Thoughts on Harvesters?

  • Holy Moly those bugs are huge! Really going to be hard to proxy them as Tyrannids. But really has me interested as to what WGA has for the Death Fields Game...... granted the fact there are only two guns on the sprue for four bodies does have me concerned.

  • @Charles Tottington I think that the weapons are for mainly supressive fire and flank protection with that chitin armour and those claws its slaughter time. They resemble the ST araknids and look at the mess they made with out weapon support ,let alone ones designed to travel along with the main fighting force. In ST the tankers were hole makers, and the gliders and Hornets Turret Gunner removement. Plasma, drop fleet damage and fighter removement along with the flyers.

  • I like them. And certainly will buy them. And probably try to adapt a saddle to them 😊

  • @Vitor Soares If thats a serious thought wrap the model in cling film, use paper to be the sadle shape. Then milliput the sadle  over the paper, cling film will prevent any milliput addersion.  Saddle will be a removerable item.

  • My first thought is I wish i'd gone with Harvesters since it was one of the names i rejected for my own submission, before settling on Reavers.

    Second thought is that I'm planning to combine the Harvesters and the Giant Spiders. Probably going to give the bio weapons to the spiders and keep the main Harvesters as melee, with my spider conversion bug being a lighter scout type....

  • Harvester upgrade sprue or STLs would seem to be a no brainer. 

    But also, any 'Nid player is likely to have, or be able to trade for, any amount of gun arms. Tyranid Warriors (which these seem to be the right size for) come with a wide variety of options, let alone the other model types.

    (EDIT: On further look at the sample shots. they appear to be more like large human sized. Somewhere between a 'Gaunt and a Warrior. Those big legs do add a lot of apparent size! Termagaunt guns are probably going to work.)

    For skirmish size use (i.e. Stargrave, RPGs), these are as likely to be used as alien animals (no guns) or to be converted to carry tech equipment (chop off the scythe bit and glue on a hand with weapon, or even just glue on an arm). And if Biowarriors are desired, that still gives ten gun bugs per box.  

    The bodies would probably mix well with GW Ork or Kroot limbs and weapons if you want brutal looking techno-crabs. Converting the legs to have claws instead of scythes and an upright posture should also be fairly simple.

  • @Geoff Maybury it is, and thank you for the suggestion. I normally use toilet paper and white/ wood glue (elmers glue, I think you call it). It worked on some romans tents I di, tried it, it worked and I like the way it looks. I paint them as horse blankets. 

  • @Vitor SoaresSnap, great minds pal, thats how I do my tents,flags, and banners, but I like my saddles on animals to come off so they can rest camp, for RPG style wargames and RPG`s themselves particullary if a large animal so it`s milliput all the way. . 

  • @Geoff Maybury I perfectly understand, I just don't use milliput. I use a little leftover fabric underneath the saddle, it never gets glued to the animal. 

  • Would you guys like the same as me, that the painter of the Bugs, Mathew  put an how I did it artical with pictures. Please Mathew how about it could we have a how I did it shot.?

  • Matthew mentioned it on Facebook: sprayed the base with Vallejo "sand" color. Picked out a few highlights with an off-white/ivory paint. Wash with GW Gulliman Flesh Contrast. Added some GW Coelia Greenshade to darken shells on the back, leaving the raised edges light. Picked out some highlights again; wash the edges with thinned blue, then another highlight, wash with some thinned yellow/orange. Then some highlights again. Lastly a thin orange for some parts of arms. The underside got another layer of ivory to lighten it up. Then face details using black, white, and ivory with a dot of fluorescent orange over white for the eyes. The just some spot coloring here and there to make things stand out (edges of the bio weapon plates etc.).

  • Here is my 6 legged version, all from the one sprue.


  • Are there any build suggestions for the Harvesters? Really like the kit but trying to figure out which arms and legs go together to end up with something stable enough to stand is driving me nuts! Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Well- these are mine. Painted by blending loads of contrast paint and medium on the minis, dabbing some off and painting the mandibles and eyes. As tip building, the smaller end joints are 'shoulders and the larger ones are 'hips'. I attached them to their bases with 3 points of contact before applying texture and they seem fairly stable.

  • @Tom Kennish great looking bugs

  • @Charles Tottington I think the real game to look at for using them is Starship Troopers by Mongoose, they would make pretty good warrior and plasma bug proxies.


  • @Tom Kennish 
    Piercing the legs just a tiny bit into XPS foam leftovers as a temporary base helped a lot with finding suitable poses and glueing the legs in place.

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