Dwarven Forge Wildands terrain retail launch 10th of August 2022 (some Limited availability items)

  • Following the fulfillment of the Kickstarter for Wildlands Dwarven Forge is releasing excess stock to their retail website on the 10th of August.


    We only just got our Wildlands pledge, being among the last 10 backers to get their pledge.

    If you are curious about our review, check out our unboxing blog post.


    What are your thoughts on Dwarven Forge terrain? Has the new forest, swamp and mountain terrain in Wildlands changed your opinion?

  • Boy, that makes for one sexy tabletop, that's for sure!  My needs skew more toward smaller storage footprint and quick set-up and take-down, so it's not for me, but hot-damn it looks great!

  • The storage is certainly more challenging than our Battle Systems cardstock terrain but it is easier than our Tabletop World and Hagglethorn Hollow terrain.

    That is the thing about this hobby, everyone has specific needs. Mrs. GG and I are fortunate enough to have quite a bit of storage and play space compared to previous years.

  • I have been surprised by how quickly things have been going out of stock. I have heard talk of over 500 customers in the first 10 minutes of Wildlands hitting retail. 

    We were not able to get everything we wanted but we got some key sets we were after.

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