Stand by for a monumental figure release Ooh - Rar "Hell Yes"

  • The forth comming box sets, to be released by W.A., could no doubt in my mind, be the best recieved figures that the company as ever made. I suspect they will sell to any one who sees them , particullary with the painting "Skill" of Matthew Mark Leahy, his work is subline. I enclose all pictures todate, of these excelently painted figures, for you all to enjoy, the plastic is coming. OOOh YYYehr. Ooh - Rah.

  • I don`t think that any set has caused so much excitment on forums for along while, the multi use of these figure in gaming is pure amazement. I alone can use them for Shadowrun, Primival ,Stargate, Stargrunt, and there are many more that I no longer play ,Aliens , Starship Troopers. It`s all there, the sheer versitillity that make them a cut above the rest. We on the forum all know the fgure bashing these will recieve, the scope for more  than I`ve listed, goes way beyond, and will only require your imajination to enjoy them, and  "I WILL". 

  • What is the big armored vehicle behind them? Could that be from the render teaser we have seen before?

    I am surprised how much I like how they look given normally I would never think to use brown webbing over dark grey like that or give them light grey shirts with dark grey trousers. It does seem to work though. 

    I am not keen on the boonie hat wearing head with the chin strap under his chin. It just is not a look I am familiar with when it comes to military personnel in boonie hats. Easily fixed with a sharp modelling knife I suppose. Some will say the brim is too flat but I am not that fussed about that. 

  • I will pre-order a box for sure. 

    @Grumpy Gnome oooh good cath on the vehicle. You may be right. On Facebook, @Hudson Adams said these are for death fields but also for something else TBA... So its sounds like there is a game these are being made for. So the alien bugs and that vehicle may be for a specific thing... 


    from Facebook 


    "They seem differently proportioned than the other DF kits."

    "Jason A. Martin they are part of DF but also part of something else TBA. A bit more natural proportions compared to the heroic 28s. But they’ll still fit in"

  • I intend to pick up a box even though I don't yet have a good use for them.

  • I'm leaning towards using them as police for sci-fi/near future dystopian games.


  • Same as Mister Wilson above.. 

  • I am kind of in the same position as Estoc. I have no use for them currently. I mean maybe for Starwars or or Starfinder. Maybe Stargrave if my buddy decides we are gonna give it a try. But currently I will be buying just because they are really cool. 

  • Glad you like them guys! 

  • @Hudson Adams 

    Guess what?... We want more.. 😁... 

    @William Redford 

    Ohh-Rah can fit the part of current SG troopers, Crew members, Mercenaries or even npc models... For SW, maybe Rebel Shock Attack Troopers (like all those Alderaan Vets that joined Cassian' Suicide mission on Scariff in Rogue One) or Mercenaries (like Cara Dune after the destruction of Alderaan).

  • @William Redford 

    F*ck Yes.

    That looks vaguely familiar and totally awesome: