Frontier world project (mainly Death Fields)

  • So I've started a project, where I build/paint/convert for a particular theme. So far I've put together and painted a few Grognards, and I've recently picked up the Cannon Fodder and Partisans box.

    My eventual goal is to have a small warband of purely Cannon Fodder as corporate troops, a Grognards "Totally not DKOK" colonial force and a dieselpunky force that'll be a mix of Partisans bits and other stuff.

    Depending on whether or not my attention span holds out, this might end up being a catch-all topic for my WGA related projects, ha.

    Here's Technician #317 to start things off, fresh from the painting table:

    I accidentally used the wrong skin tone, and the jumpsuit is still a lot brighter than what I was aiming for, but I'm still quite happy with how he turned out.

    Here are two Grognards I've painted for this project. You can tell I'm still figuring out the colour scheme:


    Some WIP diesepunk guys:

    The bare plastic guy is the latest mini I put together. There's a bit more trimming involved. The space suit helmet has been trimmed a bit to fit on the Partisans neck, and the pistol's from one of the CF arms.

  • Beautiful colors! I look forward to watching this unfold.  I know you wanted the blue to be darker on your first model but it is a great looking blue. Your shading is well done. 

  • The wear on the Technician's weapon is really well done.  Great work!  Thanks for sharing your work.

  • @Brendan O'Connor thanks! It's grown on me a bit since I finished him, I think I'll try desaturating a bit more next time, though. I'm a big fan of the turquoise and that green - I tend to use it a fair bit, haha.


    @JTam  thanks! Most of it is just using the Vallejo model colour "smoke" paint as a filter, with a stipple of GW Rhinox hide for the rust/damage

  • Nice

  • @Slow Painter damn they look fantastic 

  • "Wears a space helmet with a leather jacket guy" is almost done. Just got the metallics and a few layers on his shoes/boots to paint and to grubby up his helmet.

  • Finished this guy off aside from painting the base rim black.

    I think I'm in love with mixing Cannon Fodder + Partisans.


  • Great work!

  • [I'm not sure what the policy is for non-WGA stuff, so please let me know if it's not appropriate to post on here and I'll remove]

    I forgot the two minis that started off this project. Here we've got a weird robot ghost monster and a barbarian shaman-mechanic.

  • Well, Genestealer Cultist arms work quite well on Cannon Fodder bodies, but older Warhammer heads look a little bit small. Not too out of proportion though, thankfully.


    Another Grognard, as a test model for a Krieg killteam. Very rough paint job, but I was mainly testing the colour combinations.

    Trying a different blue - I think I prefer this scheme to the brighter turquoise I used for the other model.

  • If you want to try something different go with WWII French. Pretty much the same uniform but they used a shade of brown instead of the horizon blue.

  • @Dan Morgan Thanks for the suggestion! I Not sure if I've really managed the horizon blue, but I'm happy with my latest attempt (not pictured, yet). I'll definitely look up the uniform for ideas, though!

  • Here's what I'm working on at the moment, GW Krieg guys who are directly descended from my Grognards. I'm tying them into the same setting. 

    The GW Krieg are great and fantastically detailed as you'd expect from such a fiddly kit, but I really do love the Grognards for how easy they are to put together and paint.


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