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  • I wanted to have a halfling general on a griffin. I got a wizkids griffon (it was cheap) and have been wanting to get some goblins to use the mount legs. Well I got a sprue (finally, had been considering this for almost a year) and set about. I cut off a halfling torso and used the goblin legs. I also used a Warlord ECW cavalry sword. But I am not sure where to go next. I am out of greenstuff, But I am thinking of running to my LGS tomorrow and doing a greenstuff cape. But is there any other suggestion to make him more "commander of halflings"?

  • A plume? A big one, like on the 6th edition empire knights or the current Perry men at arms. Alternatively, whatever big joustey crest belongs on a great helm... except a cludgy rural imitation of it. Some rather scaredy or otherwise lowly (rabbit? chicken?) heraldic animal instead of a gloriously noble lion head maybe.

    Of course the question would then be how to implement it. Ah, the joys of armchair kitbashing.

  • @William Redford 

    That's already looking pretty boss.


    Great ideas.


    It's a shame there isn't a zillion of these sprues floating around everywhere anymore:

    The neck "fringe" is almost a Halfling sized cape in and of itself.  One stop shopping.

    I would use this head:

    And try to green stuff the sword into a spoon.


  • @JTam  guess what I found in my bits box!


  • @William Redford 


    Is that helmet roughly the right size?  You got Halflings vs. GW heroic so it's hard to say without actually comparing.  

  • @JTam Sort of. The helmet is actually about the exact same size... But... the Head ornament would look really huge compared to his tiny halfling body... so I dont think I will use it.


    I did find about 20 of these helmets... so may do a project with them at some point.

  • @William Redford 

    The head ornament being huge in relation to the wearer is actually a huge bonus ;)  I would totally use it.

    The importance of a character is in direct relationship to the size of his hat/helmet.   This is Whammer 101.


  • Excited to see what direction you go in the end.

    It's a weird Halfling Renaissance on the forum right now.

  • So, I am thinking i will take @JTam 's advice and use the helmet ornament. But I may just cut the ornament off and attach to this helmet as I want a cape that actually rests on the griffin body a bit. . I didnt get a chance to get the green stuff... and this coming weekend is a friend's birthday and teh follow weekend is vacation in Barr Harbor ME. So it will be a couple weeks before I can work on him again. 

  • Do you have any coin purses/pouches?  The wine bottle from the Grognard command kit would seem appropriate as well.  If you have a bow and a thick spear or something similar, you could make a massive pipe.

  • @BS Kitbasher Yes, I think the frostgrave wizards and wizards 2 has some coin purses. I have a cool pipe smoking arm from a perry set, but it would require changing out his sword arm... but i will check if I have some other pipes somewhere. 

  • @William Redford 

    Ever heard about it ?


    KS is long gone but Westfalia is still producing some Halfing models, like that one


    You can even buy a couple of Halfing Witchhunters... or an Halfing Cult Leader ... 😁


  • @Steven StGeorges Yes, I have 2 of the goat Knights... had 3 but ended up breaking one on accident. They occasioanlly have these really cool halfling winged hussars. That I keep meaning to buy but miss out when they are available. 

  • @William Redford 

    Okay.. was not sure about. Digged the link up while cleaning some old favourites folders. 

  • @William Redford 

    And just like that I was actually interested in Halflings.  What could you run them as in Warhammer though?

    Note: I did have two units of Halfling archers in my Empire army back in the day.  Increased BS worth the range trade off.

  • And try to green stuff the sword into a spoon.

    That's the spirit!

    Warhammer (and most wargames) doesn't seem to care about size categories when it comes to regular-ish humans and their mounts. Gobbos could be riding on 20-25mm square base wolves, in the same D&D size category as a human, but instead they are running direwolves big enough to carry humans and orcs. So I don't think these would really be appropriate for wargames, unless you're fine with tons of empty space in the formation, but they are pretty useful for TTRPGs. Usually you have to improvise with 15mm scale stuff to achieve this.

  • @Blacky Mia Ok, I know that your post is spam... but it did make me laugh. So :) 

  • @William Redford 

    You ever finish this guy?  Curious how the the Halfling General turned out.

  • @JTam No... my halfling project kind of fell to the wayside... I will probably revisit him when hafling cavalry comes out. 

  • @William Redford 

    Do you remember what the Halfling cavalry is supposed to be mounted on?  A member was asking over in the Sneak Peaks thread I believe.

  • Hopefully ponies, but WGA may need to cater to popular army lists. So it could end up being goats or something.

  • @William Redford awesome!

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