Comparison shots with other models/brands

  • Hi All, here are some comparison shots with labels on where they are from

    You can see a few more comparison shots here:


    comp 3

    comp 2

    Comp 1

  • Great pictures.  Thanks for taking the time to put this together. 

    It looks like all the major historical manufacturers are represented and the sculpting of WGA's Irish is as good as any and better than most.

    Good video too.  Liked and Suscribed.

    This guy though - I guess what Gloria Estefan said was true, sooner or later the rhythm IS going to get you.

  • @JTam Appreciated! 😎🤙

  • Good stuff! We have tried to get comparison shots on each of the product pages as well - not every set has them. One of these days we'll start doing more.

  • @Hudson Adams  Thanks! It's much nicer to have them all painted up like on the shop pages :) But if you ever wanted these without the watermark for FB or something - happy to oblige :)

  • @JTam  ha! Ok, I laughed way too hard at that...

  • This very handy.

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