Asking for help on finding a Mech/Light Walker solution.

  • So, one big thing I've noticed in the hard plastic sci-fi ranges of this here planet is a distinct lack of walkers/mechs/assault droids, not AT-ST or Imperial Knights, nor Chappies and B-1s , but somewhere in the middle, about the size of a prius on legs, or I guess the size of the small knights from 40k (Squires I think) or an AT-RT from Starwars.

    So if you know any good 3D studios or reasonably priced manufacturers I'd be more than pleased. Pardon the budget problem I am a college student and keep a very tight purse. On another note I do hope that WGA comes to produce some lighter walker support droids or something similar, 

    As for why; I have a project going of three sci-fi forces, the first are anti-communist militias/anti-government worker militias (Polish/Baltic postwar insurgent inspired), the second being the "State Forces" which are military and police wrapped in one, the only difference being the color the uniform, East Germany theme with them. The final faction is "Royal Forces" which are like the Padishah's from Dune, and have arrived to pacify the region. I need walkers for both the State Forces and Royal Forces, I intend to use Iron Core Stormtroopers and Later Valkir to represent the Royal Force, though I can't justify getting them as the semsester is about to start. I'm currently using a mix of stargrave mercs and Sally 4th ILR for the miltias, as for the state forces, I'm using a mix of Sally 4th EDF and will be using Mantic GSPC troops for state forces, and Iron Core and some of my old Admech for the Royals. I still need to cut some aliens into the Royal Army to represent the spread of species under the Crown, though the spiders from WGA are already serving as asteroid miners aiding the crown. As for how I got the sally4th miniatures, I got them by chance but got some conversion kits from them later by choice.


  • Something like this?:

    Not cheap.  But half the price of the alternative:

  • I Googled what an AT-RT is.  That's a tiny thing.  Disregard the above, the car on legs thing threw me off.

    How do you feel about a AT-RT print?

    Legs like head and arms swaps would be easy.


  • Maybe these would work?

    They stand about 62mm tall. I just assembled and primed a set and I really like them.

  • @JTam That would work awesome for the royal forces, at shame they don't sell the .stl. Though I did dig around a bit on MyMiniFactory and found a perfect rip of the Admech Crawler, I already have one from my brief foray into 40k. Perhaps once the semester ends I'll nab on of those crawlers because they look awesome

    As for an AT-RT print, I'm considering it, then just head swapping the rider with a bit of some sort to make mounted police for state forces.


    @stack32 Those also look really awesome, good for the militia sorts, especially with their factory worker theme it looks like the cobbled up defense droids made out of a small arms factory and a loaderbot.


    Thanks to the both of you, and digging around the Iron Core threads proved useful as well

  • @Viking Cowboy a very interesting question as this is something that I'm searching for as well for my "No Mans Land" alternate 1930's project... I have a few walkers from the Konflikt 47 range, but sadly these aren'r cheap :( Somehow I ended up with a 40K "Sentinel" which I will put to good use, and I found that Crooked Dice now have a serviceable-looking "ED209" style walker in their range now.

    Anvil do some good mechs now, both small and medium (the "Wardens" are awesome!) and I bleieve there's a couple of slightly larger ones now too in their digital offerings... it's worth looking at the Anvil Patreon as you get the full digital bundles for around UK£10 a month :)

    I'm still searching too, so I will watch this conversation with interest... I hope that someone from WGA is watching too ;)


  • There is always the Maelstrom's edge Hunter mech, if you don't mind them being either AI or very small pilot.

    There is also the Mantic Strider.

  • @Viking Cowboy The Armigers (small knights) are bigger than then sentinels (guard walkers).

  • Or you can buy some toy robots kitbash/paint them. I would recomend Pocket Titans. You get one random robot with some nice SF terrain elements in each set:

    They look quite nice when painted:

    Here are all types of the robots you can get:

  • @mruk Those look awesome. Do you have a link as to where to buy them?

  • Ok, My recomendations. With past succesful kickstarters that turned out to be failures there have been planty of cheap mechs on the market. The 2 biggest? Wrath of Kings and Relic Knights. There was a time you could find both of these ranges dirt cheap and you can still find some good bargains if you look.

    Wrath of Kings. The Teknes C.A.G.E I have 4. Two are pretty stock, but I made a 2 fisted one and then my Girl piloted one with GW bits.

    The Rest (barring the gnome mech from Stone Haven, and a Heroclix whale man) are relic knights. The 2 big ones are from Black Diamond. I made one (or tried :) ) a steam punk golem... The rest are from Black diamon, Circi Speed Circuit and the pladin faction... Another kickstart I bought in to but never played. The models were a mixed bag, but the mecha was all pretty decent. 

  • @Estoc I wasn't aware, but that general size of medium size walkers of smaller than a knight but larger than Infantry+ was what I was aiming for.

    @Bill Thomas Those look really awesome too, sadly the pricetag is really high for an .stl

    @John Wilson The Mantic walker is cool but doesn't really fit the vibe but those maelstrom edge stuff looks really cool as well. I don't mind automatous walkers in fact I'd prefer it.

  • You could also shop Ebay and see if anyone is selling the old Robogear kits still,  (tons of two legged walker options). 

    Beyond that and the Pocket Titans I think you best bet might be buying MODEROID 1/35 OBSOLETE kits and converting them.

  • Cheap smaller scale Gundams might be worth looking at. A gundam is meant to be about 18m tall, so  at 1:200 it stands 9cm. 1:200 is a pretty popular vehicle scale and you can definitely get plenty of mecha in that size. And no trouble to source cheap and cheerful kits (actual quality Bandai Gundams aren't that cheap!) 

  • Dust Tactics has some neat walkers you might like. The company went under, and you can usually find them pretty cheap.

  • I found an Australian stockist for Pocket Titans, who have them on discount:

    AUD$12 each and I paid AUD$12 postage for an order of 4. Unknown if they ship out of Australia.

  • @Mark Dewis Most Gundam kits are 1/144 (at least that is how they are sold here in the States), still can work. Even seen some Ork Kitbashs.

    Edit: But I really would look at the MODEROID 1/35 OBSOLETE kits, particularly the basic walker kits which is round $25 for 2 mechs. (though you might be able to get it for cheaper, got mine for $15-$16 at a local IRL hobby store I go to).


  • Thank you to everyone, between here, and my own personal digging I found a the perfect spread of mechs, tanks, and droids to complete my spread of war machines.

  • My Pocket Titans order turned up this week. Very satisfied with them, aside from the annoying shrink wrap on the actual cube. I didn't get any colourful ones either - just black and grey. But that's how it goes with gatcha collectables. Since I'm planning to paint them, that's no big deal.

    One thing previous posts don't really show is just how much stuff you get in each cube. Two translucent modular wall, four opaque ones, and detachable panels on the opaque ones, some ladders, a random mech weapon, a fully articulated pilot (who makes for a large robot at 28mm scale), stickers and decals.

  • I dont know how easy they are to get nowdays but Tehnolog make a range of walkers for very reasonable prices that I have used for my squat army previously.  There are a variety of walkers, as well as tracked vehicles, and crawlers.  These would fall under the toy heading I think but they look pretty good painted up.  If you can get them still order a few kits of buildings, and vehicles because they are excellent for conversions in a scifi setting.

  • Now Heresy has the old Komodo PA, don't know if could interest

  • the avatar toy line currently in stores has a RDA AMP suit for $15 that is nearly perfect. it's sized to fit a 1.25 inch action figure.. which means it's basically 28mm-32mm scale. blacken out the cockpit windows or do some quickie conversion work.

    pics from a guy on FB (posted to a stargrave group)

  • I'm using these. Link to follow. 

  • Here's the link to the place you can nab the .stls for the Hardsuits (and some other goodies).

  • @John Wilson Both the Hunter and Stryder are good choices. I've had both- still have the Hunter. I sold all my Mantic stuff to fund other stuff.

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