What sets for Moderns/Near Future?

  • What kind of sets would you want to see as part of a Moderns/Near Future range? Delta? SWAT? Cartels? FFL? Yakuza? Royal Marines? Zombies? Lizard Alien Invaders? Rioters? Meal Team Six? Let us know!


  • Assuming we are talking post cold war to near future.....

    Everything!  Seriously though, we are totally starved of anything modern/near future. The closest we come at the minute for near future is Mantic's GCPS who just need an arm/weapon swap with open faced helmets to be useful. The only modern is the overpriced Project Z.

    I'm mainly interested in the possibilities for post apocalytpic (Stalker, Fallout, Terminator, survivors), Cyberpunk, alien invasions (battle of Los Angeles) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD3mp4Js8EQ  style games. So any modern infantry would be useful as a starting point. As well as armed civilians, mercenaries, special forces etc.

    Historical modern is more unforgiving since you would probably need to link it to a conflict and date, still useful to me as conversion fodder and I'd love a reliable source of hard plastic AK series weapons.

  • I would be interested in gangs... Think Necromunda but more so the original necromunda... basically gangs that you would see in contemporary times, or 80's inspired. Gang members that are generic enough that you could put them anywhere and they would not look out of place... with some other kit's bits, they could fit in with more future projects too, and with historic arms would not look out of place as counter culture resistance or street punks. Shadowrun Cyberpunk, etc. 

    Of course I want both male and female. 

  • Definitely SEALs, Delta, etc. I'd also be interested in some PMCs to use as mercenaries or the resistance for an alien invasion.

  • @Hudson Adams 

    Geoff Maybury started this excellent thread:


    It has lot of good ideas on modern/near future warfare kits.

  • PMC takes the crown for me. Most versatile of all. And I agree with William, it would be nice to have both female and male mini's. Perhaps something like the Canon Fodder kits. Were arms and gear are interchangeable.

    I would ask for Dutch Commando's or infantry, but that's pretty niche (but PMC + HK416, Glock17, Minimi and AWP (+ Mossberg, HK417 and P50) will do the trick for Commando's ;) ).

  • We already have adequate lizard alien invaders with the lizardmen set. I would love to see some Yom Kippur War infantry and armed civilians for apocalypse survivors.

  • Like I said on Facebook: 2 sets: Yakuza and Japanese SAT with cyberpunk bits in each, covers survivors and what you actually need for outbreak cops and both should remain simple enough to not end up with over priced bit box filler kits, also lets be honest everything happens to Japan in modern/near future fiction land why not just build around that🤣. Fits a lot of games and I already have at least one rule book for it (pictured below) and you can easily alter most other modern/SF rules around that theme:



    The only other set idea that would be cool and work for a lot of things is Stalker themed set(s), unless we are talking real conflicts in which case my vote goes to the Bush Wars and the Soviet Afghan conflict.

    That said are you guys not already working on genric contracter types? why not just do them and either add Arab/Taliban heads and diffrent minionish helmets or make a custom sprue. 

  • Somali pirates immediately come to mind... 

    that said, some great suggestions so far!

    Most important, please consider making both genders.

    I would like to see more common national units than special ops first. Perhaps adding special ops add-on sprues to enhance the basic national sprues. A contemporary French set could do both standard French as well as FFL as far as marketing.

    The current WGA Lizardmen are brilliant but could do with an add-on sprue to enhance their contemporary/sci-fi options as their hands/arms are different from your average human model. 

    Or if you could deal with the IP issues... “V” invaders, but from the original tv series not the reboot. 

    Rioters would be brilliant. That is something commonly overlooked but can be used for a lot of other purposes. They can potentially be resistance fighters, common criminals, escaped prisoners, angry merchants, spies/saboteurs, etc etc.

    If you have rioters, you need riot cops. They can be pretty generic and make cops from various different nations. Whereas as much as I would love to see regular beat cops, their uniforms are so jurisdictionally distinctive. Being a former Bobby, I would certainly like to see a box of contemporary British Police with an option for the iconic but impractical Custodian helmets. Tasers. Definitely tasers. Flat caps and patrol caps for armed officers. Pepper spray, PR24s, and extendable batons cascos(asps).

    Perhaps make riot shields, round and rectangular, with clear plastic? Sell them on their own? 

    Perhaps a basic patrol officer cop set could later be enhanced with national add on sprues for specific equipment and headgear? ie Smokey the Bear hats for NY State Troopers and Mounties. Eight point hats for NYPD. Stetsons for Walking Dead County Sheriffs deputies. Etc etc. 

    SWAT can usually just be national combat troops painted in police colors.

    How about a series of setsof emergency services paramedics, firefighters, doctors, and nurses? What about scientists (both sane and insane) as well as more mundane technical engineers? Road service crews in high vis vests and hard hats. Evil supervillain secret hideout minion workers. 

    Civilians of all kinds work well for all the Post Apoc skirmish games and many can be easily converted for other time periods, so sci-fi as well as WW2. 

    Teaming up with the Zona Alfa author to make a line of minis, including monsters and scatter terrain, to suit that game might be profitable. 

    Cartels is a good idea. Lots of potential for repurposing, like the rioters.

    Pretty niche but iconic (meaning stereotypical) American hunters/farmers/fisherfolk would be neat. Limited use perhaps, such as post apoc but it is something not commonly available from others. Really would work best if marketed with a game, similar to what WGA is doing with 0200 Hours and Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black. (I am keen to see how well the WGA Aztecs kitbash with the upcoming B&P plastic Natives).


  • @Grumpy Gnome What would make the scientists insane on the sprue? just the faces/heads? Or will they have butcher knives and jars of their own urine? I am intrigued, and now want insane scientists... 

    Since we are talking about rioters and near future, fast food workers, maybe a mascot in a giant chicken outfit or clown or king suit... and there should be options on the sprue to make them insane too...

  • A set that could make classic Rainbow 6 style figures would be nice. The 6:Siege minis from that kickstarter showed that the series is quite a distance from its roots.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Hi all, Tam. thanks for the starter, I`ve just put in the forum at least 3 sets  what ever they chose to model first. Adversery, (good or bad) ,defendant (good or bad), and the victims pure civilians chidren etc, (The poor guys and girls who get in the way). E g`s Vampire, Wear Wolf, Civilians,- Under World. Swat, Deamons ,Civilians,- Sweet Home. Police/Troopers, Zombies, Civilians- World War Z etc. Survivalist/ Soldiers/Civilians. Aliens, Robots @ Drones-Falling Skies. Thats enough there to show the fantastic range of figure sources out their to game, before even mentioning real conflicts, and if you do it comes back to my start 1-3.  Of course set four is all the lovelly modern toys we need, car baterys, laptops , phones, selfie stick( some one will want a photo with the monster) just list guys. William do yourself a real favor, check out. studio Miniatures Zombie range, for Chickens suits and more our scale. Eileen brought me the Superman Harry Poter set, Brilliant.

  • @Geoff Maybury I know its not the same topic, but I would love a set of Underworld style modern monsters. Like an RPG character from the old World of Darkness game. Were-wolves (in human and hybrid form), Vampires, etc... Heck any of the changeing breeds. The Underworld movies Deathdealers like Selene. Or the Lycans.. But I know that is not what this thread is for. But I would definitely buy that set, or sets. 

  • @William Redford Actually our kid its definatally the place, if you look at my facebook post, I to would love to see those type of modern. If you think how many films and series, inspire our playing desires, but how many manufacturers are clever enough to go with those flows The industry is way behind many figure set designs, The Were- Wolf RPG, list many type of transitsion from human to wolf, Ralpartha made some. Since then no real subwolves have been forthcoming. Vampires and there kin are still at "Cristhhper Lee stage,  Every thing needs a 2022 pick me up. All the best Will.  

  • Modern/Near Future?  I think the first thing that comes to my mind is post-apocalyptic:

    • "Mad Max" style wastlads gangers - mohawks, scrap metal, leather, spikes, and snarls.
    • Radioactive/toxic mutants and cellar-dwellers.
    • I'd be fine with one set of labcoat scientists, chemsuit mooks, and goons-in-suits, with a mix of guns and menacing science gear - assuming a typical five-figure sprue, then two labcoat guys, two suit-and-tie guys, and one chemsuit mook, with a mix of arms that can swap between them, would surely be fine.  Why one set?  What kind of faction is this?  I don't know, but I figure they probably work together just fine, programming Skynet or the Matrix, dissecting an alien abomination, menacing kids-on-bikes, opening portals to dimensions of horror at Black Mesa, threatening local yokels, and so on, and will gladly shoot first and ask questions later if anyone is caught snooping around.  It would surely serve all your men-in-black, cyberpunk corporate mischief-makers, secret agent or criminal mastermind, and government conspiracy needs, in one convenient box!
    • A redneck militia - just add John Deere/Redman/Basspro trucker caps, hunting camo and vests, overalls, the classic jeans-and-Tshirt, shotguns, hunting rifles, AK's and AR-15s, and a hearty "Hold my beer!"  Or, "Wolverines!!!!!"



  • I thought this would be really niche, but a range of stalker/roadside picnic/zone alfa/metro survivors and mercenaries/zone raiders, accomponied by some anomolies and soviet "zone rifles" seems like it would be a good idea.  The kits could have plenty of oppurtunity for customization and could easily be used semi-historicals (excluding anomolies). also, maybe an automobile kit that doubles as armored and wrecked cars?

  • @Estoc Pfft, someone should just do a "Its not a Toyota Hilux honest" technicial kit if we are going to add vehicles to this line:

    And the "Modern Merc" types they had preveiwed look like they would probably work for Zone Alfa/Stalkers though some added gas and ballistic mask head swaps would be nice maybe one or two of these:

    Beyond that I think it would be smarter to do something like Yakuza or urban terrorists after them with maybe a couple of unarmed poses to make them civilians as opposed to a modern civilian set. I say this because those are more useful than just a "civilian set" and can double as civilians and Zed Apoc survivoirs. Take the Yakuza for example: 

    They look pretty much just like average joes overall, a few unarmed poses and you've got civilians. Likewise they will work great as apoc survivors since they have guns:

    And melee weapons:

    Overall they are useful for several things including whats on the box, have a clear theme with which build later sets on, and whats more already have games asking for them in warband levels.



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