A Merry Band of Misfits - An Upgrade Sprue Concept

Merry Band of Misfits Upgrade Sprue- Monsters, Non-Humans, Elves, and Fantasy Headgear. What do you think of the concept

  • To the suprise of nobody, the player races of [Your favorite TTRPG Here] are often times more interesting than the ones that have the most miniatures. We've all played a Tbaxi, or Dragonborn, or some sort of Werecreature, so for this idea, I propose sprue that could be used to fit most of WGA's range, that being an assorted heads sprue. Carefully looking over the Late Romans and the Conquistador kits, which I admittedly do not have, but from what I do have, the goblin heads fit on the DAI (Dark Age Irish), and the DAI fit on the Goblins. With that in mind, I think a sprue with some some unarmored, or lightly armored arms, a variety of more fantastical heads, and tails/wings.

    If I were to design the sprue there'd be about 40 heads in total, 10 elves/drow, 10 humans in fancy headgear i.e Dream Evil album cover art, 10 assorted monster sorts, medusa, half-orc, cyclops, and ten assorted non-humans, gnolls, Tbaxi, dragonfolk, the like. Aside from the heads maybe four sets of wings, one fairy, two bat/dragon, one angel, and then tails, cat, wolf, rat, whathave you.

    This idea was inspired by a Stargrave Mercenaries sprue I bought before I departed to where I am now, with hte badger and alien heads and thought, "man it'd be nice if I had some wings and other bits to play with, hell I'd pay ten bucks for that."


    It also doubles as a way of testing the market for what sorts of models people are interested by tracking social media attention, if the monsters are doing well you could then release a full monster kit or upgrade sprue.



    So what do you all think of the idea? First time making a poll here.

  • @Viking Cowboy Great Idea, I would definitely buy that sprue. 

  • @Viking Cowboy I really like the ideia, and would definatly buy a couple of sprues. 

  • @Viking Cowboy There`s never enough variation in heads for conversions. Great idea.

  • You could probably fit a few more heads into there. Like the concept.

  • Excellent concept. Some of those - especially Elves - could justify a sprue of their own, if demand for them at skirmish unit or army level were there. Tails would be handy on the frame as well.

  • @Mark Dewis Yeah I figured each section could be expanded futher but the idea was kinda like a sampler platter of conversion options.

  • Yeah, I'd buy one, both a fantasy and scifi version would be good.

  • @Julian Wensleydale What would you suggest for a sci-fi sprue, I guess it'd be compatible with the Death Fields Range rather than the Iron Core one?

  • @Viking Cowboy Yes, I was thinking primarily about compatability with Death Fields and Stargrave, and I expect I'd probably make use of a hypothetical fantasy kit for sci-fi as well, but a specifically sci-fi sprue could include things like helmets, cyborg heads, and various aliens, e.g. space-squid and/or genestealer heads.

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