May is almost over

  • One week left in May. Where are the Goths?

  • I am gonna get a box too to play around with. 

  • For me its Boxers. my guess is delays, I heard something about the printed boxes not being at the warehouse yet.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Yeah, I want a box of the boxers too. Just to have and play around with.

  • I'm waiting on Goths as well. Gonna be building out my Saga Visigothic army and some archers for my Late Romans. I recognize that WA got behind schedule with the whole supply chain issues and moving production to US but I wish they would also shift the publication of their release schedule to reflect a more realistic time frame.

  • Dawn of the final day

  • Yeah. I think we're looking at a small delay.

  • According to the latest update, there were some hurdles to clear as their USA manufacturing team caught up on a couple generations of experience with manufacturing that had been ceded to the Chinese:  a couple setbacks on catching up to the desired manufacturing pace put them a bit behind schedule, so they had to learn from some mistakes to get their factories up to speed, make a few changes to their supply chain monitoring to keep a closer eye on what's in stock and what needs to be produced, set up a poll to figure out what they need to focus on first to manage supply and demand, and alter their Release Schedule for a more realistic projection of when things could be ready.

    It all seems fair enough to me, considering the inevitable challenges of moving this sort of manufacturing to the USA, where the experience in doing this sort of thing just doesn't exist anymore, while time and technology have marched on.

    Hopefully they've worked out the bugs and are back on track - it at least sounds like they've got this :)

  • My Goths just arrived yesterday (August 1st). 

  • Well, the time is 12 september and it seems that Goths are still far away. At least from Poland. The local distributor said, that those minis are not in Europe yet. Did enyone of yours (Europeans or specificlly - Polish) received them? 

  • @Karol Siadul Well that is surprising, but shipping to and from Europe has always been kinda of tough.

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