WW1/WW2 French.

    Bonus points if they put a small boat and boating accessories on the sprue.


  • @JTam the WW1/WW2 combo is what I also have been thinking would be possible, and also a good argument for WGA to make them. It is a empty space in the plastic market, and they seem to like to fill those.  :)

  • Someone earlier listed U.S. Marines. I second that suggestion, but ask if the figures are molded in Army uniforms. Although if they were in Marine tunics, it wouldn't be that difficult to carve away the cuffs to convert to Army tunics

  • @Mark Hoffman 

    WW1 USMC is outside of my area of knowledge. What were the differences between WW1 USMC and Army uniforms and equipment?  

    Your comment above makes it sound like they wore Army uniforms in theater.  At that point wouldn't they be indistinguishable from Army troops?  Or was their webbing different?  

  • @JTam  

     The equipment was the same for both the Army and the Marines in the First World War. That did change for the Second World War.

     When the Marines uniforms wore out,they were issued Army  uniforms, in a khaki / field drab color. The Marine dark green uniforms were close in color to German field grey, and General Pershing decided to issue Army uniforms as  replacement uniforms. Which made supplies/replacement  easier than to have two different types of uniforms.

  • @Mark Hoffman 

    Thanks Brother.  

    So it sounds like one WW1 American Infantry box set can cover the Army and USMC.

    I'm aware of the differences between USMC and Army webbing in WW2.  I'm busily converting 28mm plastic WW2 USMC into WW2 US Army in the Pacific.  Those wacky cross flap canteen covers have got to go.

  • Well maybe alternate heads with the EGAs on the helmet.  That EGA is going to be pretty minuscule in 28mm though.

  • @JTam  

    I've read that the Eagle Globe Anchor insignia affixed to the helmet was pretty rare during the war, it was more common post war. It wouldn't be difficult to remove with an Exacto knife  if you used the helmets for Army troops.

    If Wargames Atlantic molded the U.S. figures with separate ammunition pouches, similar to the way Warlord molded their first set of WW2 U.S. infantry in 28mm, and included both U.S. and French seperate ammo pouches and canteens, they could then also use the African American heads in Adrian helmets, from the French WW1/WW2  set , and model ' Harlem Hellfighters ', in U.S. uniforms. A way to get more milage out of extra left over parts. You could even use left over British parts from the upcoming Great War British set ,and model U.S.  soldiers who served in the British sectors, who used British weapons and some equipment

  • @Mark Hoffman 

    Sounds like a couple heads with EGA helmets for flavor would do the trick.

  • WW1 Dough Boys also should included the option on brimmed Hats.

    Nice would be Gun Sets like the french 75mm model 97 Field Gun or the german 7,7cm FK08 Field Gun.

    An oddy could be the Renault FT Tank (FT17, FT18 and Command variants).

  • How about kilted Highlanders ? For head options, heads wearing Glengarries,Tam o shanters,sidecaps and Broadie helmets could be included for a nice variety. 

  • To support the Russian release.  Tachanka!

    Good for WW1, Bolshevik Revolution, Polish-Soviet War, WW2, and more.

    More details here:

    (Bottom of the page).




  • Elaborated on the WW1/WW2 Cossack kit idea here:

    (Entry 10 at the bottom)


  • @Sam Bellamy 

    Elaborated on the WW1/WW2 Naval Infantry kit here:

    Maybe you can lend your expertise/thoughts?

  • Four sets I think would be viable....

    Austro-Hungarian Infantry.  
    the early Pike blue uniform with lanyards & oak leaves in their hats.
     Heads wearing the feldmutze & a Fez for Muslim troops of the empire. 
    backpacks plus a drummer & Standard bearer then we'll be all ready to invade Serbia!

    Italian Infantry.

     These guys lost more men during the conflict than the British but didn't kick off their campaign until 1915. It's a travesty that the Italians are so under represented in 28mm miniatures.

    Heads including Kepis, Adrian helmets, Alpini & Bersaglieri hats & fez's.

    Also plenty of Granades & a Chauchat light machine gun.

    WW1 Belgians

     1914... Early uniforms with a central ammo pouch on the belt.

     Heads with Kepis & Chasseur hats

    WW1 Americans..

     We need a nation to take the laurels just as the conflict draws to a end so why not some dough boys?!


  • While there arelots of WW1 figures out there (plastoic and metal) one area that is very lacking is the US Army.  The few metal figs are very poorly done, and even so I paintd up a  bunch of them.   If you do WW1 Army, it also covers USMC (as the wartime look is exactly the same (no, they did not put EGA on their helmets in the war, nor ewear forest green in combat - and I am a published author on WW1 US uniforms, so I kind of know what I am talking about).  While they are not correct for combat areas, you can add in the Montana Peak hats and make 1916 border, and all manner of banana war folks happy. But mainly just helmet, helmet and gasmask, and possibly the overseas cap. There's just so many things you can do with these guys!   SO PLEASE! Save me from those OG horrible blobs of metal. 

  • @jon gawne 


    Have you seen the Blood and Valor Americans?  Minus the giant hands they look OK.... and may bide you over.

  • @jon gawne 

    Would still include some helmets with EGA.  For modeling post war Marines or for those that want a little flavor over authenticity with their WW1 Marines.  

    This came up for sale this weekend:

    IMA Helmet



  • @JTam  Well,  It's IMA. I won't say any more, but it's not a good idea to rely on them for historical type info.  Flavor over authenticiy? what areyou? Games Workshop?   But I suppose if you really, really want an EGA on your helmet you can just put a tiny drop of superglue on it, and drop some grit there.   

  • Was not aware Games Workshop was noted for favoring flavor over authenticity in 40K and Fantasy.  

  • Speaking of WW1 Russians/WW2 Soviets, apart from the officer figure, the WW1 Russians could also do great as WW2 Soviets in M43 uniforms, the ones with the shoulder boards. You just have to use WW2-friendly heads, like the ones from the Wargames Factory kit.

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