New Box Art x 3

  • The Female Cannon Fodder painting looks like a work in progress.  But I really like where it's going so far:


    Sidenote:  Have been really impressed by the quality art/covers of the WGA boxes.  Huge contrast with the CGI covers on the old Wargames Factory boxes that just made the product look cheap.

  • Agree the artwork is really nice. Don't know what it has to do with Wargame Factory? They haven't been around for 10 years have they?

  • @Ice Giant 

    They are both miniatures companies that made plastic miniatures.  One has great box art.  One did awful box art.  It's just pointing out something WGA does well.  No deeper meaning to the statement.

  • I wonder if the artist who did this piece is the same artist who does all the great Bolt Action covers?  They have the same feel.

  • @JTam  Both done by Peter Dennis :) 

  • @Kinjack  

    Thanks You.

    A talented man.

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