So just noticed this ....

  • Hey, guys, I don’t know how to say this but I just figured out this last week that all the muskets in the lizardmen box are not flintlocks but actually percussion cap which don’t really show up till 1818 at the earliest (and its really more of a Crimean War to FPW thing).

    So basically this is a flintlock:

    This is a percussion cap:

    And this is what the lizardmen have:

    First I think I should apologized since I too kept thinking of them as flintlocks all this time when I should have known better, though it is a common mistake. Still it does work for a lot of fantasy:  

  • @Brian Van De Walker I think that makes more sense given the whole premise of those firearms was to allow the Lizardmen to be customised to be enemies in Colonial-era warfare for games like In Her Majesty's Name, which are set more in the 18th/19th Century.

    Good to see it clarified at any rate, well spotted.

  • @Caratacus

    Actually VSF /steampunk gaming tends to be more in the mid19th to early 20th century (mostly Victorian and early Edwardian same time frame as the Sherlock Holms stories) and so too are percussion caps muskets which did not really exist as military weapons till maybe the 1816 at the earliest and where actually obsolete as soon as they became common place by the middle of the 19th century but where still in use till WW1 in Europe and elsewhere, likewise they don’t really become common till the 1839 and slowly get phased out after the ACW.

    Basicly these are the guns used alongside revolvers.

  • Also... no reason the lock might not be some odd fantasy or science fiction thing that's not actually percussion cap.

    The hammer might break a crystal cylinder that causes an explosion. Or annoy a small imp.

    Now that I think about it, I think Stephen Hunt used the crystal clyinder thing in his fantasy steampunk books. Physics are subtly different in that setting and gunpowder doesn't work.

  • @Mark Dewis

    Nah, while that is a wonderfully imaginative thought and you can do that with them for your own gaming, they are pretty clearly Percussion cap rifles, what’s more I found out that the European one is likely to be a breech loading M1866 Snider-Enfield Rifle used by the British (which I found to be an odd chose since in the Space 1889 cannon Germany seems to have the greatest presence on the lizard man home world of Venus).

    Likewise just from the look of that picture the native guns look like they are a conversion using a similar Snider like percussion cap and breechloading mechanism. In all honesty though that probably makes them more useful since fantasy  has been going between dark age land and stuff like this for decades:


    Also  the crystal clyinder thing strikes me more as a magitech thing as opposed to steampunk.     

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