Powered Armoured Mobile Infantry

  • Heresy miniatures is bringing this back...


    More of a mech than power armour but very similar in design to the defiance games one.


  • @John Wilson Eh John I`m blank again, "forgot to pay the light Bill"

  • @John Wilson Are they this The Komodo.

  • @Geoff Maybury That is the one.


  • Ape Suits! Ape Suits! Would love some REAL MI armor. 

    Weren't there other types of armor in the book as well? Scouts and Command????

  • @Jimil Louis There were indeed. Command could be done easily with options to replace weapons with communication gear. Scouts likewise could have reduced weapon load for additional recon gear.

  • Second vote for Ape Suits! 

  • What is an Ape Suit?

  • @Tim Dilbert Its the nickname given to power armour in the book.


  • it seems ot me that you could get a fair degree of customizability between trooper, recon, command, support, etc style suits by using a system similar to the warhammer 40K Tau battlesuits. have most of your weapons and systems seperate and have attachment points via pegs and divots or the like across the suit where you can mount them. perhaps hybridize it a little with variant arms if you want to go with rifle style grips for your main weapon or have internally mounted arm guns. though you could just design your attachment point on the end of the arm where you can slot in barrels and such. (either instead of a hand or alongside one, depending on design.), and have the weapons done up so you have things like shoulder or back mounted missiles, mortars, gun turrets, etc.

    then you could represent a recon suit by mounting some extra sensor dish or optical looking systems instead of a shoulder mounted weapon, a heavy support suit by mounting extra shoulder or arm mounted weapons, a command suit by fitting some extra antenna things, etc.

  • @Mithril2098 Mantic's Forge Guard already have a similar system, in hard plastic, so it's definitely doable to have separate wrist and shoulder mounts for weapons. 

  • Ok, the Friday email seems to show a render of a possible Power Armour design. I'm happy with the three-fingered Waldos, I think they should be sufficient for whatever mobile infantry might need. I think I see some sort of weapon in the top left corner, but it's hard to tell if it's shoulder mounted, or if it's just clipping through the arm because everything needs to be in-frame. If it is a shoulder mount, that's fine by me, I always liked Warmachine's profile. 

    I assume that this is an exploded version of the armour, because the shoulders seem unnaturally wide; presumably they'll be shifted inwards so that the models shoulder and elbow joints align with those of the suit, rather than the armour requiring a kind of "Cornholio-pose" of the wearer. (given how chunky this arms are on this version, I wonder if there's room for that?) I'm intrigued by the possibility of having the armour open; it's not something I had considered, but potentially makes for some interesting modelling opportunities. 

    I'm interested to hear others' thoughts on the preview. Is the aesthetic roughly what you were expecting? (I'm detecting hints of the SST anime) How do you feel about the bulk of the armour on display so far? 

  • @Stephen Sutton 

    What are we talking about....

    Off to check email....


    Well that looks pretty promising.  In fact pretty dang exciting.

    For the sake of completness here's last weeks sneak peak.... which may or may not (more digits/articulation of digits?) be related:



  • @Stephen Sutton 

    I like the aesthetic so far.

    As you stated, hopefully the shoulders close in a bit so the pilot's arms in the suit's arms make more sense. 

    Conversely if piloting these things requires loosing one's limbs and having the nubs modified to interface with the suit I can live with that too.  

    (One can assume that if they can build a suit this advanced, the artificial limbs one can fit on when out of the suit would be similarly advanced as well.)

  • @JTam I think I could live with something like that. I know they had something similar in one of the XCOM videogames. If we're going down that route, I imagine a spinal connection would work too, then they could just keep their own arms immobile inside the chest of the suit. 

  • @JTam Seems like its almost a mech in line with some of the lighter Gears from the Heavy Gear Franchise or the walkers from OBSOLETE, which is fine by me.

  • I think Fallout 4's armour does a good job of accomodating a human frame, while selling the "power" part of the armour. 


    It adds noticable bulk and heft, while still being wearable. The one issue I have with it, is that the pauldrons seriously limit the mobility of the arms. Restricting the range of movements to about 90 degrees from the body and no higher, but if you're overwhelmingly using firearms, then I suppose such a restriction won't seriously affect combat effectiveness, and in close quarters you'll be leveraging the superior tensile strength of the armour rather than going for heavy overhand strikes. 

  • @Stephen Sutton 

    That seemed practical.

    That video led me down a small rabbit hole of "donning power armor" videos:

    In this game they slide into the suit like a woman into skinny jeans.  (Will not discuss the terrible scourge of "males" in skinny jeans.)


    Then there's the more complex and ritualized armor fitting here:



  • @Stephen Sutton Probably the best thing to come out of Fallout 4 was the change to power armour from Fallout 3 and New Vegas,  especially the power armour frame design being largely well thought out in how it could actually operate.


  • @JTam Yeah, the armour in Anthem looks like it was designed to fit around a mesh of a human character in a videgame, making it overly sleek, rather than factoring in any practical design considerations. 

  • @Stephen Sutton 

    The suits at 0 seconds and 40 seconds look maybe a touch bigger/more realistic.  


  • @JTam

    Then there's the more complex and ritualized armor fitting here:


    pretty sure that GW decided to this video because of the starcraft II trailer with a Terran Marine being put into his armor. notice some fofthe similar "assembling the armor" aspects.


    of course, the starcraft Terran marine is a convict-soldier literally welded into his armor as fast as possible, not the techno-warrior-monk of an Astartes.

    honestly, "assemble the armor from components" seems to be a common thread nowadays. even Halo went that route with the Spartan armors. even the older Gen1 Moljnir suits.


    personally i blame Iron Man. which made that first suit up in the Mk.III suit really epic.







  • @Mithril2098 

    It's worth noting that Starcraft is a DELIBERATE knockoff of Warhammer 40K.  Not the other way around.  The basics of the ports, interface, black carapace, and armor fitting were established by Games Workshop WAY before Starcraft came along. 


  • @JTam......Not that it matter, but given that Wh40k is also a "DELIBERATE knockoff" of multiple other franchies can we even be sure Starcraft was knocking off of Wh40k and not what Wh40k was knocking off of in the first place?😆

  • @Brian Van De Walker 

    I chose the word DELIBERATE deliberately:


  • @JTam Yeah but after reading the article and looking at the art designs beyond the basic concept of guys in power armor*, the starcraft humans are so diffrent from 40k that its like saying "Mass Effect Humanity is a knockoff off of Babylon 5 Humanity."

    *(which by the way seems to be the main thing Blizzard took out of that deal alongside the idea of bugs, gods and psychers, all of which are not original ideas to Wh40k and have been done better in SciFi by others franchises) 

  • The new sneak-peek looks to be the power armour with the front attached. I must say it cuts a very intimidating profile from what's on-show here. It's hard to tell, but it looks like there will be an option for guns instead of waldos. I do have to say I'm hoping for an option for waldos with guns, whether wrist/should mounted or gripped. 

    That stuff on the back looks interesting. Are those cylindrical parts on the "belt" some kind of hinge or mechanism? That box-y part sticking straight out almost looks like a battery or a magazine of some sort, but could well be a hard-point for mounting jump-jets or ordnance. I like the exposed machinery in the back of the arms, it helps to sell that this is mechanical in nature, and not some unobtainum-fuelled magitech hardsuit which functions somehow. From what I can see of the guns, they definitely fit the "big gorilla sized guns" bill. 

    Is anyone else getting a bit of a F.E.A.R Rev6 vibe from this? 


  • Modiphius looks to be releasing Fallout Power Armor as multipart plastic kits in the near future.

  • Awesome, it's a good time to be into this stuff. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome There is also an Enclave power armour sprue coming in hard plastic as well, the above being the Brotherhood of Steel (and Outcast I suppose) sprue. Its Fallout 3 weapons with updated to Fallout 4 sized armour by the look of it.

    I believe this is for the Fallout 3 wave of releases.



  • @JTam i am aware of the origins of starcraft, and the lore of 40K. My point was that the specific shot angles and format is too similar to the SC vid to not be intentional, especially given that the 40K vid added a bunch of elements which were not part of the 40K lore, like the use of the mechanical arms built into the room, and the way that several of the parts of the astartes armor are literally being crafted from scratch, both elements never previously part of the lore, which presents the astartes armor suit up as more of a "donning knightly armor" thing where all the parts are already built, and suiting up is mostly just putting them onto the wearer. This is especially true given the frequent references in 40K lore to various types of astartes armor as no longer geing producable due to the loss of technology.

    @Grumpy Gnome sweet, hopefully the price isn't quite as extreme for what you get as their previous premade figure sets.

  • @Mithril2098 Yeah, if the barrier to entry were lower I could see a tabletop fallout game gaining a much larger following. 

  • High price and the 32-35mm scaling is a problem with Modiphius. Fallout gaming is a sure win with the popularity of Fallout and the Post Apoc genre but I think folks want cost efficient 28mm figures given all the competition our there for their time and money. Then again, more and more companies are making 32-35mm figures. Maybe my 28’s will eventually go the way of my 25’s and the Dodo.


    EDIT: Looks like Tim Barry and Impact Miniatures are bringing a 28mm power suit to Kickstarter at the end of this month.


  • Modiphus wise, yeah pricing is a problem (along with them being all resin at the moment for me at least) which is why despite being a huge fallout fan I've not bought into Wasteland Warfare.

    Having looked at the linked page. Why am I not surprised that the designer of the power armour was never paid, so Defiance Games never held the rights to the design. I'm guessing its the 3d designer that is involved with this, not sure if the original artwork guy was ever paid either (assuming they are not the same guy).

    Looking at the above open cockpit, it does seem to be suffering from where are the arms and legs of the pilot problem?

    Is he missing limbs, is he somehow sitting in the chest area?


  • Defiance games folded before the Power Armor figures got much further than a WIP early 3D art file. and the original artwork was by flyingdebris, so you may want to direct inqueries about that to him.

    Mech Suit by flyingdebris


    and my understanding is that the design was meant to be one of those where the pilot's legs are in the suit's legs, but the pilots arms are in a cockpit type set up and the suit's arms are all robotic.

  • For those interested, the Impact! Kickstarter for the Defiance hardsuit models is now live. Both physical and STL pledge options.

    They're also offering some more 'Battletech' scale mechs from the REDLINE and WHISPER properties.

  • @Grumpy Gnome @John Wilson Can`t believe Fallouts prices to be honest, when talking to friends still in the trade, they are in the  opinion, that theres a "Two Tier" wargaming, one 32/35mm pay any price, and pay to paint, if required. Then old style, cheep as chips (joke) old school, they could be right the damage was done by GW but continued by others. When we traded,Wiz kids did a lot of damage with the clix buying style, for DC, Marvel, and Starwars, followed by "Halo". All never made good Wargaming, now look at DC and Marvel by Knight Games, and the mini Halo game, prices are stupid. Manufacturers tell the "Punters"(a very vulgar word in my mind) that Si/Fi and Fantasy don`t sell like real, what a load of "Bull". Starship troopers flew of the shelves as quick as we ordered  and all items sold really well. GW had dearer prices for Sci/Fi and Fantasy so the others followed the pack leader as the Mongoose says "Simplesss". It was Mongoose that we dealt with direct and Dred, Starship Troopers, were dearer than Battlefield Earth. 

    I feel there will always be now a two tier system, 32/35 and my preferred 1/56, 28mm and I can't see it altering in the future. Wargame Atlantic will continue to do their excellent range as they have proved with the growing Ooh-Rah's range so I don't see us " old style" having anything to worry about. I'm "old style" and proud of it.

  • I've been considering the renders a little more, and the elbows-in-shoulders and wrists-in-elbows style arms are growing on me. If the armour is doing all the work, then the only real concern is the range of motion of the joints, and miming it IRL makes it seem like the arms would have all the articulation of a regular human arm at those joints, and would only be missing motion at the wrist; but given how strong the suits [presumably] are that's something the waldos could work around. With such a wide stance they ought to cut a rather impressive silhouette on the tabletop too. 

  • @Yronimos Whateley The Gundam kits in 1/100 are a good match for 28mm minis, there are some kits in 1/60 scale of an old serie Patlabor, plus those from Full metal Panic, same scale. For real power armours I bought some resin models from Anvil Industry, before they were done in STL only, and were really good, one of the best concept for PA. I think that a good inspiration for plastic's PAs could be the old anime version of Starship Troopers, these are one of the best version of power armours. A boxed set could be 6 or 8 minis, with two models for sprue, with various options for armament and command/comms versions.

  • @Grumpy Gnome I recently purchased the .stls for these. I was an original backer when the kickstarter relased way back when. Was super bummed when they crashed like a comet. The cool thing about how it all panned out is now I have my hardsuit .stls, and right this minute a friend of mine on MeWe is printing the first test shot. Soon, I'll have masters that I can make molds from and I can start casting myself some heavy infantry to support my Eisenkern. Though... Given the size, are they really infantry? As modeled they're somewhere between Terminator and Sentinel sized. 

  • @Battle Specter Yeah, looking at that, there's no way a standard human would fit their limbs into the limbs of the armour, that's a mini-mech at that scale. there looks to be about enough space to fit a human in the foetal position inside the torso of the suit. :P

    I don't suppose they can be "shrunk" and printed any smaller? 

  • @Stephen Sutton Yes, of course they can. You can scale your print to whatever you want. The figure in blue is scaled at 28mm. The Hardsuit is scaled at roughly 70%

  • Naturally, if printed in the right scale , they could pass for Landmates, the mechs seen on Appleseed manga and anime, where the pilots sits in them and use the arms with a servo mechanism, at least in the late models (early models had the arms exposed). Corvus Belli make some very similar in their Infinity's range

  • Reviving another dead thread!

    Impact Miniatures got the rights to the Hard Suit:

    I reached out to them and it looks like that's the only product they got from Defiance.

    I really liked the Defiance bugs. If WGA were to get their hands on those molds... boy would they fit nicely with the current bugs.

    I've got a specific itch for gribbly quadrupedal aliens:

  • @JTam Good grief those arms are WIDE!!! Kind of the same problem Samus' armor has. Hopefully the final design will have more appropriately positioned arms. Other than that I like the idea of removable torso plates depending on how big the armor is.

  • @Grumpy Gnome We're finally getting plastic Fallout?

  • @Brian Van De Walker The walkers from Obsolete, also if useful in an urban environment, in real life would be pathetically vulnerable to most of medium/heavy weapons, on the contrary PAs such as Heinlein's or those used in Honor Harrington's books would be very lethal against most opponents, except the ones well equipped with really heavy weapons systems, such as heavy plasma guns.

  • @Charles Tottington I think the wearer has their elbows in the shoulders of the suit and their wrists/hands in the elbows. It looks a little awkward, and it prevents wrist articulation on the suits, but it should provide for an imposing profile while maintaining approximately the same range of motion as a human arm at those two joints. I don't know if I'm 100% sold on it yet, but the plastic Oorah ended up looking better than the renders so I'm excited to see more of the power armour. 

  • @Yronimos Whateley About japanese's PAs, there are some on Papsikels, such as this


    There are more, either as STL files and printed models.

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