Cursed Pirate Crew - Arr!

What sort of Cursed Pirates would you like to see WA make?

  • This may or may not have been affected by me currently rewatching a certain piratical film franchise, but I've just had the idea pop into my head of WA making one or more boxes of plastic 'cursed' pirate crew for anything from pirate skirmish battles to creating a fan-made Pirates of the Vampire Coast army for Warhammer Fantasy, but what sort of cursed pirates would you like to see? 

    A literal skeleton crew? (from Curse of the Black Pearl):

    A legion of briny scum with various attributes of sea creatures? (from Dead Man's Chest and At World's End):

    Ghostly avengers of a ship wrecked long ago? (from Salazar's Revenge):

    Or your own idea? It's always fun to see forumites here run riot with their imaginations.

    Perhaps WA could even make boxes of all three and make them interchangeable, to give kitbashers maximum conversion potential and ensure their scurvy crew is as unique as it could possibly get?



  • I would actually vote for regular pirates... but with extra heads that could turn them in to fish mutants or undead. 

    Plastic multipart pirates would be great. Like frostgrave crew but with actual pirate stuff. 

  • Same as Mister Redford above, I would appreciate a Pirate kit easily converted thanks to Cannon Fooder or any other kit into Space Pirates. 😇

  • Considering WGA is partnered with Firelock Games to make plastic pirates for their Blood and Plunder Raise the Black Kickstarter I think it is safe to say we can expect regular pirates in due course.

  • @Grumpy Gnome this is true. The pirates/crew, militia and soldiers should all be great. Though I am a little amused that they went with the 10 man per box size for them considering they are made by Wargames Atlantic, and they are super delayed. But should still be great. The ships look great too... 

    Though these are supposed to be later era pirates. 18th century. So something earlier or with more fantasy elements would be appreciated and would go well with both the Firelock pirates as well as the ghost archipelago crew. 

  • I like the idea of cursed pirates, but I keep thinking that I see Pirates of the Caribbean style zombie, ghost, and skeleton pirates everywhere - Reaper has a lot of them - and even the first inspirations for something a little different that I try to think of - "The Rime of the Antient Mariner", "MS in a Bottle", Hodgson's "The Ghost Pirates", the legend of The Flying Dutchmen, and even Obed Marsh's crew from Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" (or rather, the hybrid Deep One townsfolk of Innsmouth) are all inspirations for the Pirates movies, and pretty familiar and common by this point.


    So, maybe there's something I might be able to invent from out of those old Harryhausen movies, like the Sinbad the Sailor movies or Jason and the Argonauts?

    I recall from mythology that, for example, the crew of the Argos were afflicted with all sorts of terrible curses - being driven mad by Sirens, being turned to pigs by Circe for acting like pigs, and so on.  That ship of madmen is certainly a thought - it reminds me of the term "Ship of Fools", from an allegory by Plato involving a ship run by lunatics doomed to forever go the wrong way because nobody knew what they were doing - I'd heard the story as a child, but didn't remember it well, and had somehow convinced myself that the Ship of Fools was a real thing, old ships that were turned into floating madhouses and set to sail so that their countrymen may never deal with them again.  Come to think of it, sort of like the Reavers from Firefly/Serenity....

    So, maybe a shipload of mad pirates... combine the idea a bit with the story "The Call of Cthulhu", with its ship of mad Cthulhu worshipers, a crew of mad pirate-cultists....


    From Sinbad the Sailor, the first curse I think of is the curse of the Ghouls - who are something like evil goblins or fairies who hang out in desolate desert ruins or tombs at oases, where they wait for desperate, thirsty, hungry travelers to pass by, so that the ghouls, disguised as beautiful women, can tempt the travelers with cool water and rest in the shade of the tomb, and comfort in her arms.  Should the unwary traveler drink the water, he will be eaten by the cannibal ghouls, but if he eats the food offered - prepared from the charnal contents of the tomb, naturally - or lay down with the ghoul, the man will awaken the next morning, cursed to be a ghoul himself.

    So, perhaps a ship of Sinbad / Arabian Nights-style ghoul pirates, who, lost at sea and desperately thirsty and hungry and sunbaked and tired, had given in to the Siren's call of an island of Ghouls, and given in to their temptation, awakening by dawn cursed to wander the seven seas as red-eyed screaming Ghouls themselves....  I can't help also thinking of the silent film Nosferatu, with its iconic vampire riding a ghost ship without crew - they'd all been killed by the vampire - until it came ashore in London.  Count Orlok makes a splendid ghoul - or maybe instead of ghouls, it's a crew cursed with vampirism:


    John Carpenter's The Fog is another idea:  loosely based on Lovecraft's "The Doom that Came to Sarnath", the movie features a ghost-ship full of lepers lured to wreck with a fake beacon-light by healthy townsfolk who did not want to live next to a leper colony.  The ship rises up from the deep on the anniversary of its doom in a supernatural fog, with the ghastly crew of undead lepers seek out vengeance on the descendents of those who lured them to their deaths.  The crew in the original movie was eerie and weird:  not quite ghosts or zombies, cloaked and shrouded, hideously disfigured by leprosy and decay, and crawling with awful, slimy things from the depths of the sea, with eyes that glow with unearthly light in the fog....

    Personally, of those three ideas, I like the Ship of Ghouls the best, though John Carpenter's undead crew might make a distinctive variation on usual zombie pirates. The pirate-cultists might be fun depending on what is done with them, and might do triple-duty as regular pirates, pirate-cultists, and regular cultists....

  • @Yronimos Whateley Now you are speaking my language. I loved the Fog. The remake wasnt as good. But I am a fan of Jamie Lee Curtis, so it would have been hard to remake a movie without her... 

  • Zombie / Semi skeletal pirates for me.  

    Maybe some squid / shark heads on the command sprue.  

    I'm ready for some good old Vampire Coast Zombie goodness:


  • For fantasy pirates there is a sea of options now that I am thinking about it🤣. We missed Dwarf, orc and Dark Elf pirates. Then there is Asian theme pirates but that really is more of a history game thing.  I voted for the mutants cause elder gods, deep ones, and the forces of chaos need love, though skellies are probably the way to go with this one since they are the most iconic.

  • I for one certainly couldn't complain about basing a fantasy demi-human faction on a pirate them (or vice-versa) - WA has goblin and hafling kits already, but a hard plastic kit of dwarfy pirates sounds unique and interesting.  Maybe some "not-Chaos Dwarf" pirates, with as much of a Mesopotamian(?) or Ottoman(?) theme (iirc) as needed to sell to the Warhammer fans?

    Come to think of it, pirates, a hint of a Barbary Pirate flavor, Warhammer's Chaos faction, and those elder gods and deep ones do seem to play well with each other....

    Barbary Pirate with Bow:  Picture these guys, but short, with an expression marred by the raving madness resulting from the Curse of Outer Gods of Chaos and the Deep who guide their ships to conflict and war in strange and distant waters, and maybe a more outrageous beard!

    Black Beard, with burning candles entwined in his beard according to his legendary psychological warfare tactic:  But he was British!  Now, would a Cthulhu-worshiping Chaos Dwarf Pirate do that?  (Yes, yes he would, and if he wouldn't he SHOULD!)



  • Back in the days of the Yahoogroups Mordheim list, I designed a Ghost Pirate warband, though they were really Zombies. I was a little annoyed when a couple of years later POTC came out...

    (edit) It seems there's another one of the same name published later on. Not to be confused.

  • Raging Heroes crushing it: