Update on the Valkir Heavy Troopers?

  • I am wondering what the current status on the Valkir Heavy Troopers are? Finding any of the old versions are extremely difficult. Last update I saw on them was around 8 months ago. Don't mean to be impatient! Hope to get an update or something! Thanks in advance!

  • Should they not come out in september?

    I am still waiting for them to place a order. I'll hope WA brings more of the old boxes on the table... or Mark sells .STL-files of the STUG... and the other verhicles... 


  • Mark and I decided to change around the sprue contents for the Valkir a little bit to get more weapon variety in the box. Those parts are being prepped for layout now so we should have a ready-for-tooling frame layout in a couple weeks. 

  • @Hudson Adams 


  • @Hudson Adams Weapon loadout is my only query on the Valkir, already planning to buy them just need to know about weapon options.


  • If the sprue contents are being changed for weapons loadout, do people think that means the heavy support weapons or close combat weapons are being added to the basic weapon set?

    ...or might those sets possibly come out as separate kits?

  • I see these are in the pipeline in Vox Populi. If they were on the vote list, I know where all my votes would go. Non-Games Workshop plastic power armor is a top priority for me, as I'm expanding in to a bunch of minis agnostic systems and I'd much rather buy WGA plastic than pretty much any resin!

    How goes the layout and weapon choices?

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