Who Else Should Make Hard Plastic Sets?

  • We all have our favorite companies making metal and resin figures. If you had to think of one company that would benefit from hard plastic who would it be? Caveat: it can't just be someone you like making something obscure. It would have to be popular enough to sell thousands of boxes. 

  • Not sure if this counts, but Anvil industries. I like their models, but I prefer working with plastic.

  • Kind of agree with you on Anvil Industries, but I think part of their strength is the fact that you can mix and match their range of bits which might not be economical to do in plastic.

    I'd love be to see Empress miniatures do plastic, they've got some really characterful stuff.

  • As much as I don't like the aesthetics I could see infinity being more popular if they went HIPS.

    They are doing Siocast at some point but it's unproven as regards how good those sets will be

  • I can't think of any ranges currently in metal or resin that would have the smarts / sculpts to transfer across TBH. 

    I still think filling gaps for periods / genres is better for WGA. 

  • Theassaultgroup.co.uk  

    I love their stuff and am fully aware that it all overlaps with possible things in the Renaissance line that you have but like... Theyre some of the only people making 28mm ottomans and jinetes

  • Footsore Miniatures is what pops into my mind right away.

  • Privateer Press definitely should be investing in plastic instead of their resin/metal combination they settled on. Maybe if their PVC were properly set in the molds it would have been fine, but that was a wash of an experiment back then.

    Infinity has incredible metal minis but with GW's plastic minis looking better and better each time, using metal for good detail is looking less viable. Because that was the reason for them to use metal. I think plastic would be amazing for Infinity, if nothing since it adds more conversion value to the range itself (not outside of it because of its scale).

  • Ground Zero Games, specifically their 25mm Tuffleyverse factions, up date them to 28mm sculpts of course so they can mix with other ranges. They have been largely forgotten with the 15mm versions getting all the love but its a solid range of low/mid tech human troops and factions. Unfortunately the scale makes them useless as anything but halflings alongside other 28mm ranges.


  • I wish the late lamented Spartan Game had managed that with their Dystopian Legions range. Hard plastic Victorian Sci-Fi infantry has lots of uses, and the metal models never quite got traction. 

  • I have to agree with Infinity. There are lots of smaller things I'd love to see in plastic sets, but nothing else stands out as really viable.

  • Bad Squiddo games. They already have a customer base for plastic box sets they get in, but also have their own metal range.

  • Victoria Miniatures.  

    Beautiful, well sculpted, well scaled minis.

    (These desert warriors are some of their newest and really look good).

    (These are almost brand new.  Already planning how to convert them to WW2 Aussies for Bolt Action/similar.)

    They already did some cross over work with Reaper for this giant arty piece.  So they already have some knowledge on cross business coordination.




  • Kromlech makes some great stuff too that would be awesome in plastic.

    Particularly their Space Orcs:

    Space "Operator" Dwarfs:

    And 1939 Polish troops:


    Also, plus 3 on the Anvil Industries.  They have some nice stuff.  But their pricing (which I understand based on the materials and "artisanal" method of production) unfortunately is pretty much online with GW equivalents.


  • @Peter Brian 

    Concur on Bad Squiddo.

    Their all female WW2 Soviet line is great idea.  I have a bunch of those minis.  But the line could benefit from being plastic, and honestly, better sculpts.


  • Watchful I studios. Has a great range of metal ancient Chinese and soon to have ancient Indians.

  • I think TT Combat might have a seller if they were to make a 28mm squad based skirmish game set in their Dropfleet/Dropzone universe but with plastic multipart kits instead of their usual resin. 



    Wargames Foundry has a huge catalog that could be transferred to plastics. And they have a solid customer base already.


    A partnership with Reaper for plastic multi-part kits would be great. I understand they are going to have multi-part, multi-option characters in the Bones 6 Kickstarter on March 31st... but I would like to see some HIPs kits from Reaper sculptors in the future.



  • Hmmm, not too obscure is tough; I LOVE Hydra Miniatures pulp sci-fi line and plastics there would be amazing, but that's definitely a niche for example.  Warmachine, as mentioned, really should be investing in hard plastics but that's also it's own niche game, particularly now.  I want more of Perry's ranges in plastic but they are already doing plastic.  Grey for Now Game's could use plastic samurai to support their aweosme metal range, but they are already collaborating with WA.  

    So casting my gaze further afield:

    Antediluvian Miniatures have an excellent HYW-ish Scots range (bought from Claymore Castings) and plenty of supporting stuff that would be excellent in Plastic. 

    Crooked Dice Games has a lot of amazing stuff in their 7TV range that would probably work well as plastic kits, though some of the topics are a bit out there.

    The Assault Group has a some excellent ranges/eras that would amazing to have in plastic.  

    More as I think of them.  







  • Sarissa Precision.

    Here me out.  They could really do with some plastics to support their terrain kits.

    Example:  Their tachanka kit.  It's beautiful, but doesn't have horses, traces, crew, or machinegun.  A WGA/Sarissa collaboration would be awesome here.  




  • +1 for both Victoria Miniatures and Infinity.

    Infinity especially would benefit from multipart plastics for popular troop-types. As it stands some weapon list options are under represented by the mini range, requiring a fair bit of proxying.

  • Also, Aren't some guys bringing warzone/mutant chronicles back?

    That would definitely benefit from some WA magic!

  • Controversial opinion possibly:


    But basically anyone still making metal/pewter figures. It's a thing of the past and I wish it would just hurry up and phase out. 


    I'd consider myself a member of whatever newest generation this hobby has. (Started during the pandemic) and I can tell you first thing I do when I find a figure I like. I find out, is it plastic or resin? If it's metal, I keep just keep on scrolling. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome do you have any of their carnivale figures? I'd like to know how they scale up to warhammer guardsmen or anvil bits before I buy them. Can't seem to find info on scales. 

  • @Hudson Adams my first thought was Mantic, since they used to use that terrible restic stuff. But they have switched to the same plastic as WGA.

    That aside I second Anvil or indeed Puppetswar. Although their troopers are similar to the Raumjäger and they mostly do bits. Or at least they did until they expanded into the STL arena, where they have really taken off. Or another Manufacturer from Poland, Titan Forge.

    How about Crooked Dice or Hasslefree? What about Reaper Bones, aren't they quite big? Or help Warlord Games move the rest of their Gates of Antares range over to plastic.

    Icarus Games has potential in my opinion. Unfortunately, he stopped releasing his range in resin a few years ago. But he has a whole game/range sorted, with some really great and unique aliens. He wasn't willing to part with his IP back then (he had been made an offer), but who knows what his view is now. You can see his minis from back then on MMF now.

    Modiphius, who do Star Trek Adventures and Fallout could really benefit from a price drop in their miniatures. Both IPs have the potential to sell loads, but at €50 for 10 miniatures, steep.

    Krakon Games has interesting miniatures with their Star Grind range. Or Verge of War! Awesome cybernetic Raptors! Or Wild West Exodus (Steampunk Wild West)?

    That should do for now. :-D

  • @Sebastian  

    Solid rationale.

    They have a neat Weird War line as well.


  • @Travis Johnson I generally agree... but... back when I first started (early 90's) most things were metal of course... though the first minis I got for 40K were the hard plastic beaky marines... but... the majority of the metal minis were single piece minis, not multi-part. There were exceptions of course... but the single piece metals were not bad. I still really like the old metal Escher girls... but yes... multi part plastic is the way!

  • Bad Squiddo Games, Hasslefree and Pig Iron Productions imho. I'd snap them up.

  • I'd say Vanguard/Battlegroup Helios, but I'm a spaceship kind of a guy.  And Dropfleet/zone does a good job filling my plastic spaceship tank needs.  

    I can't support Victoria Miniatures.  They are all basically boutique not-GW IG.  WGA is already selling their own not-GW IG in the Death Fields range, so there is no reason to add the complication and expense of partnering with Victoria minis.  Make your own generic space Aussies with not-lasguns and save!


    As for Kromlech, wouldn't their orks be shut down fast if they were based out of a country in which GW felt legally confident?  And my argument about WGA not wasting money on a partnership when they can make their own faux-GW minis stands.  

  • For me, Footsore and Bad Squido.

  • Someone who makes awesome 10mm stuff, like Magister Militum or Old Glory. 

  • Lead Adventure miniatures make some really fun 28mm miniatures. Their steampunk miniatures might work in plastic (especially the Ottomans). Titan Forge's Bikes would be great too.

  • For me, I would have to agree with those who have said Victoria Miniatures. I love them for their scaling, the details put in to their models and the amount of options and bits they offer for customisation is unbelievable  but I would so much prefer to get plastic minis from them.

     I have just bought a squad some bits and a bagpiper from VM but am now dreading assembling them!

  • Kromlech orcs (at least for their 3D sculpted stuff, I think there's a fair bit that's traditionally sculpted where things would be trickier), Victoria Miniatures, Anvil Industries are all good shouts (as is Battlegroup Helios for plastic spaceships)

    Mad Robot would also be good to see in plastic as they've got a good range of SF humans (aka IG analogues)

    Maybe Bombshell Miniatures , Patrick Keith is doing a lot of 3d sculpting now for the counterblast range

    and Crooked Dice, how could i forget them



  • Great War Miniatures - North Star. Got some amazing WW1 stuff that would go great in plastic. 

  • I'd love plastic Infinity sets.

  • There a whole bunch of folks primarily making STL's and occasionally selling resin: Heresy Labs, and Anvil, ofc. Bob Naismith is still doing amazing stuff that isn't really available to those of us without printers...on the other hand, Hi-tech Miniatures are doing great things with traditional methods- but are pricey, even for resin. And yeah, Infinity. I don't mind metal minis, but I do prefer plastic somewhat, especially for kitbashing.


    Of what’s been mentioned Watchful would be my first choice (I know your doing warring states already but I would love to have more mix in options and their terracotta warriors would be awesome as plastic sets, they have been trying to get to plastic sets for awhile).

    Of the rest, the now defunct Spartan game’s Dystopian Legions 28mm line frankly should have been plastic. Same deal with the current Infinity (they could probably afford to go to plastics and should given all the multipart subjects they do).  Victoria and Kromlech miniatures would be good too though I get the feeling they might get hit with “cease and desist” orders from a certain company if they did go HIPs.

    Beyond that maybe metal kings studios or Black site’s minis and conversion part lines for sludge which would likely work for several other things at this point. Maybe Lucid Eye publications, they have some really good pulp/fantasy/bronze age minis.

    The only other options I would consider adding would be somewhat contrvsial at the moment since one is  Siberia Studio miniatures  (it has lovely line of WW1 and Russian Civilwar minis in Resin and metal) which is in Russia and the other would be Spectre Miniatures which is less contrvsial still mildly so since we are talking current event gaming minis.

  • Seconding Anvil & Crooked Dice. I think Brother Vinni has some great looking sculpts too and would like to see their stuff in plastic, but considering that a lot of it is in somewhat dubious copyright territory I dunno if that would be viable.

  • @Travis Johnson I only have one TT Combat Carnivale Mini as I find them too expensive, even used on eBay, generally for my budget. Here is a photo for you though with a height comparison. I believe they are marketed as 32mm.

    On the left a Zombicide mini that I am converting, next a plastic GW Bretonnian, next the Carnivale “Blue Lantern” character, then a plastic GW Imperial, then a plastic Frostgrave Captain, and finally a Reaper Bones plastic ranger. 

    I tend to be pretty flexible with scale in things that are not from a setting with industrial standardization. 


    Mini height comparisons for TT Combat Carnivale

  • As some of you would probably guess coming from me, I vote Mierce - their models are excellent-looking sculpts and their Darklands fantasy Dark Ages setting is a thing of beauty:

    But their Infantry and Monstrous Infantry sets are horrendously expensive currently, with a unit of 10 standard infantry being £50 in metal and £80 in resin - making them in plastic would make them cheaper to make, sell and buy, and allow for a lot more different varieties of poses and equipment - a win-win situation!

    Additionally Mierce currently seem reluctant to make cavalry models except for a few mounted characters, perhaps because of the metal or resin casting processes they use, so researching into plastic would give them greater encouragement to branch out into cavalry units for some of their factions as well.

  • Something with a distinctive style, like Mierce, Wargods of Egyptus, or Tre Manor's Red Box minis, gets my vote.  If you're going to make plastics for another company, go for something that showcases your abilities.  I feel if you just put any ho-hum range in plastic, like Wargames Foundry minis, potential customers will wonder if the reason they look so bland is because of your plastic manufacturing process.


    There's a reason WGF wanted to get Dreamforge and Kingdom Death in plastic early on.

  • I would second Tre manors stuff - he's even starting to sculpt digintally, which would help things a ton. Could you imagine a multi-part Tre kit? Where you could actually choose to NOT put on all the cloaks?

  • My votes would be Ground Zero Games updated to true 28mm and Anvil Industries. Pig Iron do also very interesting ranges that would be awesome in hard plastic!

  • GZG or Crocodile (War Gods) would be my first choices.

  • @Spectresghost  

    Good call on the Crocodile (War Gods).  It's a nice miniature line.  Like their Amazons.

  • Onslaught Miniatures 6mm Infantry and vehicle line in plastic would be awesome.



  • Khurasan Miniatures has some 28mm stuff that would be nice in plastic.  I's also like to see some of their 15mm stuff upscaled.

  • Another vote for The Assault Group. Their metal Ottomans look great and are from the best (IMHO) period, but I would much prefer a multi-part plastic kit. 

  • I don't understand everyone asking for metal historical ranges to be made in multipart plastic *as a partnership with another manufacturer*.  It's not like metal historical company owns the IP or image rights.  It's not like a multipart plastic kit would use the same sculpt as a metal mini.  And considering what most metal historical miniatures look like, WGA shouldn't use the same sculptor (even assuming metal historical sculptor has any clue how to sculpt for plastics manufacturing needs).  

    WGA can and should make plastic kits to cover your favorite historical periods--but why should they give up a chunk of their profits to another party who barely adds any name recognition (and usually negative associations)?  I don't get why people keep asking for _______ company because they sculpt _________ non-trademarked historical uniformed minis.  Just ask WGA to sculpt the historical minis.

  • @BS Kitbasher good point actually. 

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