Araves vs Valkyries relaunch


    Editing the title here as this has been relaunched. This was originally in the Rennaisance section as they have landsknecht-ish ogres... A dedicated thread was put in the off topic section but was mysteriously deleted... so... updating this one for my forumites that may be interested. 


    Shieldwolf has been putting teasers for an upcoming kickstarter. The latest one looks like a dwarf conquistador... but also kind of looks ogre-like? Not sure... but for fantast stuff could add some more depth to an army with Wargames Atlantic Conquistadors... 

  • Interesting.

    Looks like an ogre to me.  Even has the gut plate (tm).

  • I would be more interested in Ogres... But since Wargames Atlantic is making Ogre Landsknecht i dont really need them... but at the same time they could add diversity to the group as a whole. Lokks like there will also be trolls,, goblins, and persian ladies so far... 

  • @William Redford

    Convenient, I've always wanted to do an Army of trolls, goblins, and Persian ladies.

  • @JTam i dont normally like historical armies but i am contemplating the goblin, troll persian lady army as well... 

  • @William Redford 


  • Make that an army of goblins trolling everyone by pretending to be Persian ladies, and you've got a normal day on the internet....

    Looks like an ogre to me, too - I'd expect WA's Landsnecht Ogre project to cover pretty much the same territory, with better variety, but it would be a different style, so maybe that Kickstarter will add some variety to the available options, or provide a different faction for Renaissance Ogre Wars.

    Seems like this sort of Renaissance-Ogre thing is weirdly specific - did something happen to spark the fad that I'm not aware of, like something going on with Warhammer or D&D to make this the "in" faction to produce third-party models for?



  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    I think people have always wanted Landsknecht Ogres to fit in with their Empire armies.

    Additionally, GW is resurrecting the Old World/Warhammer Fantasy Battles in the next year or two.   Anything Eastern European (Kislevite), Landsknechtish (Empire), and Conquistador (Empire/Estalian) is going to be fairly popular.

  • Back in 4th Edition Warhammer, Empire armies could have ogres, not sure if they could have them before that, I dont think they could after... Back when Halflings and giants were part of the army list too... well back when there was a Warhammer fantasy. 

    A google search shows that Shieldwolf has had resing conquistador ogres for a while... so yeah these are probably (100% probably) ogres... 


  • Here is the profile from the 4th edition Empire army book. 

  • @Yronimos Whateley back when i was in the 9th/10th grade when I played Warhammer, Empire was my favorite army. I would buy as i could and would get stuff as gifts and what not. The thing i had the most of was cavalry,... Knights!!! Because they were cool. So I probably had 50 or so Knights... Knights Panther, Rieksgard, Knights of the wolf, etc... I also had a ton of the foot reiksguard which i think later got removed from the army... I also had a war wagon, and a steam tank and volley guns... but little to no regular troops... because young Bill only collected the "really cool stuff"


    While I wanted Ogres... they were comparatively expensive being big chunks of metal... and an ogre just didnt look as cool as mounted knight... So... never got any... But now I can! 

  • Fourth Edition was Best Edition.



    I think in later editions you could still take Ogres in an Empire Army as Dogs of War if nothing else.



  • @William Redford 

    I had an Empire Army in 4th Edition.  Used Dwarf clansmen as my Infantry blocks.  Halflings for most of my projectile troops.  Had Kislevite Winged Lancers and Pistoliers for cavalry. The Dwarfs would lock up enemy units and grind away.  The Winged Lancers would look for the flank charge.  Used to clean up my buddies Dark Elves on the steady.  Had much harder fights against his Skaven.

    Good times.

    I really liked the Fantasy feel of the army, and making best use of the strengths of the various races. 

    Was pretty bummed when Dwarfs were no longer in the Empire list the next edition.  Still took Halflings as a Dogs of War unit though.

  • Project Goblin, Troll, Persian Lady army getting closer.

    That "Araves" set would actually make a sweet warband for a Mordheim Araby campaign.

  • I am in for a "garrison army" which is 80 Aravises, 10 camel cavalry and 3 resin heroes. They will make good Slaaneshi mortals... But I will use them as the army of my Sultana.

  • @William Redford 

    Good for you.  The camel cavalry is cool.

    I'll probably do the one box pledge for a Mordheim warband.  

    I have some their Forest Goblins and liked them very much.

  • I missed out on the forrest Goblins. I recall it being around the same time as some other Kickstarter... but cant remember what. Though Bones 6 starts soon... so i will likely be in that do for at least some amount. 

  • I think you can add Forest Goblins to this pledge for a reduced price?  

  • Yeah, but I think my Sheckels will be dedicated to araby and valkyries.

  • I wish there were more pictures of the Valkyries....



  • These were posted on Dakka as screen captures from a video that was posted. 

  • @William Redford 

    Boom!  Thank You.

  • They added a new character model:


  • And she is covid mask compliant! Though seriously, I am not super fond of the veil on her. She is supposed to be a leader/hero... I think bare faced would be better for that. 

  • @William Redford 

    Largely concur.

    Sometimes I think the veils on minis should really be called sculpting female faces is hard 

  • On the other hand, painting convincing female faces is hard too.... so maybe it works out LOL.

  • I am not fussed about the veil and I have been trying to convince Mrs. GG we need a sprue of those desert warriors... so far she is not convinced. She is more a fan of the Valkyries. We still need to see how the KS plays out before we commit to anything. 

  • Show her this:

    Problem solved.

  • 7 days left on this and still $9000 ish off. Not sure if this will fund. If it doesnt that leaves me more money for Bones 6, and Fireforge Samurai... but I hope this does fund. 

  • @William Redford 

    Yeah, it's weird to me.  There's complete nonsense that funds way faster than this.  Hopefully everyone decides to sh*t rather than get off the pot this week and pledges.   

    I kinda of remember the Forest Goblins not funding the first go around too.  So I suppose there's still hope if it doesn't make it this go around.

  • The first few days of the campaign were plagued with problems. Hopefully a lot of the people who passed early on will take a second look in the last couple days and decide to pledge.

  • Yeah there were definitely misteps on this campaign. The Valkyries are delivering before the Arivises but were not really shown or mentioned at launch. They have actual sprues of the Valkyries but still have not shown the sprues in the kickstarter despite sprue shots being posted by others from screen shots of video reviews they sent samples to.  

  • There is still the usual “last 48 hours” rush to come in. Over the years I found on average 33% comes in the first 48 hours and 33% in the last 48 hours with the rest dribbling in during the time in between... and the overall duration of the KS making little difference.

    Oh, and that early missteps in marketing the KS are rarely overcome during the KS and usually require a fresh KS to fix the problem.

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    That rings of truth.

  • @William Redford I think you can still get the forest goblins off Sheildwolf's Web store.

  • Well that sucked.

  • @JTam  yeah. But it frees up some short term money for me... with Bones 6 at the end of the month and Fireforge samurai in may. This will get relaunched. And the shield maidens and goblins didn't find the first go through either

  • @William Redford 

    Want to find out more about "Bones 6," but afraid to Google that.

  • @JTam There have been some pics leaked of some stuff thats gonna be offered. Teh reaper info thread is a good resource. 

    Reaper Bones 6 Info thread.

    Have you backed any Bones Kickstarters before? The Core set is basically what they kick off with. This one will be $125 to start and starts with 60 or so minis. They keep adding to the core set so it gets pretty large and that $125 becomes a very good deal... But I skipped the Core set last kickstarter... as I kind of had or didnt need most of what was offered. The good thing about the Core set is they do offer the minis in smaller groups later in the pledge manager, but at not as good a price/mini as getting the core with all the stretch goals work out to be.


    In addition they also have expansions and addons that arent included in the core. This is usually where my interests lay. Last time it had that huge Pirate ship. You also find Big dragons here or themed sets like a Vampire encounter or an undersea set.

  • @William Redford 

    No I'm a Bones virgin.  Thank You for the detailed write up/info/advice.  

    I have one or two Bones blisters I picked up a few years back.  They aren't very crisp.  Have they improved?

  • @JTam  yes. Early bones was a softer white material. Very bendy and not great on detail. Having said that, things like giants and ogres and larger medium creatures like bugbears were pretty good. The dragons were good too but... the material would warp or sag over time. So the giants and ogres (the beefy but not super large) we're the sweet spot for this material. 

    newer bones comes in 2 flavors. Bones black and bones America. Bones black is a harder material and holds detail really well. Bones America is similar to sinocast and holds detail too but is produced in the USA. This Kickstarter will be in the bones black material with possibly some stuff in bones USA. 

  • Post failed Kickstarter after action report:

    I think the Valkyries' helmets were a fail.

    They looked like the Hawkmen from Flash, and not in a good way.

    (The helmet design resemblance is uncanny.)

    I probably would have gone with spectacle helmets:

    Or the old opera Valkerie winged helmet special.  It's a classic for a reason.

    (Come on, that's Boss.)

  • @JTam Actually I think its like GG said they need a fresh KS to fix the miss steps problems. That and shipping is high.

  • I am surprised they did not fund. Hopefully they will listen to feedback and reorganize the relaunch.

    As for Reaper Bones... Mrs. GG and I are big fans. The quality has steadily improved and we will likely back Bones 6 in the several hundreds of dollars region based on what we have spent on Bones 4 and 5. 

    @JTam  You might find this blog post of mine helpful when it comes to comparing various Reaper Bones figures with other companies.


  • Preview link

    This is relaunching this month. 

  • This relaunched. KICKSTARTER LINK. I am in again at the Garrison army level. Though now they have little $10 sets that net you 2 sprues of plastic and a resin leader.

  • The Aravises look useful and are nice sculpts. The valkyries are not great sculpts, IMHO. I'm having flashbacks to WGF Amazons...

    Looks like there's a veil and non-veil version of each head in the kit.

  • I'm in for the "Battle Party."  I'm invisioning a Mordheim gang form the Tomb Kings/Arabia setting.  I'll use the second box as a Christmas present.  

    The sprue or two and resin leader sets are really neat... And a good deal.

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