Why do reptillian overlords offer no reptillian overlords?

  • I think thier models are great, and am excited that WGA is working with them.


    However, the fact that WarGames Atlatnic offers no Wargames Atlanteans, and Reptillian Overlords offer no Reptillian overlords are both a darn shame. I think both companies have homework to do! ;)

  • @H M I would buy some Atlanteans. Say what you want about Palladium Books... but I really did like Rift's depiction of True Atlanteans. 


    The Reptilian overlords... what would make them overlords? Just beefier reptile guys, or would they have whips and other "overlord" items?

  • To be honest I'd rather that Reptilian Overlords lived up to their name and made all sorts of different reptilians (crocodilians, snakemen with serpent bodies rather than North Star's bipedal ones, tortoises, even mythological reptiles like humanoid Hydras and Basilisks as Mierce have done in their Kthones faction: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=cat&cre=dkl-kth&sou=cat) than pointless attempts to compete with GW at selling Catachans, Sisters of Battle and Warhammer Empire, and WGA could have chosen a company with far more interesting and unique model ranges to 'plasticise'.

  • Looks like we'll have to Kitbash some Space name with WGA Lizardmen to get a proper kit

  • @Caratacus I agree... But still want some not sisters of battle... at lease some sisters that I can actually afford. :)

  • @William Redford In my opinion, Wargames Atlantic should do an alternative female Set for each of their Death Fields sets, or at least put a sprue of female heads in them.

  • @Erebos Hammerhand agree 100%

  • If you were a reptilian overlord, were you sell other reptilian overlords? Of course not. You would sell humans. Selling your own kind is barbaric.

  • @William Redford I'm not familiar with Rift's Atlanteans, so I cant comment on them - but for me something at home with King Kull, Conan, and 'Hadon of Ancient Opar'  would be good - you know a 'fantasy Greco-Roman-Bronze age' mashup without being too over the top.

  • @Erebos Hammerhand They made some female heads for Les Grognards in the Heavy Weapons set, and they may well do that with the Raumjager one as well (Cannon Fodder already have a females set so we don't need to worry about them), but an upgrade sprue would be interesting to say the least. I like the idea of some fair, virtuous Daughters of the Empire fighting alongside their menfolk in the Bulldogs team.

    @H M I'm not sure about Conan Atlanteans, but Mierce also make a great Greek-style Atlanteans range with bronze colossi allies: https://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=cat&cre=dkl-atl&sou=cat

  • @Caratacus I'm not crazy about Mierce Miniatures. I know some people adore them, and while the designs for some of the New Atlantean stuff is almost good - but over the top in a very J-RPG way that I dislike.

    Besides, I don't want more 32mm figures - I have enough modern warhammer stuff for that, and want to get out of it all together. ;)

  • Some snake people like the Vipers from Xcom would be pretty sweet.  Could go hard Scifi with the plastic lizard man boxes too.

  • @H M you had me at "over the top in a very J-RPG way"

  • @Jay H. Ugh. T o each thier own, and I'm glad you enjoy the style - but I live in Taiwan and am rather saturated with it, and rather like the more realistic proportions of WGA and some of the others. ;)

  • @H M after having actually looked at them, I don't think they're for me, either.

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