Tyrant's Legion, stand ready! (And other Projects)

  • Hey all, this is my first post on this forum, but you all might know me as Little Nash on Facebook. I came home from work earlier and found a box of Cannon Fodder waiting for me! Now, naturally I got to work almost immediately, and, as the title says, I have some Tyrant's Legion Auxilia to back up/die for my Astral Claws kill team for the Badab War. As you may notice this isnt all of them, because I've set most of the arms aside for another project in the 41st Millenium, more on that at a later date. For now though, enjoy the fruits of an evening of work. Love to hear your all's thoughts and opinions!

    The Tyrant's Legion Auxilia


  • Really like the concept!

    Can you post a pic more from straight on... so we can better see the height differences between the fodder and Marines?

    Are any of the fodder getting a heavy stubber?

  • Certainly! Here’s a pic of some Auxilia with their masters on a city street. As to whether I’d give them a Heavy Stubber, not sure what I’d use to be honest. I appreciate the praise also! I’ve always wanted to do a tyrant’s Legion force ever since I first read the IA books. And I always wanted to do it RIGHT, with truescale Astartes and everything. This was before Primaris, way before, but these guys are perfect! 

    The overall theme here is that they’re conscripts that we’re only given barely enough time to grab a weapon and maybe their helmet before the Loyalists attacked, so these guys don’t even have their armor on. I’ve got some torsos and legs from mad robot miniatures coming in to make some armored Auxilia as well, and they might seem familiar to some older players. That’s it for now, I have to wait on more stuff to come in before I can continue. Thanks for looking!

  • The scale between the mortals and the Marines seem just about right.  Awesome work.  

    There's some heavy stubber bits floating around Ebay from the Genestealer cultist and Chaos cultist kits.  Looks like $5 a piece is the going price.  They get you on the shipping though.  

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