Wargames Atlantic Friday poll

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    it's Facebook. But this week's poll is what female sets you would like to see. 

  • Space Nuns, obviously ;)

    I'll add my thoughts when I can.  

    One thing that's a little missing in reasonably priced plastic, but which appear in all kinds of genres are female tribal warriors. We have the Dahomeyan ones as a real world example, Classical Amazons as a mythical one and any number of Pulp and Science Fiction ones. With some cunning parts selection you might be able to cover African and Neolithic tribes, Lost World types, Sporting Teams and Space Vixens. Making sure the heads from Cannon Fodder II are swappable would help coverage. Priority here would be bare arms (again, useful for kitbashing with CFII) and athletic poses.

    Worth reminding everyone that GW are about to release new Blood Bowl Amazons, and at the expected USD$50 for 12 they are easily undercut...

  • Dark age Irish. 

  • @William Redford 

    Great now I have to wait for approval... 😬

  • Vikings, Normans and Saxons!
    Ladies in realistic chainmail that would line up propperly with the historical ranges out there.

    Ive got a fantasy project human army loosely based on northern europe around year 1000-1100 using historicals from a bunch of different manifacturers (GPB, Fireforge, Conquest, Warlord, WGA, Victrix). I need about 200-300 ladies in realistic military attire appropriate for the period.

  • To repost what I said on FB, of what what they listed, WW2 female Partizans for sure.

    Female Afghan and female Boxers are both good ideas if historically accurate. Something Napoleonic since silver bayonet exists might be good (with guns this time😆).

    Bulldogs is probably the Death Fields set that might benefit the most from a female counterpart set that does not have one currently (skirts instead of pants), I think the rest already have headswaps.

    Given how vague the Dark Age era seems to be with costumes, armor and clothing, WA should just do a general "women of the dark ages" box with parts and a body to do one armored shield maiden per sprue or box instead of "Dark Age Irish women" since it will cover better for the decline and fall range too that way.

    Of whats not listed the clear obvious choices right now are:

    Dahomey amazons for History and Death Fields (good excuse to do FFL for history and they have a movie coming out so the folks that live in the Americian media bubble will know about them).

    Female Knights for fantasy (why in the name of sanity would you do Vikings, Saxons, and Norman women that are debated on weather they are even real warriors or not and mostly don't have sagaboards when Fantasy Female Knights have been an asked for thing since 28mm plastic sets where invented practically). 

    Female barbarians cause they are good for classic fantasy, VSF and pulp.

    Female Adventures for fantasy, (same deal as female knights).

    "Warrior Women of Warring States China" (since WA is doing Warring States China🥰).

    Maybe Soviet Female Soldiers for WW2 and the early coldwar.

    If they really want to do VSF I suppose female Pulp/Victorian Adventurers would be a good set (though one might be able to cover those with fantasy Female Adventurers for VSF and the WW2 Partisians for Pulp).

  • Current results 9 SEP 22.

    I'm guess not too surprised at the results.

    Female partisans, Bulldogs, and Grognards currently being the top 3.

    I believe WW2 gamers outnumber all other historical gamers put together so the WW2 Partisans being at 21% makes sense to me.  I wonder if this is an Eastern Front set.  To me partisan/partizan is synonymous with the Eastern Front.  YMMV.

    The Grognards and Bulldogs accounting for 23% of the vote makes sense too.  Both are excellent Imperial Guard stand ins and I imagine 40K players easily outnumber all historical gamers put together.  

    I am a little surprised at the popularity of female Halflings at 9%  The argument that they are so short and shapeless a head swap does the trick works for me.... but evidently we want some Halfling bosoms.... and why not.  

    I PERSONALLY (which effects no one else) would be interested in all of the above kits except Afghans, Boxers, Lizardwomen, and Ogres.  

  • Thread for female Landsknechts:


    Thread for female Vikings:


    Thread for female Red Army (RKKA) Soldiers and Partizans.


    I would also like to advocate for female Reiter:


    And f*ck it, female Winged Lancers.

    (Don't hate.  Participate, like these Polish maidens.)

    If nothing else I think the way to go with future WGA releases is for every kit to have one body that is seperate legs and a male and female torso (Ala the deceased Wargames Factory Soviet Infantry set).  Best of both worlds.  Lets one build all males if desired or add a few females if doing a fantasy army.


  • Reference the "Something WW1" choice:

    Review of Battalion.

    Also speaking of female WW1 miniatures.....   There was a company that did a lot of beautiful 28mm female miniatures, including WW1 female German trench raiders in picklehaube.  I believe they went under during COVID.  A real shame.  I wish I had picked some of their miniatures up....  Anybody remember the name of the company?  Something like Hinchcliff or something?

  • I wish more of these polls were hosted on the forum.  Would increase site traffic/membership.

    I would also argue that folks who spent 1 minute to register are more likely to actually buy what they are voting for.  Just a theory.  

  • @JTam I agree, it would really help the forum.

    Eveeyone has presented really good ideas out there. 

  • @JTam

    More Polls on the forum, hmm, maybe, but thats probably something we should all work on to a degree, perhaps with some discussion before hand in some cases.

    No. They should not add a female body to every set as it’s a clear waste of sprue space😅.

    I say this because I am pretty sure the real reason WW2 partisans option got 21% instead of say conquistador ladies or Irish warrior women has more to do with the simple fact that history players know that WW2 female partisans are actually a real thing as opposed to your assumption that WW2 is more popular (its the main reason I didn't vote for conquistador ladies🤣 and I am not a big history player I just know high hearsy when I see it). I mean if it was just about popularity, all the Death Fields sets would be in the lead with “other” at the top above them and lots of comments asking for “Space Nuns” well above WW2 anything cause like it or lump it WH40k is the big game of our hobby😆.

    When asking for history subjects you got to actually have real history for them and there needs to be a decent wargameing argument for a  plastic set of them (not all Saga players are going vote “cause Age of Magic exists”).

    Nah, what WA should just do for the "I want girls in western plate armor" crowd is 2 good Female Knight sets for fantasy (infantry and cavalry) and every once and awhile do an upgrade sprue for them with parts to kit up the female knight sets as female counterparts to one or more of the historical armor sets they do. Why? because there were no female Hussars, Reiter, or lady Landsknechts,etc. in real Western history (at least in a "make in a plastic set for history" way😅) and its is mostly an arm and head diffrence from platearmor knights anyways😉.

    Now that that is out of the way. While you have a mild  arguement about Viking women I don't really want to see a another set of Vikings (don't care what gender, just that bored of them as a set idea in general and I get the feeling I am not the only one😒) though I do see a call for a general purpose "women of the Dark Ages" set and I can see a good argument for 1 chainmail clad body per sprue for that😉.  

    A set of soviet women soldiers on the other hand.  Your totally right, and that is something that probably should have been done a while ago in plastic.


  • @JTam Oh, and the miniature company you speak of is Sibera minatures and they do not seem to be dead (website is still up), but you probably are not seeing as much of them on the western market right now because they are in Russia.


  • Found Them!  Hinterland Miniatures.

    WW1 Trench Raiders:

    (Gives a glimpse at how cool "Something WW1) could be.)

    Death Heads Hussars mounted, dismounted, and zombified:

    Princess Viktoria dismounted:

    Princess Cecilie dismounted:

    Landing party of sailors:

    Beautiful miniatures.  They did all kinds of Victorian female miniatures... and the WW1 Germans.  As mentioned before they didn't survive COVID.  Hopefully someone picks up the miniature line.



  • As said in another post, a set of "realistic" amazons (no fan service) with Scytians /Mycenean equipments, similar to the OOP set from Wargames Factory, only in scale with the others boxes, or , in alternative, a "meso american" version, similar to Freeboter minis ones, only in plastic. This could give to the Conquistadores another enemy to clash with.

  • @Alessio De Carolis 

    Amazons would be great.

    As @William Redford mentioned here:


    Realistic 28mm plastic Scythian style Amazons are coming.

    I personally would prefer "Mycenean/Trojan War" style Amazons.  Similar to the amazing Lucid Eye sculpts.


  • @JTam Oh, thats diffrent, read WW1 and female and thought you meant real world history and I completely missed the "German Trench Raider" part (my bad for posting late at night😆).

  • @Mark Dewis I wouldn't call the Dahomeyan Amazons "tribal" exactly, they fought for a decent sized Empire and where a  fairly modern fighting force for the time at that (they had things like German machine guns and bolt action rifles, etc. alongside their traditional signature weapons, and they where  organized a lot more than most tribal warbands).

  • I don't use Facebook, but I'd pretty much say "all of the above."  The games I play are minis-agnostic, so I just go for whatever minis look cool, and having a nice mix of boys and girls is always great -- especially since my wife has started playing, too! Mama needs her characters!


    I suppose I would have voted for female WW2 Partizans but no Facebook for me. 

    Ever since I quit Facebook I have been constantly reminded that so much online presence has shifted to Facebook, leaving many forums barren.


    This is one reason why I have been so vocally supportive of this forum, Dakka Dakka, the Reaper Miniatures forum, The Lead Adventure Forum and the Dwarven Forge forum. I tried to be active and supportive on the RPG.net forum and Cool Mini or Not forum but I just did not get a good feeling on those.


    I really want to see Wargames Atlantic, and this forum, succeed. I hate the control Facebook appears to have over online communication. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    The good news is wait another 15 years and Facebook will slide into oblivion.  The bad news is we will just be communicating via 4 second videos set to music via a Chinese spy app.  

    Seriously though, it's a shame how much knowledge, content, projects, art, you name it, disappears into Facebook streams instead of being preserved on dedicated subject forums.

  • I regret ever joining Facebook in the first place, and encouraging others to do so “back in the day”. Oh how naive I was then. I am very glad I never got into TikTok, Twitter or Instagram. I am guilty of enjoying YouTube but for some reason it just does not feel as vibrant to me as it used to. I wonder what happened to MySpace...

    If I was still serving I would probably not last long as I would likely be accused of “toxic leadership” following a Congressional complaint from me ordering my soldiers to leave their phones in the barracks. Sigh. I am such a dinosaur. 

    Speaking of dinosaurs... do we need a box of female dinosaurs as well as male or mix them in one set? Hmm. 🤔

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Units (US Army) are collecting up phones before going into the "box" at the big rotation centers (NTC, JRTC, etc.)  

    The enemy drops arty on where ever three or more phones gather.  Too much SIGINT too. 

    A recent example is when they knew where the Russian troop concentrations were pre-invasion because they kept swiping on Ukrainian girls across the border on Tinder.  Hilarious, but you know US Joe would be doing it too.

  • Somehow I managed to avoid facebook even back when those things were called "social networks" instead of social media, and we didn't really know better. Now though, we do know, and I have every little bit of that company blocked through my adblocker.

    On the topic of forums drying up: Discord seems to be just as big of an issue, because it "takes less effort to set up" compared to a proper bbforum, and doesn't require webspace to host. It also doesn't really get crawled, so your big guides and essays don't show up on search engines.

  • @Carsten Ohlsson Ladies in realistic chain or other heavy body armour basically look the same as men; it usually comes down to head choice. You could always mix ranges that have differing scales if you want some slightly smaller bodies for them - men from Victrix, women from Fireforge, for example.

  • @Mark Dewis yeah, that's been one of my go-tos for minis in bulkier, figure-concealing get-ups: put a female head on it and it looks fine.

    Where separate female figures are needed are sets with clothing/armor that's less bulky, where the mini will visually read "male" or "female."

  • @Benjamin Hayward Yes. THAT is why I mostly want generic "Tribals" - that is, halter top and loincloth. Most of the likely projects would be fantastic ones - Fantasy rogues, barbarians and mages, Superheroes, Cavewomen, Pulp tribal warriors, Space opera, Burroughsian Planetary Romance, Space Vixens, Blood Bowl players etc.

    In a previous post I included the Dahomeyans, but they would need some conversion. This really was intended as a fantasy kit idea, not a historical one. The basic combat bikini look, in dynamic poses, with spear, bow, unarmed and maybe raygun arm options, and a good selection of heads. 

    In regards to female Barbarians... well, North Star has pretty much nailled that in Frostgrave. At least for reasonably clothed ones. 

  • @Mark Dewis I will admit some interest in Pulp female models for say John Carter of Mars or The Land That Time Forgot.

  • Just a pity we cna only vote once. There's several I'd like to se made eventually.

  • Ultimately, the question for each voter is this: Are you going to use them? I have active use for legendary medieval (King Arthur and Charlemagne), general science fiction (Stargrave, Traveller), Victorian Science Fiction, Old West, general medieval fantasy, Darkest Africa, Weird Pulp and Superheroics, with a strong interest in most historical periods. 

    I'm probably least interested in Ancients and Classical, though Late Roman is of interest and use for the early parts of a Pendragon campaign. I do love my age of Piracy as well, but right now it's not a big focus. 

    But most of those mentioned are pretty well supplied already. Late Roman and medieval lady soldiers are head swaps. But I do have a need for versatile ladies with bare limbs. 

    Some add-on loincloth parts would be good. As would add-on necklaces and bangles... though I can see that as maybe being too fiddly.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Some lads would be good there as well. I'm working on convering the Victrix naked fanatics to Barsoomian types.

    Dammit, we need a sword and raygun booster frame! 

    Comic books in 'Barsoom'

    PRINCESS OF MARS | The Art of Michael Whelan

    (However, I am pleased to report that 1 1/2 Kroot makes for an excellent Green Martian...)

  • @Mark Dewis I am very keen to see your Green Martian conversion!

  • @JTam Actually stuff vanishing is just a general problem with the digital age, even forums can vanish into the abyss (speaking from experiance).

    @Mark Dewis  what you are discribing as "Tribal" IS pretty much what I would want female barabians to look like and for at this point, something fantasy stone age with a few steel weapons thrown in (though not too many). 

    Also no, Frostgrave does not nail classic genric barbarians for me, frankly those guys are too thematic to frozen city land, the Celts done by warlord and Victrix work better as genric barbarians.

  • @Brian Van De Walker There are some tribals, either male and female, on Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago but there's only a male plastic set (for now)

  • @Grumpy Gnome If being done totaly realistic ,yes please mixed box with young. Though I would love to see a  set of female Dino /Human, half beasts. Way back some scientist chap, built alife size model, of a human / Dino as if evolution had never wiped them out, and they advanced into the inteligent spiecies, replacing man. Does any one remember it, or have photos.?

  • @Brian Van De Walker yeah, I think we're on the same page, but just mixing up our terminology. 

    Obviously we differ about our "barbarian" tastes. But I think the Frostgrave kit does zero in on the default RPG fantasy barabarian look IF you choose to exclude the chain bikini stuff (which clearly North Star have. Even the Ghost Archipelago line conscously avoids the cheescake. The female crew are fully covered and even the female tribal minis are reasonably modest, without bare midriffs). These days the usual barbarian look is more or less HBO Viking, which is what these are.

    If'n you want more flesh on display, there's not exactly a dearth of miniatures catering to that look. But that gets back to what we're discussing and wanting - some plastic that basically IS more exposed. Skin can always be covered up in conversion, anyway.

  • @Geoff Maybury my proposed bikini ladies plus spare lizardman heads gets you that 😉

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    I think they coined them Dinosauroids.



  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Short documentary footage:


  • @Mark Dewis 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Kroot guns themselves make for excellet radium weapons. Dark Elf Corsair blades are quite Barsoomian.

    Partially converted Red Martian for scale (from a Perry Zulu).

  • Partially converted Red Martian for scale (from a Perry Zulu).

    If you use your gdrive for image hosting, you need to manually share the images in addition to posting the link. Pretty sure you can just change the sharing settings for an entire folder and then put your images there when uploading.

    Dark Elf Corsair blades are quite Barsoomian.

    Hopefully not the metals ones, because oh boy those are stupidly expensive. Really glad I have my 2x15 of them from back in the day.

  • @Mark Dewis HBO Vikings are Vikings, which are a civilized people group with a writing system and they actually took baths unlike most of the rest of Europe (if we count the Franks and Anglo Saxons of time as "civilized" we must count the Vikings to), not true barbains and  they are visually boring to the core when done for fantasy, you may as well use history kits instead of them which work better for that look and are cheaper or at least a better deal. Also the best thing Northstar does in plastic is non-human subjects, their human figures look like they are suffering from really endimia in legs. 

  • @Mark Dewis I can not see your photo but I agree with your weapon suggestions. I have some Kroot sprues waiting for when I get around to them. 

  • @Lord Marcus I believe we have a spammer above.

  • @Caratacus where?

  • @Lord Marcus It looks like the culprit has already had their post removed by another of the mod team.  But then, kudos to the mods for getting that sorted.

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