French and Indian War

In reference to WGA French and Indian War troop kits:

  • The French and Indian War saw the French and British battle for control of a continent from 1754 to 1763.  

    Extraordinarily hard men fought in savage conditions.   

    The wars consequences were far reaching and profound.  

    At a more micro level the war served as a training ground for many of the giants of the American Revolution.   (Much like the Mexican War for the American Civil War - although that's a topic for another thread).  COL Washington would have a very mixed war in the French and Indian War but the experience shaped him to forge a Nation.

    The legacy of the French and Indian War still lives on in the US Army to today. 

    "Stand To" (100% security) is still pulled at BMNT (Before Morning Nautical Twilight) and EENT (End Evening Nautical Twilight) as that's "when the "French and Indians attack."

    Rogers' Rules are still found at the front of the US Army Ranger Handbook:

    The US Army Rangers are named after Rogers' Rangers.  

    What's the point of all this.  A WGA line for the French and Indian war would be most welcome.  It would fill the 200 odd year gap between the Renaissance and Napoleonic Wars if nothing else ;)

    I hope others will share their thoughts and/or materials on the French and Indian War here.

  • The French and Indian War is also an excellent alternate setting for "Silver Bayonet."

    Picture Daniel Day Lewis, COL Washington, and Robert Rogers fighting French Vampyre and Native Shapeshifters.  

    As Daniel Day Lewis' love is carried into the darkness by a terrible creature of the night he cries "Stay Alive!  No matter what I WILL FIND YOU!"  (I also like to tell the Wife this when I drop her off at Walmart.)

    There's a great thread going on about Silver Bayonet on this forum here:

    Also, Brigade Games has some new, incredible miniatures for the French and Indian War.

    (Yes, he is holding the White Hair's heart.)

    Blast the Last of the Mohicans score as loud as possible while painting these.  


  • A really nice idea. I would certainly buy some indian boxes and some trapers, if there where any.
    the Northstar line Muskets & Tomahawks, and the Crucible Crush Flint and Feather line are great, but some plastic boxes would be really nice.


  • I would buy a box. Looks useful in conversions and would be a fun kit...


    but I also like cake...


  • @Vitor Soares 

    I've seen a lot of interest in kits for various tribes.

  • @William Redford 

    I had to cut and paste that link.  I was hoping for Cake's "(Going) The Distance."


  • @JTam posting from my phone... weird phone issues

  • I definitely want FIW stuff. I already have Muskets and Tomahawks for that period and I know that Blood and Plunder is expanding into the 18th century as well. This leads me to a general observation which is that apart from ACW there is very little of the North American conflicts in plastics which I would like to see change. Especially in light of the FIW stuff that I would like as well as the various conflicts addressed by Blood and Steel (Mexican American War, Indian Wars, Spanish American war, etc...)

  • @Daniel Broaddus 

    Fully agree. 

    The Mexican War is of particular interest to me as well.

    I posted some pics of the Fort Bliss Museum Mexican War Display here:


  • I'd definitely snag some.  I have my eye on Warlord's Colonial Militia and Woodlands Tribes minis for gaming in a Weird 1700s setting.

  • Well, I might pick some sprues up to play with if I find them interesting, but when it comes to SYW conflicts I would rather see East Indian Front (which would also be great Silver Bayonet setting).


  • I did choose "Cake" 'cause I played a lot of games related to the French-British Colonial Wars (as we are calling the French & Indian War in France as small part of the Seven Years' War) ... since I am living in Quebec and not far away from historical reenactment sites like Chambly or Carignan. 

    BUT if placing them as part of some earlier time period of The Silver Bayonet setting, it could be a more interesting idea since French settlers were depending on Native support, and adding Native creatures to the mix could have had some major influence in the war.. French colonists were feared thanks of their mastery of the "Petite Guerre" ("Hit and Run" tactics.. as depicted in Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans and later in Mel Gibson' The Patriot movie but from an Continental point-of-view, read British or American) so a valliant rearguard tactic (unlike Montcalm's, more used to European way of war, also known as the "Great War" according to Clauswitz) against a far numerous opponent. Adding mythical Native-American creatures could have been a big big game-changer: for instance, the British could have been unable to build Oswego fort on Lake Ontario cause of the Gaasyendietha, some kind of Dragon living in the depths of Lake Ontario and known for roaming the Great Lakes.. 

  • Definitely in for cake... always... Thursday is "cake day" in my house FYI 🤣

    Also would be definitely in for some more figures, especially tribes... Firelock Games (amongst others) make some great braves, but they're kind of hard to find... I'm a big fan of the "Leatherstocking Tales" and I'm always adding characters to this collection ;)

  • Being originally from Upstate New York the F&IW holds a special interest for me. Gaming this period and location is on my to-do list and I already have some minis and terrain waiting to be built... however more would be better!

  • @Benjamin Hayward Eh, seems we all like "Weird Wars", American Civil, WW2, Korea, Nam, are my dabbles.

  • Weren't the old Wargames Factory Revolutionary War kits (especially the Indian one) designed to go cover this as well? Warlord still publish them.

  • This page:

    Edit: small mistake - while the WGF kits were pitched to be usable for 1754-63, their main focus was 1776-83. But the Woodland Indian and Colonial Militiamen kits were very suitable, and designed for both wars.

    French Uniforms had changed the most in 20 years - most of the British uniform changes aren't obvious, or are a matter of paint colour (such as red vs white breeches).

  • While not all of the older Wargames Factory figures are of the same quality, most still retain a certain “mannequin” look to them. In this case some are perfect for background in a Fallout 4 Boston setting mind you. Mrs. GG and I quite like the old WF Woodland Native Americans and I have some waiting in my backlog.

  • The cake is a lie.

  • French and Indian war is a fantastic wargaming period with some really good rules available. I have used Land of the Free many times as well as Flint and Feather and always had fun. It is one of the few periods that work great for skirmish or larger battles. There were momentous battles and small raids.

    I also like cake as long as I have been taking my metformin pills so both would get my vote.

  • @Allan Lougheed  Metformin for the win.

  • Warlord Games having a nice Black Friday / Clearance sale currently.  Among available goodies:

  • Couldn't help myself:

  • Hmmh..... Who did it better?