“Beyond the Gates of Antares” is leaving the Warlord Games stables it would seem….

  • In something of a surprise (to me anyway) announcement it seems Warlord Games will no longer be developing Beyond the Gates of Antares. 


    Rick Priestly and Tim Bancroft will continue the game with a free PDF Second Edition then further development in the future.

    A potential opportunity for WGA?

  • @Grumpy Gnome Was this game popular? I havent really seen it discussed much at the usual places... I did see and considered buying some sprues in Warlord's sprue sale a couple years back... but didnt. And now I dont partake in the sprue sales because of the minimum $25 shipping...

    But Is this game a sought after thing? My guess is Warlord is dropping it because its not making a profit.

  • *Argh*... that's why I've seen so many "out of production" on some retailers' pages. I heard about the 2nd edition, so I've put my 2 cents on resculpts. *Argh*

    Tim was still posting new rules about the 5th Age -while current setting is taking place within the 7th.

    At least, models production is moved to Skytex. I still do need to grab some Ghars. 👌

    Are Priestly and Bancroft interested in working on some game system for ... Death Fields -mere luck-? Why not, WGA could make a try... who knows.. 

    @William Redford 

    Not really popular over here -Canada and US, mostly thanks to pricetag (and shipping if ordered directly from Warlord), a game system based on Bolt Action -and so ... it is a bit chunky- and quite a generic setting (read without fluff), but MODELS are quite awesome -even if mixing resin and metal.

    I am going to check my favourite retailer pages in case of clearance sales. 

  • I never heard much about this one.  There was a podcast I listened to a few years back that mentioned playing it, which is how I found out about it, but that was all.

    I like some of the minis, though.  If they're able to go to cheaper plastics I'd pick up some.  I like the Ghar rebels, but I'm too much of a modder/converter to do much farting with metals anymore.

  • @Benjamin Hayward 

    The lack of real communications is the main problem with BtGoA.. excepted interviews here and there with Rick, Alassio or Andy. Any news on dedicated website since ... 2020. Pandemia did hit it quite hard, Tim tried to save the game with his 5th Age rules, asking players to convert actual models with bits from other ranges -from Warlord catalog. I know there is an active community FB page .. with really devoted folks. 

    Hard plastic Outcast Ghars... quite a dream I am sharing. Warlord released a number of sets, vehicles and sprues in hard plastic over years (as shown here) a bit less expensive than your regular GWs. BUT most of times, those minis do require a bit of work to look good... on a tabletop. 

  • I used to pay attention to Warlord as I liked their ECW stuff and when the got the landsknechts... and they had some of Wargames factory WSS stuff that wasnt horrible... so when they had the sprue sales i would load up... The ECW and WSS cavalry were the best sources of plastice "rapiers" for converting 28mm models... but I havent even looked at their website sonce they upped the shipping...

  • @William Redford 

    Same here, shipping costs are a pain in the bottom: unless one is willing to order 165US$+10US$ for FedEx Priority tracked parcel so 215CAN$ in my case.

    Bulk purchase(s) seems to be the sole way to absorb them now. A pity most of my game mates are living in Ontario... 

  • Same here, their sprue sales used to be amazing before Brexit. 

    Antares reminded me of Bolt Action in space.

  • I remember when they were developing the universe/fluff for Gates of Antares.   They used a lot of community input.  

    The result sadly shows the dangers of design by committee.  

    I love the Bolt Action rules and I like sci-fi, so I should have loved this.  But the "universe" and models just weren't engaging.

  • @William Redford @Steven StGeorges @Grumpy Gnome 

    I believe Warlord still has their "offset" shipping.  Wherein you put in the code "OFFSETSHIPPING" at checkout and select the kit (from a range of selections) you want for "free." 

    As the shipping is $25, you are effectively getting a gift kit while paying shipping, or getting free shipping while paying $25 (roughly half price) for a kit, however you want to look at it.  You can only use one code at a time, but you can stock up on the sales all day and use the "OFFSETSHIPPING" code in conjunction.


    I got a "free" box of British Commandos this way with my last order.  

  • For me the factions and models for Antares were alright (I rather like the Ghar background but the others seemed a bit meh) but they felt like they really would be better added to a larger universe rather than standing alone. 

  • I picked up the starter set and bought roughly 120 Algoryns and 120 freeborn during the earlier sprue sales where the savings were so much greater than the later ones.  For me Warlord mismanaged Antares from the beginning and its been over priced for hard plastic (Warlord did the same with Project Z) which makes it less interesting as a source of miniatures for other games. Warlord's record on sci-fi is kind of spoty at best, since they never really commited to this or Project Z.

    It seems this is being transfered to the Skytrex website, which seems to be heading towards becoming Warlord's site for unsupported 'specialist games'.


  • I think Warlord is going to focus on its upcoming Slaine. Thanks to Judge Dreed and Strontium Dog, the 2000AD range seems to be more and more popular.

  • @John Wilson What's Skytrex?

  • @Charles Tottington 




  • Warlord has been bungling everything it touches outside of Bolt Action for years.  Their prices are not competitive, especially for their usual quality.  They release promising new games in metal, the medium that screams "please don't buy me", only to discontinue them when the game doesn't sell.  Their shipping is off putting to put it mildly.


    At least Antares got a few plastic kits and some fiction before Warlord's sudden yet inevitable betrayal.  Mythic Americas likely won't even have a fraction of the impact on the market.  I look forward to Warlord's actions convincing the competition that there is no market for non-grimderp Sci Fi or pre-Colombian Americas fantasy.  

    The shame is that the setting reads really well in the fiction, a mix of Iain Banks and an exploratory setting like Stargate or Star Trek.  It felt more modern (in terms of tropes and outlook) than almost any other Sci Fi game I can think of.  And a few of the plastic minis are great, or were when you could get them for a reasonable price, such as the Ghar, Algoryns and the Domari.  Well, pretty good anyway, as the lack of posing options and extras really made it feel like Warlord hates plastic minis and all they stand for.

  • @BS Kitbasher Well with the guys behind Gates of Anteres working on the 5th age, which looks to be more "your dudes" from what I've been reading on their blog, maybe it will find new life that way. I mean imagine if we can use the Deathfields models in Gates of Anteres!

  • @John Wilson If you guys over the pond are not pleased with Walord so it is with Eileen and me, sprue sales are rare, and I agree with you John, Si/Fi and Zombies are not in there intrest, Project Z is less for more cash ,and as not been well backed. Ive been in this hobby for 57years +, and Know no one who plays the game Gates of Anteres, just buy a few minis. I brought one set some ball type drones, not yet used.     

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