Romans poll

  • Testing out something to see how it works. This is an older poll we ran on the site: 


  • I can only see the first 3 choices (Numbers 2-4).  I can see there's a 4th choice but it's cut off after the first 3 letters "Lig".......  Panning or sliding right doesn't help.  I'm using a Chrome tab on an Android phone.

  • I'm on a Windows PC with Firefox, it seems to have worked great, except that the "other (let us know below)" type option doesn't seem to have been a field in the poll - I don't know/remember what the original poll looked like now, but I'm assuming that the instruction would be referring to comments to the blog post or news article etc., so that's probably not a problem.

  • Did it, maybe some Gladators for my second chose, otherwise focus on Eastern enemies next.

  • I thought about mentioning Byzantines for an "other" choice, I'm not sure the poll's actually open, though.


    I do notice that it doesn't display poll results.

    And it looks like I might be able to take the poll multiple times - it seems to noticed whether I'm logged in or not, but not whether I've taken the poll before.

    Not sure if that's normal or a problem, though.

  • @Yronimos Whateley Byzantines are always fun.

  • I'm definitely looking forward to unarmoured late Romans. These with some of the armoured ones would be a fantastic start to an army!

  • I'd definitely like to see some Lorica Squamata Romans as they are also not that often seen in plastic (Lorica Segmentata Romans, being the ones we know and love, feature the most often of course). I'd also like to see more enemies of Rome - Sassanids, Huns, Slavs perhaps, Roxolani e.t.c and I've suggested an idea for a Dark Age Welsh box for Blood Oaths that, when combined with a box of Decline and Fall Late Romans, can produce a mixture of armoured and unarmoured Romano-British infantry, in this thread:

  • Looking forward to the release of the plastic Franks box. I plan to create a new warband for Saga and will need at least 3 boxes of Franks, along with another box of Goths to kitbash shooting units.

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