Halflings ready for war!

  • That's my halfling army all done now.

  • Looks fantastic!

    The halflings are one of my favorite Wargames Atlantic kits, and one of my favorite factions overall.

    If I can joke about having one complaint, it's that I don't see the chuckwagon or four or five, for elevenses - make no mistake, a halfling army marches on its stomach!  :D


    But seriously, those halflings are nicely done - great work!


  • Great work! 👍

  • To be precise: You did an awesome work ... 👌

  • Great army.  Great board.  Great pics.

  • Wonderful army!! I love how thick the terrain on the bases is, like they are fighting in a deep forest. What paint did you use for the metal armor? It looks perfect.

  • They look really nice, congratulations. 

  • @lauregami Thank you for your kind comment. The paint I used for the metal was a citadel paint called Leadbelcher, then I did a balck was and some Runefang Steel for a little highlight. Hope that helps

  • @lauregami Not only did you put a smile on my face way back when your first build was halfligs, and I thought thats bold. Look at your first painting secsions, those are really good. You`ve nailed the colours to a "T", well done, and I spy dogs. 

  • @Lindsay Bailey Those are great!

    Where are the feathered caps from?

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