When a perfect day isn`t.

  • Hi all , some of you might remember my story on the painting station. Today i thought lets do some painting ,"joke not to day guys and girls not at my place . Heres a photo of my paradise. Plus our Narla.

  • Then here`s the temp at my spot.

  • You read it right folks 98% F , egg frying time, so I`m here indoors pestering you lot, when I childishly wanted to paint. Bl**dy stuff would be dry on the brush, before it got to the figure. I knew it was to hot to do the work on my collection in the shed or play with the dogs. Least I`ve got a working fan. Love all gonna raid the fridge. P.S, heres Tia showing her cool side.

  • Please all stay safe and "Hydrate" CYBER ROUND to the whole forum. Cheers to all of you.

  • Love the Doggos. My Bella passed this past February. A week after my birthday. :( she was only 7... but that is not unusual for an English Bull Dog. My Bulldog before her, Winston, passed when he was 8... My two pugs though are troopers. Both at 16... which is unusual for pugs... 


    Your backyard looks nice, you were not exagertaing by calling it your paradise. 

  • @William Redford Sorry for your loss Bill, it`s never a good time to lose them, the feelings never go away only dull. As I type this I`m surrounded by the ashes of our animals in photo frames. Six Geman shepards,  Two Cats and Two Rabits all that thought they were related to each other and played and cuddled like one big sisterhood. Now all we have are Tia, Narla, our sheps, Dinky my black cat daughter,  glued to her dad, me, (when I found her, she was smaller than my fist). Shes seven now but still dinky, finally our last rabbit Lola who sure shes a german shepard and plays with her sisters.

    Thanks for the kind words on the garden its a lovely spot to model or read.  Eileen or the animals at your side. 

  • When it's hot enough to dry paint on the brush it's time to pack the models away and head to the water... especially if you have a surf-loving hound 🤣

  • Average painting day in summer in Australia, just have to dip your brush in water more often. But seriously when it's over 40c it's a struggle.

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