Buzz Lightyear ships for Sci-Fi gaming

  • My brother and I have been looking at the spaceship toys for the new Buzz Lightyear movie for Sci-Fi gaming.  He picked some up and took some scale-comparison shots; they look pretty good!

    Maybe you're at a space port and you have to apprehend a fugitive before they can make it to their ship and get off-planet?

    There are also some drop pods, which would be great for objectives ("get to the drop pod before your competition" type mission?)

    Zurg ship

    Here are the figures they come with:

    And then there's the larger ships, particularly interesting to me is this one, the "Armadillo." A little paint, and it would totally work as your crew's ship in Five Parsecs or Stargrave for "defend the ship" missions:

    Don't have the Armadillo, but judging by it's size compared to that kid, it looks to be just right.

  • The difficult thing with kids is they vary in size a lot. It looks pretty big to me, but scale is hard to tell from the picture.

  • Saw them during vacations -wife was taking pictures while I was lurking around toyshops.. Gonna order some thru' or maybe while paying a visit to the nearest walmart supercenter. 

    With new layers of paint, the could be added to any scifi army list as playable vehicles, decor elements or mere objectives. Same for crew, they could be considered as.. androids.

    The 15'' Zyclops could be converted into a giant warbot... 


    Thanks for the insight Mr Hayward 👌

  • @Estoc This is true.  There are two Armadillos, the one pictured is the large one and there's a smaller brown one.  Next time I'm at the store (if they have it), I'll check it out.  I always keep little cardstock cutouts of minis in 10, 15, and 28mm in my wallet just in case I need to check something's scale!

    I'm hoping for it to be around the size of the Serenity compared to her crew.

  • According to Amazon, it's 12.5" stem to stern:

    d here's a fellow's video review for it.  His hands look average-sized, so it looks right about the size I'm after!

    Its got a nice, chunky "cargo/transport" vibe.


  • @Benjamin Hayward 

    Indeed .. could be added to the upcoming Oh Rah DF team without any problem... I feel some "aliens" vibe could be easily added to that ship. 🧐

  • Nice find - given a new coat of paint and a little weathering, these two don't look half bad for '70s style sci-fi in the vein of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and the Buck Rogers TV series, which isn't a bad thing in my book (and I've never seen the Toy Story movies or anything, but I'm going to assume by the name "Buzz Lightyear", which would have fit right in alongside "Luke Skywalker", "Buck Rogers", or "Flash Gordon", that this sort of '70s sci-fi is exactly the aesthetic :that they were aiming for!)

    They're probably not a bad source of parts for kitbashing something a little different, or a little closer to the source material for those '70s sci-fi properties.  I think they're fine even as-is for basic objectives, terrain, and the like, though, and a little weathering and the like to give them depth and help "sell" them on the tabletop.

  • Thanks for your research on this! These would be fun to paint. Actually, that XL-07 looks oddly familiar...

    The color scheme's even really close to the Vic Viper. At 12 bucks, I might have to pick one up!

  • @Estoc Great thing about toys is the model is strong, fastened mostly with screws, and as opening clear canopys. If you wish you can paint them black which works, or remove the incorrect scale interior, and replace with our scale. This will be my choise with the Quin Jet when I work on her. 

  • @Benjamin Hayward If she comes apart as eisally as the Quin Jet toy. I recone youll be pleased with her, it`s nice to make your own transport. If you can tweek the inside, and that cockpit, to take say, four crew seats, with a door at back, showing steps going down just in view. Respray and transfers of your choise "Dam it Sir, you`ve got yourself a fine ship".

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    I agree... I've bought a Quin Jet a few years ago as a storm-shuttle for my Iron-Core-troopers... in a forum on the Inet I have seen a picture from a aircraft conversion for a battletech Landig craft like a leopard battlemech landing-craft... that was great deal... 

    Model stands here but I have not begun the conversion as storm-shuttle.. someday when i retire...

    A QuinJet is a good buy.


  • It's likely that no-brand versions of these are already heading to discount stores. Worth keeping an eye out for, especially if you plan to convert and paint. No need to pay higher prices if you don't need to.

  • I have 2 of the smaller Armadillos. They are perfect for 28mm as a small landing craft. 

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