Avatar exotic jungle terrain coming soon from Todd McFarlane

  • Cool, might go quite nicely with SpaceNam. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    Good find.  Thanks for sharing these.

    It's pretty hard to judge the scale/size of the toy at all.  But reference its suitability for 28mm....   Do plants really have scale?  That arch could be the remains of a tree that puts the ancient Redwoods to shame... or a mossy twig.

    @Stephen Sutton 

    And good call on usefulness for SpaceNam or any other jungle death planet.

  • The articles say both 9" and 3" lines. That jungle arch is likely to be 3" (it would be a MONSTER if the figure shown was 9"...), which means a 28mm figure is going to be a bit under half the height of the blue guy. That's totally usable, but a lot depends on price point... these sort of terrain pieces are fairly easily put together from garden waste and aquarium plants for not a lot of cost or effort. 


    Edit: Definitely the 3" range (the 9" are just articulated dolls). USD$40 is a bit steep for me, but it's not over the top. Illuminated blacklights helps justify that cost if you want that effect.



  • To further complicate the scale, it's unclear if "3 inch" refers to the height of a human or a Na'vi. 

  • I will admit it is the lighting that really caught my attention. It would work well with some of our Dwarven Forge LED terrain.

  • reading the description of the smaller ampsuit toy, it appears that the human figures in the smaller line are 1.25 inches tall, which makes them pretty close to the 28mm-32mm gaming scale. so that AMP suit and probably the Scorpion VTOL would be ideally sized for game use. here is hoping they make a toy of the transport VTOL in the same scale. as that one is not only cooler looking (and got a lot more screentime in the 1st film) but would make a great game item.

  • Ok, That was pretty good. 🤪

  • @William Redford 

    It's funny because it's true.

  • The worst part of Avatar is definitely the plot. 

  • Mantic Games has a kickstarter up for their latest terrain crate release, it has a pretty good looking selection of exotic flora. PVC and unpainted might put some people off, but I'd recommend checking it out if you're in the market for something like that. 

  • I am tempted to back for the plants. The ruins do not work for any of my projects but the plants could work nicely. The timing of the Kickstarter could be better though. My current cash flow is a bit... strained. 



  • @Stephen Sutton @Grumpy Gnome 

    What are we talking about?  


    This is pretty clever:

    But who does a Kickstarter at this time of year?  People have expended all cash during Back Friday to get presents for Christmas.  Ain't got no cash for something delivered in months.  

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