Hail Caesar - New Edition Coming

  • Epic Battles in the Republican Roman / Hellenistic Period would WLG also help to "steal" profit from WGA & Victrix with their antiquity ranges instead of do the same in 28mm.

  • Pay attention to the scale of the Warlord's Imperial Legionaries (with segmentatae)... They are really very small compared to all the other minis of the mark (or competitors). Victrix ones are better.

    Pity, because Caesar's Romans are perfect (movement)... Impossible to mix the two lines to work on a Tiberian or Claudian legion (segmentatae and hamatae, Gallic/Italic helmets). If you want to do such a legion, you are forced to do a Warlord/Victrix mix.

  • Speaking of the Jewish-Roman Wars...

    On Kickstarter now:


  • @Caratacus  the upcoming Egyptians and Chinese aren't enough?

  • You know who has a signed by Rick Priestly rulebook coming?  

    This guy.


  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy 

    Hi Brother,

    I have decent grounding in Roman history and the evolution of the Roman war machine.  

    But that was a great analysis and breakdown of Rome and her foes from a wargaming perspective.  I Thank You for it.

  • @Caratacus 

    I picked up this mini to lead my Gauls from the SPQR box set specifically because he reminds me of Asterix.  

    Someone on another forum suggested this mini for Obelix.

    But it's been sold out on the Eurkea USA website for forever.

  • I'm happy that old Army Lists can be used without any revise or rework....

    I have an own Army List Database for Hail Caesar with nearly 200 Army Lists from Iron Age to Late Antiquity, all writen by me and featuring also some very niche armies no other has writen ever before.

    Hail Caesar Army List Database

  • My good JTAM : What's great about (Roman) Antiquity is that even if I am a good connoisseur, I can learn something new every day !

    The work carried out once the past 30-40 years is incredible, in particular thanks to the Living History movement... The Ermine Street Guard (UK, British Romans) is 50 years old.

    (errata) The only thing this Obelix lacks is a beautiful big red mustache... and a menhir !

    Beware of the sword carried on the left side. Reenactment has shown that it prevents working with the shield in (close groupal) combat (cf. André Rapin, specialist on the Latenian swords and weapons, or "Nouvelles propositions sur la suspension des épées laténiennes", by Franck Mathieu, 2005).

  • @Pierre Lerdou-Udoy Do you mixed up our comments?

  • Exact Steffen... sorry.

    It's sometimes a bit difficult for me to stay focused in English. This language is far from natural for me. Edit ?

  • Some parts of the Perry Ansar Warrior kit could be used for Judeans. In particular there's a bearded skullcap head and simple tunic bodies with bare feet. Add a belt, sandals and the Tzitzits and they would fit. The Ansar spears aren't unsuitable, so mostly just adding more appropriate shields from somewhere.

    Also, there will be people out there who have spares of that head, if they've made them up as Beja or such.

    Potentially you could also use shavings off Beja heads to make fuller beards...

  • I heared now from multiple sources that WLG are strongly hinted Republican Romans and Carthaginians on their last Open Day - I hope for Epic Battles.

  • @Mark Dewis Nope, with so many ancient civilisations out there still lacking plastic box sets, there's no such thing as enough love for Ancients.

  • @Steffen Seitter Now that's interesting - Warlord currently sell Agema's Republican Roman and Carthaginian Veteran box sets, but it would be great if they made some of their own plastics for variety and particularly for making 'ordinary' Carthaginian infantry. In particular it would be fantastic if they released an expansion book for SPQR incorporating any 28mm Punic War releases they come up with, as that's the one era they're missing from that game.

  • I really hope those Punic War Miniatures are for a HC Epic Battles release..

  • @Steffen Seitter Better yet, I hope Warlord makes some for both standard and Epic Hail Caesar.

  • I wonder how much the interest at Wargames Atlantic is to make a 12,5mm Ancient Range when WLG come up with HC Epic Battles.

  • Reference an Epic Hail Caesar:


  • I hope so.

    Picture could be a hint for English Civil War, which was mentioned miltiple times in the past and which they confirmed they work on.

  • @Steffen Seitter 

    Certainly "Pike and Shotte" is the other front runner for an EPIC converion.  

    Those models DO look like ECW cavalry....but they also look 28mm (that banner pole is really thin) as well.  Fingers crossed.

  • Warlord emailed me download of the new Hail Caesar last night.  I didn't order it (the PDF) and wasn't expecting it.  Classy to send the digital to the hard copy buyers.  Really beautiful book:

  • @Steffen Seitter @JTam To be honest it could be either Hail Caesar or Pike and Shotte that gets an Epic Battles makeover, and I'll be interested in it either way, as Ancients and ECW are both right up my street.

    Though judging from the way they managed Black Powder it looks like Warlord want to update each of their main historical games to a second edition first and then release Epic Battles for it, suggesting that it'll be Hail Caesar that gets the Epic Battles treatment this year as we just had a second edition arrive for it last year, and Pike and Shotte will get its second edition at another point this year (hence the 28mm Parliamentarian cavalry in front of John) with Epic Battles planned for it next year.

    That would also pay homage to the original order in which Warlord created those three games - Black Powder was their first ever ruleset, then Hail Caesar altered it for an Ancients setting, and finally Pike and Shotte was introduced to bridge the gap between them (Bolt Action, by contrast, I believe was an acquisition from another company originally). 

  • @Caratacus 

    Solid reasoning.

    I'm definitely more excited for Epic Ancients than Epic Pike and Shotte.  

    There's already the excellent looking "By Fire and Sword" available at around that scale....



  • @JTam 

    You're right, those Models are the 28mm ECW Range. The new Second Edition Rulebook is indeed very beautiful designed....

    For Fire and Sword, there was an ECW Expansion announced in 2020.


    I see this the same. I could only see a ECW Version of Epic Battles when they would release a Second Edition for Pike and Shotte at the same time. I doubt they bring two new Rulebooks for those "big" Games in the same Year.

    This is also the order how well those Rulesets are selling. The Pike and Shotte & ECW Ranges are the less selling Ranges and also do only exist because John is such a big ECW Fan while P&S was planned as a BP expansion before they changed it into a own Rulebook by Joh Stellards account.

    Not to forget how heavy they hinted a Punic War Range at the last Event...

    An Epic Version of HC could also be the chance for Wargames Atlantic to enter the same scale with a own Range and "steal" some profits from WLG with Stuff which is not covered.

  • @JTam Personally I play 'The Kingdom is Ours' for ECW. 

    Great little ruleset, I'm just waiting for some Warlord Epic Battles ECW figures to use with it! (Have been using paper squares and rectangles to represent units up to now)

  • They should just announce the next Epic Battles Setting instead of posting "every day nonsense we do" on their FB-Page...

  • Received!



  • @Steffen Seitter Not to mention they should announce when the next SPQR content is coming - I've been waiting for Germanicus and those new Imperial Legionary sculpts that they teased ages ago for over a year now, and all I keep seeing is previously-unannounced crap for Bolt Action and those pointless 2000 AD comic games.

  • I don't see how the customers could be really interested into Articles where they show the Workplace of a Staff Member or John shows his ECW Saber Collection which is already illustrated in the P&S Rulebook - and this all the Time.

    As mentioned earlier they could bring HC Epic Battles with Punic War Romans and Carthaginians or a Diadochi Setting with two similary Armies.

    For a Diadochi Setting, they could split-up the Successors Army List like I did (or the Mortem et Gloriam Ruleset).

    Western Successor Macedonian (323 BC - 280 BC)
    Eastern Successor Macedonian (323 BC - 280 BC)
    Thracian Successor Macedonian (323 BC - 281 BC)

  • @Steffen Seitter 



    I found that really interesting.  Definitely gave me a better idea of the scale of the cavalry swords.


  • Warlord Games via Facebook:
    We will be making a huge announcement in this Wednesday's Newsletter!
    Click the link to subscribe and be the first to get the news! https://bit.ly/34awdzu

  • Warlord Games via Facebook:

    We love you all so much that in 24 hours we will reveal our newest Epic Battles game! Be sure to subscribe to the Warlord Games newsletter to be the first to know! https://bit.ly/34awdzu

  • @JTam 


    Those 15mm ECW look great! Really looking forward to picking some of those up for my Kingdom is Ours games!


  • @Caratacus 

    You mentioned the Aegma 28mm plastics in passing.  I finally looked them up.

    They look interesting.

    But these have to be the most low pro / most unadvertised plastic gaming miniatures in history.  


  • @JTam I agree that Agema could do more in the way of advertising, and it would be great if they made more plastics instead of focusing mainly on metals as they're currently doing, but I'm pretty sure the company is a one-man band so between running the business and sculpting the models he has got planned, there is only so much time the chap can put into marketing and the like.

    Fortunately Warlord and some other sellers distribute his products so there are several avenues to purchasing them.

  • Warlord Games are Working on Hail Caesar Epic Battles:

    They look like Marian Romans from Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars to me. Lets hope they also will bring Pontic and Late Ptolemaic Egypt Armies.

  • @Steffen Seitter 

    That's exciting!

    Was this from their Facebook?

  • Yes

  • @Steffen Seitter Looking good! It'll be interesting if they manage to get Hail Caesar Epic Battles out in the same year as Pike and Shotte.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what their Celts look like!

  • Still no teasers or announcments to a Hail Caesar Epic Battles setting, only this "Achtung Panzer" Game.


  • @Steffen Seitter Well that's Warlord to a T, always sparing no expense toward producing more drivel for their favourite and least interesting setting (in that regard they're just like GW with their favourite factions).

    But then, we didn't see Epic Pike and Shotte fully released until April last year, so we can always afford a bit more patience.

  • There are some contraditory rumours and offical talk about.

    - Punic Wars and the talk about "tiny ellies" and sculped romans with some rumors about it

    - Gallic Wars, which also was mentioned and with rumors about

    - HYW, mentioned by John Stallard

    Achtung Panzer! now goes Life in April.

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