Funny hats

  • Sometimes, your small plastic warriors are missing something. sometimes, that something is funny hats. Now, if you know how to use green stuff, making you own funny hats is easy. I, however, cannot seem to work said material into anything that looks like a hat. thus, I propose this sprue, containing:

    Those pointy gnome hats

    Those floppy persian hats (which are strangely missing from the persian kit)

    Those floppy goblin hats (but for humans)

    Those fur hats (the ones hollywood russians always wear)

    Those other fur hats (the ones hollwood davy crockets always wear)

    Please suggest more ideas.

  • These are all great ideas! I'd like Landsknecht hats, to make converting different heads into Landsknechts more easily. Some of the WA Conquistador bodies are quite Landsknecht-like, and it'd be cool to be able to take some of the Cannon Fodder women's heads and give them some nice poofy hats and slap them on a Conquistador body.

  • Tricorns, bicorns and science fiction morions. Just because.

  • Jaegermonster hats.

  • @Mark Dewis what are those, exactly?

  • @Estoc basically any fancy hat, that makes you go:"huh, that's a nice hat"

    Can be anything vaguely napoleonic or just a particularly nice fez, as long as it's sufficiently impressive

    It's from a comic called girl genius Jägermonster entry on the wiki

  • @Der Alex Der or more correctly "Huh, dot iz a nice Het!" ;)

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