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    Civil War Veteran Bill Lundy interacts with some Airmen and a jet fighter.

    There is some debate on whether he was actually in the war.  Regardless there in, it illustrates how it was possible for a man to fight in the American Civil War with a muzzle loader, and see jet fighters in his later years.  It's amazing how few generates seperate us from the Civil War and even the Revolution.

    General "Light Horse Harry" Lee of the American Revolution was the father of the famed General Robert E. Lee of the American Civil War.

    Civil War General Simon Buckner was the father of General Simon Buckner Jr. who was killed during the Battle Okinawa in WW2.


    I know a MSG who's father fought in WW2.  He's deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

    So potentially 3 generations could span all of U.S. history.


  • I've never seen that before - great stuff!  Reminds me a lot of the changes my grandmother had seen over her lifetime - old enough to have grown up through the Great Depression, a world war, the Atomic and Space ages, social revolutions from the '20s and '60s, the computer and intrenet era, and so on, before passing away in the 21st century, and still seeming pretty much at home in the world, in spite of all the changes.  Her father passed away at nearly a hundred years old, and had seen a great deal of history as well, having seen a world where most day-to-day travel was done by horseback and most of the rest by steamship, and an era where people routinely travel by jetliner and people live on space stations and threatened each other with nuclear doom.  Really, it's kind of mind-blowing how much the world has changed since the Victorian era, all things considered!

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    It is indeed.  

    A little more info on the last of the Civil War vets.


  • General Peter Conover Haines:  Only man known to have served in the American Civil War and the First World War (at 77).  Impressive combat record in the Civil War.


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