Conquistador Cavalry

  • Here are both pics we have been shown so far. Just figured I would consolidate them so its eaier to discuss and track progress/changes. 


  • Cant wait to add a couple of these guys...


    Clad in metal armor and chains, the natives did not believe that these creatures were dogs and regarded them as beasts. These attack dogs, often wearing their own armor, were the common European shock and awe tactic of the period. The first documented New World use of these canine swat teams occurred in 1495 when Bartholomew Columbus, Chris’s brother, used 20 mastiffs in a battle waged at Santa Maris el Antigua, Darien with his brother employing the same approach a year later.  These dogs were trained to pursue, disembowel and dismember humans and to this purpose, enjoyed a human diet in the Americas. The Spanish reveled in holding human hunts called “la Monteria infernal “where much sport was made of chasing and killing the local men, women and children. The noted Spanish apologist Bartolme de La Casas has left us numerous accounts of the exploits of these hounds from hell and it is easy to understand why these horrific memes still prevail in the cultures of Latin America. The names of many of these dogs so esteemed by the Spaniards still live on and here are but a few:

    Bercerruillo the terror of Borinquen, until he was fallen by 50 arrows, received a salary one and a half times that of an archer from his owner Ponce de Leon.

    Leoncillo (Little Lion), Bercerruillo’s son, was Balboa’s warrior, earned over 500 gold pesos in booty during his many campaigns, and he was the first Western dog to see the Pacific. When ordered to catch a native he would grab the man’s arm in his mouth. If the man came along quietly, they walked slowly to Balboa. If there was any resistance, the dog ripped him apart.

    Bruto, De Soto’s champion, received 20 slaves as spoils before his career ended.


  • Detachable armour is good, for I am not sure how widespread the use of metal barding was in the Americas, when it was practially restricted to the elite of the Gensdarmes in Europe.

    Three heads look good for variety. Any chance to get a set of horse heads without metal barding? If sprue space is the concern, then the number of spear holding hands can perhaps be reduced from 18 to 10, still offering two options per body (and two non-spear)?

    Overall another 5box-preorder.

  • I am still hopeful for some pistol arms... Since my use will likely be fantasy, being able to make Outriders from this set would be very helpful. 

  • Oh yes, some pistols would be nice. Would also love some crossbows but those could easily be supplied from the conquistador kit.

  • Including two hounds on the sprue would be great (like in the Dark age Irish set).

    Also two pistol arms for fantasy players.

    I hope the armour for horses is just optional.

    Not sure if we need that many lance arms poses.

    Not want to be negative. Overall it seems like another amazing set!

  • Awaiting the horse renders, I would add the armour as a separate like the Perry's have done with their Knights, I would add pistols and holsters and have top separate to bottom of riders body to make light and heavy cavalry figures, there only need to be 3 lance poses one down couched, one at 45° and upright. I'd have the dog with a few head changes with at least one without a collar, pistols and holsters, pistol posed armies firing and upright, I'd make the swords a little bigger and have some unarmoured heads and a few with enclosed helmets of the period. Make the kit useful to most of the conflicts of the era. Wars of Religion, Anglo Scottish border wars and of course the Conquistadors. 

  • Been a while since we have seen any updates. The cavalry are in "additional sculpting". @Hudson Adams any additional sneek peeks you can share? Or any thoughts on how many guys you are gonna fit in to the box? And any reconsideration of putting pistols in the box?  Any cavalry specific head options? I am excited for this set...

  • A new pic. They look good. Hope they decided to keep the doggo. 

  • @William Redford 

    That millstone collar on the left one is off. It gear worn on formal or ceremonial occasions, not on the battlefield. Apart from that, it just entered social life around 1550, so a decade or three after most famous exploits of the conquistadores (and not on the battlefield).

    If they put that on the sprue for real, I will shave it off.

  • ... and as a horse breeder, knowing well the Iberian horses, I hope they will rectify the (awful) ears of the horses !

  • @Axel Schudak I am primarily looking to use these in fantasy games, so historical accuracy is not super imporatant to me. But... I hope they do makle the set as accurate as possible so that those who are concerned about that get a good set too. 

    @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy As long as they look good on a table top I would not be super picky. But... again i hope they make them well enough that those who are get what they want. 


    I will say that I had more of a need for these a year ago. Its been so long, that I have pretty much put that project aside, but will still get at least 1 box and more likely 3. If the horses end up not being great, this set would still be good for extra heads and arms for use with the conquistadors, and I could probably just use Perry horses instead. 

  • Has a releasdate been announced for the conquistador cavalry?

    We have been waiting for a very long time for this set now.

  • @Jeroen Poppe Would also like to know if there is any update on the Conquistador Cav! 


  • They squeezed by in the Vox Populi vote, so now it's up to folks to order $6000 worth of the set. I've ordered three. I hope there will war dogs in the set, as that would cover the whole of the Conquistador force other than strictly accurate native allies (but the Aztec set should do in a pinch) and cannon.

  • So what happened with this set.  It looks like it was finished and available but has disappeared now.  Its not on the list of items to be restocked so is no longer available for order.  I finally have the funds to purchase them and cannot.  What happened?

  • @Brendan Flynn have to make it first! We've been updating as we finalize the parts. 

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