How about a bit of horror?

  • Had this idea during the late shift.

    Cybernetic undead.

    Hear me out.

    Either cannon fodder kind of jumpsuit, generic "uniforms" or uniforms of others in the death fields we've seen. Feet ending in the odd mechanical, crude aproximation, clawed metal feet or just boots - could be a fun mix of them.

    Bodies with battle damage, but with machines inserted and festooned on them, from tubes to odd canisters to exoskeletal support systems. Heads with sensor spines, clusters of lenses and cameras, or just bolted on metal...alternative heads could have trailing tubes to the chest (limiting head poses, but a fun idea) or armored helmets to rob undead hunters of that tried-and-true headshot, their guant faces peering out from the visors...or totally enclosed.

    Arms...perhaps different poses of arms, with optional forearms, such as an array of industrial tools for melee, or weapons, the heavier of such might be just shoulder mounted and have a generic "ammo" pack to help bulk the design out a bit.

    And of course, and fun odd part the designers might want to toss in there in order to customize them out. Sensors and gear to turn one into a walking control relay as a "command" zombie? A bunch of apendages to make a spider-like repair undead (like a medic)?

    Heavy support being less human species, or maybe more mechanically built up to be walking gun platforms on treads, spider legs or antigrav plates, their bodies fused to the support system?

    As to the reason: how could the battle be less exciting with the combatants battling that which does not stay down? Just another exciting challange, inspired by earth myth, made possible with advanced technology.

    What does everybody think?

  • Could also work as Borg or Adeptus Mechanicus proxies. 

  • @James Brown Works for all time periods too, good for Gothic ,Punk, any thing really drop an arm or leg onto a WW 2 French Partizan and you`ve a mad German science experiment. Think you`re on to a winner there. 

  • I've an undead army (in a box) made up of mainly sedition wars techno-zombies, that I'm going to have to get around to working on, I've been planning on using them with other boardgame cyborged aliens from Sedition Wars, Project Elite and Endure the Stars as the cannon fodder of an alien Elder race that borgs other lesser species as troops for their military or as the residents of a government science bunker in the post apocalyptic wasteland depending on the setting.

    So, I'd be interested in more variety of human thralls/test subjects.

  • Quite a pretty good idea... could be used for various projects and conversions like a team of soldiers based on Marvel old cyborg super-soldier Deadlock 👍


  • This could be a good idea for an upgrade sprue, since it translates reasonably well across the range. Perhaps the teams sometimes run out of reinforcements mid-match and must improvise with crude cybernetics, and bolt-on AIs in the case of traumatic brain injury, to keep their soldiers in the fight. 

  • Criminals or slaves with the brains replaced with robot ones, and other bionics as required.

    I kitbashed some bionic space pirates a few months ago, and when I got around to paint them I suddenly decided to give them grey skin. So now they're zombie cyborg space pirates. The chick I made to be their token alien, who I modelled with a scanner sort of gadget, now turns out to be their handler.  

    As far as a kit... IMHO this is more of a good kitbash idea to use up spares. My guys are mostly spare Frostgrave Barbarian bodies with Stargrave heads and arms... although a few GW parts crept in as well (a regular Space Marine arm makes a dandy oversised metal arm on a normal 28mm figure).

  • A sprue of mechanical / cyborg arms and heads would be excellent for making all kinds of kit-bash figures. A few torsos and legs would allow full body conversions but I think "bolt-on" additions to existing figures is what many of us would be looking for.

    Having one sprue as Steampunk and another as Cyberpunk / Futuristic would cover most needs even better. 

  • Glad to hear others like the suggestion.

    In terms of design, industrial enough to look scientific, obscure and weird enough to be mad science would be a good place for them to be so they could fit a wider need, though I would just be happy with them having an array of options.

    If this was an add-on set, it would be difficult to get to work with more products without work but it might be a way to go. Depends what WA thinks might be the best way to go. Not sure if they potentally want their product intermixed with other lines given how SOME companies react to that. *Cough*

    But could see that working. There seems to be a market for cybernetic/mechanical parts, even better with a bit of a ghoulish bent, but it's hard to find any decent apendages or parts without using them too many times.

  • The Death Fields upgrade sprue does have a few bionic left arms (as does Cannon Fodder II), which I guess is an easy option for models primarily armed with rifles.

    The Bulldog one has some bionic/armoured left and right arms, though they're a bit subtle and have that odd arm pad thing.

    My pitch would be to have a an outright robot kit, with an eye towards also using the parts to make cyborgs. So maybe include a few heads and arms that are fleshy-with-wires in the sprue?

    Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is useless.

    Death to the fleshy ones!

     Is your name Sarah Connor?

  • Simple conversions and paintjobs to fit in with my levelled troops for "Insurgent Earth"; these are my "harnessed and changed" (changed, read zombified and made compliant) D6 "Chicos"... zombies do occur in the game too, and I followed the line of thinking that the process of human enslavement didn't work on everyone, so some became "Chicos" whilst other poor souls just beacme the walkers...


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