Raumjager Color Scheme

  • Hey all, thinking of doing an urban grey theme for my Raumjagers, did some color-tests, not sure whcih one yet but I'm leaning towards the darkest grey, thoughts? 🤔



  • I like the middle one best, but the bottom one might stand out better on the tabletop.

  • I like the middle feldgrau looking gray.  

  • I think artistically the bottom one most. The middle one looks the most realistic but is not as interesting visually. The top one seems a nice balance and is the one I would go for. But art is very subjective and the color scheme needs to speak to you.

  • The bottom one looks best to me.

  • I prefer the bottom one :) mine are painted with blueish armor, black coats and brown pants.


    I tried one similar to the middle one, but from arms length/on the table they just looked like a grey blob. Which is good camouflage, but I prefer my troops to be prettier :)


  • I liked the top one the best. Its all grey but the greys are different enough in shades that they stand out from each other. 

    The two greys of the middle one kind of blend together for me (which would be good if this was a real life uniform, but not for tabletop coolness)

    The bottom blue sticks out too much for me, now if the grey uniforms were slightly blue I personally think it would look beter. 

    But as Gnome said art is very subjective 

  • Was there ever an official color guide for the box models???

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