Question for John Wilson ?

  • Hi John, I`d a scale question on Be a better Human, and Shadowrun. Why I don`t Know, but I PM you once, and got 8/9 hits?. Keen isn`t the word sorry, anyway the question, are they compatable scale wize. Advert says yes, friends say "NNOOO WAY". Please advise. as I do not want the hassle of trying to return items to large to play.  

  • @Geoff Maybury replied to one of the messages, no idea what going on there since its saying I messaged someone the same message 7 times a month ago.

  • @John Wilson John, I`ve 9 messages to you asking about the scale, and "NO ANSWER" Help please?

  • I've no idea about the messages....I'll just reply here instead.

    The HINT: Be a better human's scale is pretty much in the 28mm sci-fi range, they match up well with Mantic, Wargames Atlantic and Stargrave. I've no idea with Anvil since I've never actually bought anything from them so far since I've assumed they are going to be GW heroic scale and I rarely buy resin.

    Edit: Having now seen the earlier question on the robots topic, yeah most of the figures are going to be large for 25mm.


  • @John Wilson LIked it so much when I saw specs, brought it any how. Should be great, if scales with WGA, by the way so does Anvil, post pic s when I find the dam figures."DUUH".

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