Anybody else have issues signing in?

  • Alright this is something that has been going on for a while for me and I wanted to know if anybody else was having issues signing in. Basically what happens is that whenever you try to sign in with your account and complete the capatcha, there is a chance that the system will assume that you are trying to make an account instead. I've had to deal with this several times whenever I log on and I was wondering if anybody else was having issues.

  • @Charles Tottington it used to when i had my old laptop and used Chrome. My new one uses microsoft edge and i havent had the issue since. 

  • I use Brave and have had no issues.

  • Sort of, I go through the sign up "prove your not a bot" test, then it says there is something wrong with my account, but if I ignore that and just click the sign in again everything is just peachy.


  • Interesting, I hadnt noticed but since going to Edge it no longer asks me that "prove you are not a bot" thing. 

  • Yeah, there are two threads I made about this before. The moderators said it was from the service used.

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