Using the space nam guys as Necromunda Goliaths?

  • Body wise these work... Anyone know a good source of heads? Perhaps some spikey bits to add to them? Dont know how they compare size wise yet, but I think I may buy a set to make gang punks... 

  • I would think they'd be fine. They're clearly designed as proxy Catachans, so I expect they're scaled to suit 40K pretty much exactly.

  • @Mark Dewis I agree but... :) there are some scale variances in GW between 40K but also next to necromunda. While I am sure they will look fine either way, I am basically wondering if these will be new death core size, old catachan/old cadian size or even big Goliath size. if they are on the bigger size Goliaths are a go! :)

  • Likely to match with current 40K standard, I'd think.

    I'm considering head swapping in to make big guy aliens. The hyper-Rambo look leaves me pretty flat, but stick on a Gnoll head or a Reptile man one or something, and I think there's something I could use there.

    Every starship crew needs a Big Guy.

  • @Mark Dewis Hmm bugbear heads, lizard head... that would match the muscled frames. You have me intrigued sir! 

  • I think I might use them as Fallout style Super Mutants with a little bit of conversion work.

  • Not at all familiar with GW sizes, we had a few GW early "Cat"`s, but only to use the clubs gaming table. I really like GG`s idea those could work fine. Thats a result for me if they are over size.

  • @Grumpy Gnome I been suggesting that on the Facebook group since I saw the sprue teaser, due to the expected size difference and massive muscled arms.

    They could also of course be heavy gravity worlders to my other human types or humanoird aliens with a head swap.


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