Raumjäger Support Weapon Concepts

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    Damn.  I don't want to be a Negative Nancy but these look awful.  Like really bad. 

    They look like 1977 Star Wars Stormtrooper weapons that got rejected.  Except the Stormtrooper weapons all had a Germanic flavor (which would be appropriate for Raumjäger) and these don't.  The MG looks vaguely Russian.  

    There was a lot of great ideas that came out of the Raumjäger Heavy Weapons Suggestion thread.... but it doesn't look like any were used.  



  • I think they look alright, except for the mortar. That looks off some how. 

    And the heads, I am not a fan... but that is a purely aesthetic opinion. It is easy enough to kitbash convert with different heads.

  • I'd been planning on using these with the Eisenkerns due to them both being germanic factions. 

    Left to right....

    Missile Launcher, its been suggested that they stick a shield on the front to make it more german looking. I really need to see it from the opposite side to have a strong opinion on it.

    Anti tank laser, I'm happy enough with that if only because I'm used to the Fallout laser weapons which have a similar boxy design.

    Flamer, this is the already teased flamer from a few weeks ago I think, no real problem with that.

    HMG, is a pretty solid design.

    Mortar is a little strange, but then they are attempting to come up with unique mortars for every faction. I'm actually considering using it as an anti tank launcher system where they are set up and then fired remotely.

  • I don't think it looks that bad. And this is only the early concept. The screaming heads do look off though.

  • I think they look fine, and they look like they would be broadly useful for a variety of sci-fi purposes other than Death Fields Raumjager, such as Eisenker, as mentioned by John WIlson. 

    They don't look as heavy as the Grognard heavy weapons did, but then that seems appropriate for what would presumably be a more mobile, portable force equivalent to paratroopers, which seems fair to me.

    I like the heavy machinegun the best. 

    Not sure I'm entirely convinced yet by the flamethrower or that shoulder-fired weapon the guy on the far left of the group render shot is using, but that could easily change with a different perspective view.

    The tablet computer the mortar crewman is holding is great - that sort of thing would be exactly the sort of thing I keep hoping to see more of, and would be great for a variety of other purposes - programming and operating drones, administrative tasks for guards and officers for raid or sneak-by-the-guards scenarios, a device for hacking into and looting secure bases or storage lockers, a scanner for medics/corpsmen administering first-aid to casualties.... naturally it's not going to be for everyone, but I like this sort of non-combat bit, especially for use in role-playing games and so on.  Radios, cell phones, demolitions charges, mine detectors, hand tools, and that sort of thing would be great, as long as there's room.


    EDIT:  I should add that I'm not likely to be a big customer for Raumjager sets - I might pick up one of each of them eventually for the bitz and for general-purpose sci-fi gaming use.  For that purpose, these ought to be great, but customers buying and building Raumjager wargaming armies might see things very differently!



  • @Yronimos Whateley I quite agree on the tablet. And I also only intend to get a single box for kitbashing bits.

  • How about some prone weapons teams?   The ultra high tripod is getting played out.  


  • @Grumpy Gnome You guys must have a better "Head" change of supply to us, Mad robot,s a total no now. with postage 2/3 times parcel price.

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    Indeed, the hacker models for Stargrave are wonderful minis and hacking a very good addition to gameplay.

  • @Geoff Maybury I am not sure how I haves better source in Germany. UK seems like the best place for bits, in particular Anvil Industry.

  • Some other excellent prone teams:


  • Reference the much loved tablet.

    A neat enough bit I guess.

    But it really doesn't work in the context of the mortar he is crewing.  The mortar as pictured might have some SMALL elevation and deflection adjustment built in/automated.  But any real changes to elevation and deflection involve kicking in or pulling out the legs of the bipod and man handling the tube in a new direction.  In other words a pad alone isn't going to cut it.  You need an assistant gunner to work the bipod.  To be fair, maybe the assistant gunner just isn't pictured yet.  Alternatively the pad could be a Mortar Ballistic Computer (MBC) that is used to get firing solutions for the tubes.  But you still need actual crews for the mortars.  

  • Motar with a tablet seems less like a traditional mortar to me and more like a tube launched guided loitering munition system, i.e. a Switchblade suicide drone. Given this is meant to be a more futuristic setting, we shouldn't restrict our outlook to thinking only shiny versions of old tech.

  • my thoughts:, numbered from left to right:
    #1 doesn't really look like a missile launcher to me. it has too many 'gun' type features, and honestly looks more like some sort of shoulder fired support laser, or an antitank gun with anachronistic arquibusier style stock.

    #2, this is definately supposed to be some sort of energy weapon, but looks rather fragile and puny? plus while the whole power hoses to a seperate battery thing looks cool, they look like they'd be a pain to assemble and base, and would break easy. since the battery pack is pretty small, i don;t see why you couldn't fit it onto the gun itself.

    #3 i think is a flamethrower.. but the backpack looks out of place? the weapon seems to have tanks already on the stock, so it doesn't need a backpack tank.. and that backpack doesn't really look like fuel tanks, but rather some sort of techie bits.

    #4, not a bad HMG.

    #5 the "mortar".. i agree this is probably meant to be some sort of guided missile or drone launcher,. the pad is nice, but i think most buyers aren't going to figure out said figure goes with the launcher.


    my thoughts: i think you could go one of two ways here.. i'd take that 'mortar' launch tube assembly and use it on #1 as the rocket launcher. go for a M202 FLASH style look. i would then make #5's weapon a miniature drone on a launch ramp, to make it clear that its a loitering munition type thing.

    that said i'd go with this idea instead: i'd actually drop the crewed bit entirely.  go for a man portable remote controlled weapon ststation look, with a bulked up tripod and the guns mounted on top with optics and a turret assembly. with enough to build one each of the HMG, laser, flamerthrower, and missile turrets. then make the infantry figures having options for a mix of tablets, wrist computers,  and additional ammo containers. basically lean into the higher tech feel of the unit compared to the more traditionalist bulldogs and Grognards



  • 1-5.  Start over.

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