Good match for Prussian Reserve Command

  • I was considering getting a few boxes of the Prussian Reserve Army Builder set and I was wondering if anyone had already sourced a good command group that matches the figures well? I'm hoping for a good fit that's not terribly out of scale, much more heroic or thinner, etc.

    Thanks in avance to anyone who can help!

  • Perry plastic Prussian Command are a perfect fit

  • I used a Calpe officer and a Perry plastic drummer for my first battalion and they seem to work together fine

  • That's good to know as I intend to buy several of these sets in order to flesh out my Calpe Reserve battalions. I did a similar thing with Warlord plastic Landwehr and Calpe. 

    If Perry command miniatures match them, so will the left over Wargames Foundry command figurines I have in storage.

  • I used the Perry prussian plastic command sprue

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