Any interest in Pulp Merchant Marine Tramp Steamer Officers, Sailors and Ship‘s Crew?

  • While looking for some sailors for Pulp gaming it occurred to me that there is an unfilled niche in the plastic kit market.... the above mentioned sailors! 

    And, imagine this... each box (maybe each sprue) having a ship’s long boat!

    For now I will need to kitbash convert some from the French Resistance box but think of the potential... it would also be great to have naval sailors from various nations for boarding and shore parties...

    Also, on a side note... wouldn’t a spin off series from Indiana Jones about the adventures of Captain Katanga and his crew be cool? Certain better than the Crystal Skull....


  • @Grumpy Gnome I was thinking this just the other day! Yes, please. A generic turn of the 20th century sailors kit could go very far.

  • I'd be aboard for both ideas - sounds like a lot of fun to me.

    The pulp ship crew really is the sort of thing that crosses over well with the partisans, which seems like it was a successful from the outside, anyway - a very useful set with a wide variety of 20th century gaming uses outside of whatever the box is labeled as.

  • I also need to convince TT Combat to make an earlier period tramp freighter although I suppose their current one can do if needs must.


  • Yeah, something like those but multi-part plastic kits (male and female) for more versatility and personalization. I did order one of those sets of the Pulp Savage Coast sailors this morning to see how they look in person. 

    I am reminded of the crew in “You Can’t Win’em All” with Charles Bronson.

    Edit: They arrived already... at first glance they look good.



  • Ooh, I LIKE this idea :) Alaways space for more adventurers ;)

  • Not to knock the idea, but doesn't the Partisian kit either out of the box or combind with any WA WW1/2 set of your choice already cover this? at least for males?

    I wouldn't mind them making the female WW2 partsians a bit pulpy though and a pulp upgrade/hero sprue for what they have currently with things like melee weapons such a machete or a whip might be fun.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Nice for all lost island, giant creatures, dinos , I`m in great.

  • The clothing of the partisans have not proven to be very... “workman-like”compared to the North Star Savage Seas Pulp sailors. And with only five torsos you do not have a lot of diversity in clothing options. Nor do you have much ethnic diversity in the faces. I expect to get some more options with the expected 20’s Gangster set from WGA but I am not sure how much diversity we will get with that for rough worker clothing. I do intend to get some Boxers to add in and am still trying to figure out how to use the Afghan set.

    I have tried some creative kitbashing using tattered uniformed US Marines and shorts wearing British desert troops, English civil war Monmouth caps (knit watch caps) and some uniform peaked caps to come up with some ideas.

    You can see how big the Reaper mini is in comparison. The double barrellrd shotgun comes from the Deadman’s Hand plastic gunfighters set.

    I can kitbash all day long... that does not mean I think we do not need a set of plastic multi-pose pulp sailors/fishermen/pirates/mercenaries/thugs/rebels.

    My plan is to also use them as armed resistance for a pulpy alien invasion with my Mantic Mars Attacks Martians as well as exploring ancient ruins in various desert as well jungle settings.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Ghost Archipelago Crew might work?

    They're a bit more historic-piratey, but mixed through with partisan bodies and heads and carrying modern gear they might pass as the trampier side of tramp crew?

    Firelock have some plastic pirates in the pipe too:


  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    While reading new contents from blogs I am following... instantly I knew it was something you could like...

    And since I am quite a nice guy, the direct link to such a beauty:


  • I have been trying to figure how to use the various North Star Frostgrave/Stargrave/Oathmark/Ghost Archipelago figures for my pulpy Twilight 49 project so good call there. I am pretty sure the Firelock sets will have things I can use but that is still scheduled for arrival in Sept-Nov.

    A cool ship if still a bit late period in design for the project aesthetic I have in mind.

    Thanks to both of you for the suggestions.

  • There's a female Stargrave Crew head with a beanie.

    1000% support this idea, GG!

    I'm fairly sure this could cover fishermen and civilian crew back to the late 19th C as well as the whole of the 20th C, if carefully designed. Headwear is the most variable.

    The upcoming 02 Hundred British Commandos also have knit cap heads, and the German sentry greatcoat bodies would work as well. Put a beanie head on a greatcoat body...

    As far as ethnic diversity goes... most of it is paint colour anyway. A head with a broad nose could be African... or Irish. Or Mongolian. Narrow hawk nose and thin lips... Ethiopian, Roman or Afghan?

    Oh, and some very useful arms out of the Perry Anasar Warrior kit - Remington rifles. Bare arms, but that may not be a major issue to convert.

  • @Mark Dewis Great suggestions mate!

    I was wondering how I could easily make WW2 British Commando caps look more like beanie style watch caps.

    Bear arms work for making characters wearing just vests and tank tops. 

    I was thinking two rows of brass buttons added to Panzer Lehr jackets might make decent pea coats but your greatcoat idea should work a treat. 

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