General excitement for squamata (scale armor) legionaries

  • I would just like to express my excitement for them- I have some very considerable (potential) plans for them once I get a clear look at the design...

  • @H M I share that excitement, really looking forward for my new Late Roman Army,

  • Same! Also looking forward to a legionary style death fields release one day. Who doesn't love that aesthetic?

  • certainly - a space legionary is useful for so many things:


    -Star Trek Mirror Universe

    -Pre-Arrakis Atredies house troops (at leas tthat's how they look in my minds' eye)

    -Foundation (Who can't imagine the the forces of Bel Riose, the last Imperial, having space soldiers who look like that? And conversely, the Foundation troops, as -in a way- an Imperial rebellion would probably have similar troops.)

    -just generic old what-if Roman futurism.

    And probably more if I cared to put some thought into it.

  • I'm also very enthused about this release. I will definitely be incorporating these figures into my existing Late Roman armies, along with Goths.

  • Shared excitement here. Both as a retailer and for adding to my legion project.

  • Victrix beat WGA to the punch for unarmored late Romans, though that probably wont stop me getting a kit (or at least a few sprues) for WGA unarmored guys - I'm hopeful that WGA will feel the burn and get the scale armored legionaries out soon ;)

  • @H M yeah but victrix stuff is so tall. Id like to use them for barbarians and the WGA stuff for the romans because you have the whole height difference steriotype, no matter how true or not that would be by this time period

  • @Big Boi I like having height differences (within reason) in my models, but also think some of the height stuff tends to be a tad over stated for various reasons.

  • Late Romans were often local recruits. A bit of Germanic height may not be out of place.

  • @Mark Dewis The late Roman armies would have been a grab bag of absolutely everything and everyone in the Empire, and the the three tired system in use you've have troop pools of local garrisons, militias and peace keepers, the field armies and then the Emperors personal troops - and then the mercenaries- means that a person of just about any background might pop up just about anywhere due to all kinds of crazy happenstance and circumstances.

  • I just hope the box comes out before christmas, even though that probably wont happen

  • I would hope that too, but personally, I'll just be happy if by some miracle they and thureophoroi will come out early next year.

    I feel like this year got a big push of renaissance in the form of conquistadors and aztecs for sword era historicals, and then not a lot. I'm hoping next year alot of the stuff already previewed (like the thureophori and squamata legionaries) will finally be released.

  • @H M Exactly, if you think that the army that defeated Attila's Huns was composed (contrary to common people's/Hollywood belief) pratically only by Rome's allies or barbarian mercenaries, it seems that only few troops were regulars, and also in past action Aetius wasn't shy to employ barbarians against other ones, such when the Huns(!) exterminated the Nibelunghs.

  • In 451 CE, late Roman Troops nearly extinct in the West. Most Troops in the West were Germanic Foederatii. Only the Eastern Part at this Time still maintained a High Number of Trained "Romans" Native Troops.

    When Odoacer ended the Western Empire in 476, he commanded Legio I Italia wich 100% was composed of germanic and hunnic Foederatii , no single regulary roman soldier existed at this Time in the West.

  • @H M Well , with Cannon Fodder's accessory sprue you could give them some retro future weapons, it has also some gas mask heads, to add a cyberpunk/stempunk style to these troops

  • @Steffen Seitter I think there is a lot talk about that, and it's a common sterotype - but it actually become really, really hard to reconcile how many mercenaries Western Rome was supposed to have had with how poor its finances were.

    I think the most accurate picture was that field armies became heavily reliant on Barbarian mercenaries, but local armies and garrisons -who could and would be be pressed into field service if needed- would have been local. However, its difficult to imagine even in the late period that field armies would have been devoid of native Romans- after all, it was a difficult time period and anybody with a willing fighting arm was going to find a spot somewhere.

    Somebody at somepoint did a diagnostic of late Roman soldier names and the result was a surprising skiew towards 'native roman' names, but I can't for the life of me remember specifics.

  • I'm still excited for this set. Lord knows it's been a slow burn though 

  • @Big Boi it really has been a long wait, but I think it will be worth it.

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