Artillery, Limbers, War Wagons, and Particularly Peeved Peasants.

  • Perhaps one of the rarest sort of models is plastic artillery, I only know of two, that being Warlord's Wars of the Sun King's kit and Perry's Civil War Artillery. The exotic nature is furher compounded by the total lack of any sort of limbered artillery or options therein. 

    I think if WGA were to make a few artillery guns with optional limbers that could connect up to the prexisting horse sprues, and then sell seperate crew options i.e "Ottoman Artillery Crews" and give some options like the Jannisary hats, turbans, helmeted heads and whatnot, or a "Western European" kit with sallets, morions, hats, and even uncovered heads would be of great use to those intending to build armies before end of the age of pike.

    Of the producers of model artillery in general only four make early modern or late medieval artillery, and its all metal with no options, that being Warlord (Pike and Shotte), Perry (Metal War of the Roses and English Civil War), Milton SG, and Old Glory, and none to my knowledge make war wagons period. If I had to choose there'd be a mortar, serpentine, bombard, and something like a leather cannon, I think they could all use the same carriage if I recall what some of the ligher mortars looked like in the period.

    Nextly is peasants, not so much civillians but peasants with the newfound technology of gunpowder, either French Prodestants, Dutch Rebels, or members of the Great Peasants War in Germany, there are plenty more rebellions, and most tend to dress similarly once you strip away the color anyways. Peasant rebellions were very common in this period and I think could make a good kit, be they militias, relgious zealots, people fed up with the current state of things, or an imaginary nation's troops. I think its a good idea anyways.

    Lastly is war wagons, now I know WGA hasn't done any vehicles, but the horses are there and a wagon is farily easy to design and make being a few sheets, an H shape and four wheels. An optional half cover could be included and with one kit you'd have something fit from the bronze age up until today. War wagons, poineers heading to Oregon, or just a farmer heading to town, plus if you added a war wagon option you could slide a cannon into it like the Hussites under Jan Zizka.


    Perhaps my head is in the clouds but I think a few "regionally ambigous" kits expecially in the realm of artillery and wagons would be of incredible help despite me not buying any models until I finish the current 200+ strong pile of shame mostly consistent of stuff from here.

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     But yeah, I'll take any and all of that. Having just bought a box of WSS artillery... a Wargames atlantic kit would have been very nice. Victrix has a British and a french artillery set. 

    Victrix artillery link

    Peasants would be cool too. Fireforge has a peasant set, but no black powder in it. A warwago would be fun. I certainly would buy a couple sets of each of these.

    edit: And Perry has a Revolutionary was artillery set in addition to their civil war one I believe.

  • @William Redford That Victrix kit is nice, I just wish it wasn't napoleonic. I really dig the early modern/late medieval period and find the battlefields of of the napoleonic period comparatively bland. The generals of the Napoleonic age make it cool, but there's something special about the dynamic of the early modern period where everything was on the table and and viable where longbows could be gunners and pikemen clashed with knights, where pistoleers skirmished with Genoese crossbowmen on the plains of Litguria.

    I just wish more people could share that interest and I think if the minis were avalible and as inexpensive as WGA is it be more common.

    Adding fantasy elements would also be easy, as the magically forged armor of the Sons of Aleskanir mount their undead steeds, dawn their swords, or string their bows for first time in centuries to ride against the Halfling Kingdom, where their enemies cities once stood, unable to tell the difference the Rosen Army is raised, a landskent inspired multi-ethnic army of ogres, humans, and all sorts of humanoids, as long as it can hold a pike or aim a arquebus.

    Boom gunpowder, ancients, and high medieval armies in something I slammed together in five minutes with kits that already exist (or will shortly) by WGA.

    Add in war wagons, and armed peasants and you have the start of some very interesting options for wargames, settings, or DnD campaigns.

    • Those who can't use magic rising up against wizard-lords with musket in hand
    • Goblin/Lizardfolk skirmishes between towns
    • Good King may not be as good as the capital thinks he is
    • Power conflict between the merchants, clergy, and kingdom, with the various militias duking it out while the leaders manuver politically

  • @Viking Cowboy actually, not that they shouldn't be done, but for Fantasy the Nappy cannons, Spanish Succsion cannons, ACW, etc. all work, Perry and WGA are about neck and neck price wise, and Sludge is already doing what your suggesting for fantasy but with a free hand for army building (ie you have knights runnning around in magic armor battleing wizards alongside halberd, sword, bow and matchcord to percussion cap gun armed peasent rables to WW 1/2 uniformed foot soldiers, and there is plenty of room for grand and small intruges). I would focus on the history gaming side.

    Also, from a history gaming perspective, Fireforge peasents are kinda of chunky and I know they could be done better.

  • The USD$12 for a single Marlburian cannon frame from Warlord is reasonable. Why the box set of three is $38.50 (or conversely, why the single frame is so cheap) I cannot fathom. 

  • @Mark Dewis "RRREE" the joys of trying to figure out Warlords prices. They pull them out of the hat with the "Rabbits". I`ve lost my hair with "Project Z", sick to the hind teeth with them. Just wanted sprues, as with those prices they are not selling.

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